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1 Mufasa is Killed During the Stampede - The Lion King

It isn't actually feasible. The scene starts with a few hundred wildebeest, and ends up with two hundred passing a point every second. The stampede would have been over too quickly for Mufasa or Scar to get there, and Simba would be fine, as the tree would hold for long enough. - PositronWildhawk

2 Bambi's Mom Gets Shot - Bambi
3 Ursula Disguises Her Self As a Beautiful Woman With Ariel's Voice and Steals Eric Away - The Little Mermaid
4 Mulan's True Identity Is Revealed - Mulan

Mulan saves Shang but gets injured after the doctors fix her up everyone finds out that she's a woman, Shang was going to execute her but spares her life for saving his and him and the rest of the army leave her behind. - egnomac

5 Quasimodo's Humiliation During the Festival of Fools - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo gets crowned the King of Fools and then gets tied up while the people pelt him with tomatoes and the whole time Quasi cries for Frollo to help him but he refuses to stop help. - egnomac

6 Clayton's Death - Tarzan

Clayton's death in Tarzan is so gruesome I don't even know how they allowed it in the movie during the final fight scene with Tarzan and Clayton cuts one of the vines that sends him to his death with one of the vines around his neck, most disturbing is it shows his shadow of his lifeless body hanging. - egnomac

Its disturbing to watch a character good or bad getting hanged even if it is just a shadow. - ZZDOORAL

7 Cinderella's Sisters Destroy Her Dress - Cinderella

After all the hard work Cinderella's friends did to make her the dress it gets destroyed by her two step sisters ruining her chance of going to the Ball. - egnomac

8 Dumbo's Mom Gets Taken Away - Dumbo

All she was trying to do is protect her son Dumbo and ends up getting locked up because of it. - egnomac

9 Pleasure Island's Displeasures - Pinocchio

The villains don't even get punished!

After I watched this movie scene I threw up.

10 King Triton Destroys Ariel's Collection - The Little Mermaid

Triton completely overreacted in this scene by destroying Ariels collection he did more harm then good. - egnomac

Triton's wife Queen Athena died. If Queen Athena hadn't died, she'll deserve a chance to meet her son in law Eric and her granddaughter Melody.

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11 Hans Betrays Anna - Frozen

Instead of Prince Hans, the villain/villainess in the Frozen should've been another snow queen who is really bad the titular original snow queen if Elsa really deserves to be another heroine of Frozen. Stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck making Prince Hans a villain. What were stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck thinking? Huh?

12 Dodger and the Gang Rescue Oliver from Jenny - Oliver & Company

Oh COME ON! I love this part! Especially the scene entitled "Pursuit through the subway"! It's one of my favorite Disney movie moments of all time! I love the action and intense suspense! Also I love the part where Tito goes "Ha ha, hey man you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're ugly part three! Hey, you're revenge of the ugly! " Classic comedy! And I love how brave Oliver was by biting Sykes on the hand and then jumping on DeSoto to save Dodger! And Tito got to save everyone! The entire scene is EPIC! Including it giving a new meaning to the term's putting your foot down and grinding one's gears when Sykes slams his foot on the car and then pulls down the gear so hard it breaks off and then the car tires grind with the subway tracks! For more epic moments from me please visit the new list I am about to created entitled Most Epic Disney Moments!

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1. Mufasa is Killed During the Stampede - The Lion King
2. Bambi's Mom Gets Shot - Bambi
3. Clayton's Death - Tarzan
1. Bambi's Mom Gets Shot - Bambi
2. Mufasa is Killed During the Stampede - The Lion King
3. Ursula Disguises Her Self As a Beautiful Woman With Ariel's Voice and Steals Eric Away - The Little Mermaid



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