Top Ten Worst Corpse Party Characters

This list is about who you think is the WORST character from The CORPSE PARTY series
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1 Ayumi Shinozaki

The only reason I didn't really like Ayumi is because she treated Yoshiki like crap when it really wasn't called for. He did a lot for her, and all she cared about was Satoshi. Other than her stupid crush on Satoshi and the way she treated Yoshiki, she's not that bad. - BDOG375

Ayumi for me is my least favorite character (Pretty much all of them aren't) but my reason for picking her is the fact that she pretty much put everyone through the hell in all 3 games all because Mayu was being transferred to another school and wanted to do that ritual to keep them all together when realistically they still could've call each other and set a day to hang out, but that'll be ruining the plot.

For a class rep, she's an awful leader. She 'wants to save everyone' yet always ends up doing the exact opposite. I don't even see her as a main character, but a damsel-in-distress. Her naivety is suffocating and makes her look so stupid to the point that I feel more sympathetic towards the 'bad guys' in the story.

I think ayumi is cute

2 Satoshi Mochida

Why does this guy never get injured? Why is he so lucky? The way he talks like he's some cartoon superhero is just so annoying! EVERYTHING bad stays away from him unless it's a wrong end and he gets the main character spot even though Ayumi is much better! Even ' Yuka gets stabbed and kicked in the stomach, WHY DOESN'T ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO YOU?!?!? Also, in chapter 5's extra end, it shows how he can't protect anyone. Naomi dies and Yuka dies FOR HIM. When your spoiled little sister dies because of how idotic you are, you don't deserve to live.

Why do all the girls like him? Because he cares for his friends? Well, then every girl in corpse party should be a lesbian! Geez, nothing bad happens to him and he doesn't do anything really significant besides keep the other characters going which he could do by staying in the real world. I hate people who are so blessed for no reason. Went to heavenly host and survived without injury TWICE? That doesn't fly with me.

Yeah but he's a really nice guy. All 3 ( is Morishige? ) guys are nice. It's not his fault he gets or the girls or he has no characteristics ( don't know what characteristics mean ): ). As much as a coward he is, he was really keen on protecting his friends and his scared little sister. I wanna see you do that. And actually, he dies in Tortured Souls, so he's not 100% lucky you dummies and his sister, Yuka dies as well so that's pretty harsh. SO BE NICE! - Bubblegum91104

Okay. People hate him because they think that nothing bad happens to him, and he gets the spotlight; but did they forget he's the main character? One flaw of the game is that the creators need to SHOW MORE that he's the main character, which is why he's bland. People say he's useless and has no purpose for the story. Well, people wouldn't say that for Seiko, right? Seiko's purpose is to die for Naomi's development. Yet, we all love Seiko. And harem? You can't hate someone for getting a lot of girls to like them. The whole game, despite his cowardliness, he puts away his fears just for the sake of his friends. Personally, I like him.

3 Yuka Mochida

Yeah I get why she gets all that hate but I know I wouldn't urinate or even look in some creepy rusty bucket with someone's decomposing maggot filled remains inside. Yes I know, Yuka doesn't act her age but I honestly think the parents and Satoshi should get the blame for that considering back at home she DOES try to act mature. And I have a theory that the creators made her 14 so that when something terrible happens to her, the audience doesn't cry. I know about the incest, but for someone with her mentality, it really isn't too surprising and she'll probably grow out of it. There're tons of Lolis out there, Yuka shouldn't get more hate then them. Be honest: who thinks they can hold in their bladder that long in some creepy as hell school? She did try to pee outside until that brat Yuki came begging for her eye anyways.
And if you still hate her her death in Tortured Souls should be enough. They should really rename it Tortured Girls...

Yeah but didn't she need to go to the toilet? She had o hold it in. To see a fake but realistic corpse is disgusting. To see a real one is worse knowing a real person like yourself died in pain. And it's still revolting! She didn't wet herself through most of that. A normal 14-year old girl would. I know she has a crush on her bro, Satoshi but, yah, not gonna judge here. - Bubblegum91104

ONIII CHAN like girl shutup you're fourteen. Nana is younger than you and she's more capable in one extra chapter than you in the whole series.

God so annoying... makes me want to go and kill her myself.

4 Takamine Yanagihori

He is the worst the main characters all have their faults for a reason this guy was made to be the worst!

