Top Ten Worst Comic Strips Ever

While the world gives us cool strips, like Bloom County, Pearls Before Swine, and Calvin and Hobbes, we get a few bad strips as well. If you think there's a strip I missed, feel free to add one. And th

The Top Ten Worst Comic Strips Ever

1 Modern Garfield

The best (and only good) strip was the one with the pipe

Garfield is trash today compared to good strip that made us laugh in the 90s. - Drawbox


I feel Garfield was in its prime from around 1980 to 2000. That 20 year stretch was when Garfield was original and humorous. Nowadays, I just don’t laugh at it anymore like I did when reading the older comics. It’s just not the same. - PackFan2005

2 The Family Circus

The Family circus is the best By Nintendo

Well, despite some kids asking dumb questions, the style was great and the circular panel was legit. Screw the box panel, I'll take the circle. Also, it was heartwarming, funny at the times, and sometimes dark. So this strip was popular but not that bad. Just imagine you see that fictional comic strip from Diary Of The Wimpy Kid: Dog Days and it still the same. No wonder why they hated the strip all because of making fun of religion, asking too much questions, etc. So I will give this strip a chance and make U.S Acres to be number one instead.

I don't know anyone who even likes this strip, really it's just kids asking really dumb questions. - Drawbox

3 Marmaduke

Without a doubt the lamest, most consistently unfunny experience on the comics page.

Is pretty boring. - Drawbox

4 Heathcliff

The dumbest comic strip ever

5 Doonesbury

Doonesbury is the most asinine strip in the history of comics. He trashes Republican politicians, especially presidents such as Trump, Bush, Nixon, etc. No matter how corrupt Obama and Clinton was, he never had one negative thought about them. I never saw any humor in the 40 plus years in this stupid strip.

6 Peanuts in the 90s

It didn't even focus on Charlie Brown even though Schulz said that it should focus on him. It focused on that stupid beagle. - Drawbox

7 Mallard Fillmore
8 Calvin and Hobbes

I think it's pretty good, but it's just my opinion and I respect yours. - Drawbox

I didn't even add it to the list. Check my remix first, before commenting. - Drawbox

9 Cathy

What the hell is this?

Poorly drawn strip.

10 Frank and Ernest

The Contenders

11 The Born Loser

I do not like this strip at all, it's very depressing, Brutus Thornapple is always picked on by his wife Gladys Thornapple and her mean mother-in-law Ramona Gargle are always picking on him and nagging him in much of the strips. I also don't like Hurricane Hattie O'Hara always picking on and bullying Wilberforce Thornapple and his father and her teacher. I do not like Rancid W. Veeblefester Brutus mean boss he's always criticizing Brutus and putting him down or getting him fired from his job and never giving him a pay raise, I wish he would retire from his job. I'm surprised this comic strip is still running in the Newspapers, if anything I want to see this strip retired. I do not like this title The Born Loser it's a negative title. This is the worst comic strip of all time. I'd rather read something funny instead with a better title like "The Born Winner" I hope this bad comic strip ends real soon because nobody likes it anymore.

12 Zits

I really like Zits. It is spot on about how teenagers live. We can all relate.

Every strip has pretty much one of three punchlines: Jeremy is lazy, Jeremy is annoyed by his parents or Jeremy is a slob. The tired old gag of Jeremy being a millennial teenager needs to die.

13 Fred Basset
14 Dennis the Menace

This American comic strip isn't funny anymore, yes it was a big hit in the 1950s. But Dennis isn't a Menace anymore, Also I don't like it that Dennis bullies and annoys George Wilson his next door neighbor. Also I don't like it that Margaret Wade who's always annoying Dennis and putting him down. If anything this comic strip needs to be retired from Newspapers. Come up with something better this is over 60 years old.

15 Nancy

Just awful. Only made me laugh, like, twice. I can't believe they replaced a pretty good strip in the paper with this garbage. It's also ugly.

16 Macanudo

In my opinion, even worse than Nancy. The ONLY upside is it's drawn beautifully. Seriously, the art style is just SO GOOD! But the jokes, if you can even call them that, are far and away the worst I've ever heard. Some of the strips aren't even jokes (I'm not saying that a comic strip should ALWAYS have jokes. Calvin and Hobbes, the best comic strip ever written, had many strips that were poignant rather than funny, but this strip isn't even that.

17 Blondie

Blondie did great back in the 30's to 90's but the strip today was current and the characters did'nt get aged (and the Bumstead kids are still in high school until now) but some of them has other pop culture reference (such as Justin Beiber or any celebrities, social medias, etc.). But sadly, it gets really worst that the strip changed thanks to modernization but the strip remained popular and iconic. But don't tell me that The Dagwood Sandwhich will become the next meme (oh gosh don't). Every strip remained good and this list was pointless and pathetic. And how is Family Circus was number 1 in this list. Take U.S Acres to be number one instead.

Hey, this was one of my first lists. I myself hate it. And yes, I wish U.s Acres was first. - Drawbox

18 U.S. Acres

This dumb strip is really just about animals doing random crap. That is just it. - Drawbox

19 Cyanide & Happiness

This is'nt a strip but more of a webcomic. This comic is just pointless by doing random adults doing something crappy.

20 Bears In Love

This comic was basically trying to cash in on the trend of "cutesy" things that were popular in the 80s (Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, etc.). It's worth noting that not once did the strip even attempt to tell a joke-the entire goal was to try and get people to buy stuff because the bears were cute.

21 Prince Valiant

You have to go back years just to find a storyline

22 Pearls Before Swine

It's not always funny anymore!

23 Ballard Street

Ballard Street was the worst comic strip ever. I never once saw a funny one. Ever! Thankfully it was put out of its' misery earlier this year.

24 Xkcd
25 Red and Rover
26 Foxtrot
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