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101 Born to Be Wild - Slayer (Steppenwolf)
102 Against All Odds - Mariah Carey (Phil Collins)

Phil Collins is one of my heroes.

When I listen to this my faith in humanity just... What faith in humanity?

103 Viva la Vida - Cher Lloyd (Coldplay)

She took the wonderful music of Coldplay and made it sound treacherous! Her voice is awful, and she was walking up there like she owned the place. "LOOK AT ME! I'M THE BEST! BETTER THAN Coldplay! " But, despite all the terror of this, it was somewhat hilarious to watch. How she said ring-a-dinging in the chorus, and gripped her vagina at parts because Viva la Vida is UNDOUBTEDLY the sexiest song ever- wow. Clap. Clap. - pandagirl

104 Imagine - Avril Lavigne (John Lennon)

She doesn't have a bad voice, but you should never touch this masterpiece. Nobody does it like Lennon did.

105 American Idiot - Avril Lavigne (Green Day)

Worst cover song of all time and avril lavigne ruined it

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106 Light My Fire - Will Young (The Doors)
107 Them Bones - Suicide Silence (Alice In Chains)
108 Break Stuff - Three Days Grace (Limp Bizkit)

I love Three Days Grace, but I'm not really a fan of this cover.

109 Word Up! - Korn (Cameo)

This should be on my bottom 3. It's annoying!

...i actually love this cover - wrests

110 Axel F - Crazy Frog (Harold Faltermeyer)
111 All by Myself - Celine Dion (Eric Carmen)
112 Downtown Train - Rod Stewart (Tom Waits)
113 Have You Seen Her - MC Hammer (The Chi-Lites)
114 Whiskey In the Jar - Metallica (Thin Lizzy)

This cover ROCKS do yourself a favour and go listen to it

You do realise Thin Lizzy didn't sing the original. That was Lena Bourne Fish. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

What do you mean? This cover is one of the best covers I've ever heard! such a great metal song

I thought rape was illegal in America, but it seems like it doesn't apply to rock bands?

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115 Witchcraft - Bullet for My Valentine (Pendulum)
116 Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) - Mariah Carey ( Diana Ross )
117 Thrift Shop - Like Vultures (Macklemore)

They meant to sound like death metal. But seriously, they end up like Black Veil Brides. This suxcxx.

118 Another Brick In the Wall Pt. 2 - Korn (Pink Floyd)

It's not the worst cover, but the original is better.

I heard tge whole thing. Its not bad. But I agree with the guy with the +2 comment, the original is better

119 Dancing Queen - Wing (Abba)
120 Everything I Do - Brandy (Bryan Adams)

You killed this song. It's the most beautiful song I would have ever heard, my favourite song. My boyfriend sung it better than she did. brandy, please leave this universe.

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