How is he not first? - Bubblegum91104

Yeah but nothing. Well, he did regret it but really!? What he did is cruel and selfish. He killed Yoshie and then Sachiko saw him kill her mummy and she was scared and upset and then the so-called kind principal killed her. THAT'S SO MEAN! Leave Sachi alone!

He's evil

5 Naho Saenoki

She helps trap innocent kids, so why is she lower than ayumi

She was a dumb little girl, she risked her best friends life for a man that was older than her. Why isn't she number one? She's way worse than ayumi AND satoshi, like Naho was annoying as hell.

Well she put the wrong charm on her website, so...

To be honest, I like Naho even though she put the wrong charm on her website, But it was because of her friend(Not Sayaka the other chick I can't remember her name), She looks really cool when you see her in the game, like with the "dead fish" look around her.

6 Naomi Nakashima

Why the hell is Ayumi number 1? Sure she's a bit annoying but this girl just takes "Whinging and being clingy" to a crap upper level

Why is Naomi number 6 she should be number 0 aka not on this at all! ree - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

Naomi annoyed the hell outta me. Especially in Book of Shadows - BDOG375

Stupidest character ever. Such a waste of time.

7 Yuuya Kizami

Kizami is actually my favorite character, and NO. It's NOT because I think he's hot (even though I do, but that isn't the reason.) I found Kizami to be the most interesting character, and you can't really blame him for how he acted. His parents NEVER tried to get him help. They never tried taking him to see a psychiatrist or anything, and just left it up to his siblings to raise him. I'm not saying him killing people is right. It WASN'T right for him to kill people, but just think that a lot of serial killers in real life MIGHT not be that way if someone got them help at an earlier age. So Kizami and Yoshiki are my 2 favorite characters. - BDOG375

I don't get way people think he's hot (Maybe because I'm a guy too). And even if I did get it I still would hate him for killing Mitsuki and Kurosaki, stabbing Fukuroi, trying to torture Yuka to death and thinking humans look best before death. This isn't trauma: he thinks he's LEARNING from what he sees in Sachiko's school-shaped anus of a hellhole. Don't justify his actions. If he didn't look handsome everyone won't even call him psycho, just mentally ill. That's all he is. Kizami Yuuya is a weirdo with some mental disorder that removes his emotions. He can go, I mean, stay in hell.

Yeah but he has no excuse for what he done. Wait, yeah he does. His parenst didn't really take care of him, so he taught himself stuff. He taught himself what was wrong and right. On your own, that's hard. You'll probably follow the wrong path thinking it's right. When you grow older, you continue to believe that. That's exactly what happened to Kizami-Kun. That's why he killed people. But why did he kill his friends? Especially Kurosaki. At least, he should've been nice to those who were kind towards him. Or at least Kurosaki. That's my own person opion though so not judging here. In the end, we can't really blame Kizami-Kun for his actions. - Bubblegum91104

I should also mention that he was going to have a change of heart and free Yuka in Book of Shadows till he got killed - BDOG375

8 Sachiko Shinozaki

She kills for her own fun! Why is she lower than Ayumi again? But she is sorta cute when not a merciless spirit.

People do realize she didn't want to kill these people, right? She was just a spirit looking for revenge. I mean, it doesn't excuse her actions, but still - BDOG375

I mean really, think about it, she killed 3 innocent kids in the most gruesome way, then the countless ritual victims...

Sachiko is a little notch who deserves to rot in hell. Just because she died a horrible way does not mean she can take her anger out on the innocent. She is no different from takamine.

9 Seiko Shinohara

It annoys me that everyone hates Mayu and Yuka because they act illogical, but then these people proceed to love everything about Seiko, who act just as, if not more, illogical than two I already mentioned

Why is seiko in this, she is the best and shes cute.

Wait, people actually hate Seiko? Even if she was lesbian she respected Naomi's wishes to be with Satoshi, at least. Not to mention kitty-face knew right away Naomi was possesed when she killed her and never held a grudge

Why is seiko number 9 in worst corpse party characters?

she's #0 in worst corpse party characters for me and #1 in best - SeikoIsBestCorpsePartyGirl

10 Yoshiki Kishinuma

Yeah but I think he's quite a cool character. He loves Ayumi for whatever reason and I do ship it ( no offense if u don't ). What did Yoshi-Key do wrong? Who cares if he smokED? Live with it. He is actually a rather honest and nice character despise the facts he USED to beat up people. That's the past. what's your problem with that? You can't change? Why all the haters? - Bubblegum91104

Why is Yoshiki on this list? He's an awesome character! - BDOG375

The Contenders
11 Sakutaro Morishige

Such a creep, taking photos of gore, he's disgusting. Glad that Mayu spoke to him after her death, even though it made him go totally insane (Not that he wasn't crazy to begin with). I understand that he was the nerdy one of the lot and didn't want to speak much, but it was a total twist when he went all psycho. So happy when he died, would've just been a waste of a story if he lived for any longer.

