Top Ten Worst Comic Strips Ever

While the world gives us cool strips, like Bloom County, Pearls Before Swine, and Calvin and Hobbes, we get a few bad strips as well. If you think there's a strip I missed, feel free to add one. And th

The Top Ten

1 The Family Circus

I don't know anyone who even likes this strip, really it's just kids asking really dumb questions. - Drawbox

2 Modern Garfield

Garfield is trash today compared to good strip that made us laugh in the 90s. - Drawbox

3 Marmaduke

Is pretty boring. - Drawbox

4 Heathcliff
5 Peanuts in the 90s

It didn't even focus on Charlie Brown even though Schulz said that it should focus on him. It focused on that stupid beagle. - Drawbox

6 Doonesbury
7 Frank and Ernest
8 Calvin and Hobbes

I think it's pretty good, but it's just my opinion and I respect yours. - Drawbox

9 Mallard Fillmore
10 The Born Loser

The Contenders

11 Zits
12 Blondie
13 U.S. Acres

This dumb strip is really just about animals doing random crap. That is just it. - Drawbox

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