Top 10 Worst Cartoon Finales

An now for the worst cartoon finales of all time,. the final episodes of cartoons and anime that either end on a downer, or no real conclusion at all.

The Top Ten

1 The Elimination Special , Part II The Elimination - Drawn Together

This episode was nothing more than a waste of the audience time, how do you end they end the series by making a clip show and having a surprise elimination even though it was clear that the show was ending in the end after so many clip shows and pointless singing the character who gets evicted from the house is none of the actual characters but some character who we was never in the show Munchkin Mouse then they show a brief clip show with his face pasted into each scene and the episode just ends with all the characters and Brian Dunkleman who in the episode for no real reason being given their pink slips and grab their stuff as they walk away ending this train wreck, a whole 22 minutes of your time wasted and an awful ending to an awful show. - egnomac

2 The New Black - The Boondocks
3 Goku's Next Journey - DragonBall Z

This ending made no sense or does it really resolve anything in the final few episodes a tournament is held which is the only reason to get Goku to meet with everyone again and he just ditches everyone to go off to train with a kid who looks like the reincarnation of Buu after all these episode its hero Goku abandons everyone including his own family for no real reason. - egnomac


4 Everyone's a Critic - Darkstalkers

Another bad ending to a terrible cartoon based of a video game, how does it end it ends with the good guys and the bad guys forced to work together and pretend that Pyron has taken over Earth when his brother comes to visit of course everything goes wrong and Pyron's brother decides to take over and the group must work together again to stop him and that's pretty much how it ends. - egnomac

5 The Doomsday Project - Sonic the Hedgehog Sat AM

In case you're curious, the creators said the glowing eyes belonged to Naugus.

It ends on a cliffhanger and that's pretty much its biggest crime. - egnomac

6 Back on Shaq - Johnny Bravo

Would Johnny find the right girl? Accept he's single for a while and focus on more important aspects of life? Give us one last action-packed, pepper-sprayed, tazered night on the town? No, that would make SENSE! Instead, we got the typical Hannah-Barbera sellout episode. That was totally worth it.

Johnny Bravo meets Shaquille O Neal now whos the idiot that though this was a good way to end the series, as I've said before the series sould have ended with Johnny Bravo getting sent back in time where he meets the King himself Elvis Presley who then teaches him how to get the ladies and ends with both Johnny and Elvis performing either "Burning Love" or "Viva Las Vegas", Johnny then returns to his own timeline and becomes an Elvis impersonator and finally wins over the ladies that would have made a better finale than this. - egnomac

7 Relief - Deadman Wonderland

The series ends with so many things unresolved. - egnomac

8 The Mountains of Beyond - The World of David the Gnome

The only reason its on the list is for how depressing it is with the main characters prepare for their deaths yeah real great way to end a kids series by having the characters die. - egnomac

I wouldn't really call this one bad, just depressing. If this list were about sad endings, you should have put the finale of dinosaurs on the list - kempokid

9 Cleaved - Star vs. the Forces of Evil

it sucks

10 Goodbye to Bloo-Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

The Contenders

11 A Million Points of Light - Digimon Digital Monsters

I really hated the final moments of the finale as the digi destine kids are all grown up and are married to completely different people the only couple they actually got right was Yolei and Ken not even TK and Kari end up together what the hell. - egnomac

12 The Final Battle - Astro Boy (2003)


Dr. Tenma is the worst villain of all time.

13 No Return - Elfen Lied

Good anime, very disappointing ending.

14 Drifters Of The Dead - Highschool Of The Dead

This episode ends with a 'To be continued...' even though there isn't going to be a second season, which is pretty disappointing. There's no real conclusion.

15 The Inquisition - The Amazing World of Gumball

It's sad that the 3rd wheel from the cn renaissance went out on such a disappointing note. With Adventure Time finishing on a more calming and somber note and Regular Show already done by the time the final episode started to be produced, a fan might have thought this series could have had some extra long special finale, much what like Regular Show received. An underrated show with a bit of naive and adult humor scattered throughout the seasons was laid to rest on possibly the biggest cartoon cliffhanger since the Teen Titans went dark after 5 seasons. If not bigger since the titans had a "movie" to wrap their series up. As of now though, the spin off series is over and we might never know what happened in Elmore on that fateful night.

I vote this because most of the episode was bad except the end SPOILER ALERT:Rob was gonna fall in the void AND IT WAS A CLIFFHANGER

16 Phantom Planet - Danny Phantom
17 The Lair - Mr. Pickles
18 The Last Problem - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

By far the most disappointing finale in cartoon history because Grogar didn't even get to do anything and he was just Discord in disguise the WHOLE TIME! Imagine you're so hyped up for Thanos to be the ultimate evil in Infinity War, only to be betrayed by the black order and revealed to be Loki in disguise, and then the black order is the main villains in Infinity War.

Chrysalis,Tirek,And Cozy Glow are the WORST VILLAINS in cartoon history.

Seriously, the changes made in this disaster of a finale should've been spread out throughout the ENTIRE SEASON it came from beforehand! - TylertheTitan

A big disappointment for a series that had a big impact on everyone. I mean come on, I could’ve written a better plot.

19 Lumpus Last Stand - Camp Lazlo

Agree. This episode was inappropriate for kids and Lumpus is a pedo for asking the scouts to paint themselves without anything on.

20 Floundering Fathers - Rocko's Modern Life
21 Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonically Ever After

"It's no fairy tail to say... SEE YA SOON for MORE adventures of SONIC the Hedgehog"

22 A Regular Epic Final Battle - Regular Show

I don't know what's sadder, Pops permanently dying in a heroic sacrifice, or the fact that Mordecai dosen't marry either Margret OR CJ, but some random character we NEVER got to know.

23 Things Change - Teen Titans
24 Stimpy's Pregnant - Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon"
25 Endgame, Part 2 - Generator Rex
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