Yeah but... He's a bit crazy, but that was the result if being trapped in Heavenly Host, without any way of knowing whether Mayu was alive, he was slowly driven insane - Bubblegum91104

12 Masato Fukuroi

There is no way he's a bad character. What did he ever do wrong? what did he do wrong. He is kind and caring and don't forget he is a hero if he sacrifices his self for a friend. Plus he's always honest. He even lets Tomohiro and Ryosuke play their games in the student council room while he's working. That's really kind of him. If you saw what happens in Book Of Shadows and 2U he's a hero, he sacrifices his self in both for Mitsuki and I'm pretty sure he would do the same if it was anyone else of his friends minus Kizami. If it wsn't for Kizami killing most of his x-friends then they probably would survive in the end. Kizami finished Fukuroi off when he was attacked after he sacrificed his self for Mitsuki. If you think Kurosaki is a bad character just because he was a little perverted in 2U, but that was a way to a wrong end and I agree it was perverted but still though that was a wrong path. There is still no reason to hate on Fukuroi

13 Yoshikazu Yanagihori

Yeah but I like him. It's not his fault really. Most people would never sacrifice their life for someone and he's one of those. Live with it! - Bubblegum91104

Um.. Why is this guy way down here when Ayumi and Naomi are up there.. ?

Just thinking of the mutilations he is doing to students gives me the creeps

I hae yoshikazu and all the corpse party characters I hate the game

14 Magari Mizuki

I hate Magari. I said it. I hate Magari. "but why? " you might ask. well, if you ask me, she's annoying, she stole the stones from Aiko and Haruyuki, leaving them trapped there, killed some people, and stole one of the crystals, as well as creating a monster and trying to kill Misuto, but Misuto gets killed by her monster instead. happy now?

15 Mayu Suzumoto

One of the most irrelevant characters in the whole game. Even students from different schools we never learned the names of got more dialogue/screen time. The whole purpose of the satchiko ritual was due to her moving, and she's the absolute first to die.

Yeah but I like Mayu. She was really kind and caring. She was so willing. She was popular but always hung with her shig-nii even thoguh he wasn't that popular. She always supported him. To be honest, she didn't deserve to die such a painful death. She is absolutely adorable too. Just saying'

Really stupid.

16 Yuki Kanno

Yeah but she didn't mean to kill! She wanted to save Ayumi and Yoshiki. Why do peopple hate her for that?

Ugh, why does SHE get all the spotlight? She's the oldest but Tokiko get half-decapitated! It makes her the scariest and harder for others to try and appease her, not to mention she's closest to Sachiko in age.

She is so bitch she thinks she can be comfortable with everyone else after she tries to kill them

17 Ryou Yoshizawa


18 Nana Ogasawara

I hate Nana because she's Mary-sueish to me. I mean, she's cute. But, I was really happy when she died.

Why is she here? She's so bright, cheerful and sweet! She's really caring and gentle towards Chihaya as she understands what Chihaya is like and defends her from Nari when she gets mad with her for whatever reason. Nana was the nicest person out of her, Nari and Chihaya, she didn't deserve to die D: - Bubblegum91104

19 Frankie Stein

He's/she's my fave character... Ok, why is Frankienstein/Frankie Stein here for? - Bubblegum91104

20 Azusa Takai

She trying killed her friends! - Kazio

21 Kou Kibiki
22 Tokiko Tsuji
23 Mitsuki Yamamoto

Yeah but why is she hated? Give me a good reason. She's awesome! She gets so mad at Kizami in Hysteric Birthday after he kills Kurosaki and Fukuroi and fights with him. Are you still hating her? - Bubblegum91104

24 Ryosuke Katayama
25 Tomohiro Ohkawa

You can have the no.2 spot (Takamine belongs at number 1). He is so damn annoying, sounds like a sterotypical wimp and should die right of the bat, him and his pervert simulator games. Hope he ends up like Chihaya.

Yeah but he's so kawaii! And did u not see how the girls were acting? Geez, he's really nice too and does anything to save Katayama, proving he is a loyal friend! - Bubblegum91104

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