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1 Ratatoing Ratatoing Product Image

This movie is great. And the female nice some how have feminine curves

Oh lord do I really need to explain about how horrible this ripoff movie is.

It’s literally a rip-off of Ratatouille. The animation is THE worst. The voice acting is horrible. The character designs are the stuff of nightmares. The main character is a fever dream. Even for a no-logic story, this makes no sense. Liable to make your eyes hurt with how ugly it is. This costs actual money. The audio in this is just almost unlistenable without a single change to the dialogue. The only main reason we DO get is the animation put to it, which happens to be the worst animation in history. In terms of character designs, settings, basic anatomy, movements, and lip syncing, this is the most incompetent I’ve ever come across. But the real crime in this case is that this piece of garbage was officially found. In Goodwill. That actual people thought everything in this was okay to sell to others. And of course that IT COSTS ACTUAL MONEY.

It horribly rip-offed my favorite Pixar movie.

2 A Cars Life A Cars Life Product Image

Which is better? This stinkin' pile of BS, or Roary the Racing Car (which you insist is a ripoff)?

Terrible movie, it is so bad, terribly voice acted and is a stand out copy

Also I'm commenting and giving you support since you followed me, thanks for that

Dull plot, bland characters, grating voice acting, terrible animation, too much filler and a botched moral.

3 What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue! What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue! Product Image

No effort. No talent. No good at all. The animation is THE worst that I have EVER SEEN. It wants to be Up without any idea about quality. The voice acting is absolutely grating when you can actually hear it, because most of the time, their voice is muffled beyond belief. Literally every character is a stereotype of some kind. Why is there so many racist jokes? There is so much filler to pad out this 45 minutes, and the middle of the movie has a HUGE tangent that has no effect or anything. The moral seems to be if you’re telling us racist jokes, you deserve to fall in a pit and die. I honestly have a hard time deciding whether this or Ratatoing is worse.

The animation was terrible.

The animation is very poor

A totally ripoff from UP movie.

4 Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle Product Image

Oh brother - CatLeena14

I really really really don't want to watch this!

5 An Ant's Life An Ant's Life Product Image

I rather watch the old lady driving a motor cycle instead of this junk.

It is a horrible movie. I do NOT recommend this movie. It looks like it was made by a 2 year old. It's also a rip-off of A Bug's Life.

6 Jungle Book (1995)

Idiotic. Jungle book was written in 1892. Disney didn't exist in 1892. - TeamRocket747

I think the user who posted this meant that it is a rip-off of the 1967 Jungle Book movie. - DinoLover4242

7 Frozen Land Frozen Land Product Image

This movie is just a straight rip off of Frozen. You can even see the resemblance in all the characters! The reason they want to make a movie like this is because they can’t think of original ideas! Completely unoriginal.

There are some good things to this movie like the animation and the voice acting and surprisingly I don't think its even that bad, but it is still a copy to Frozen, and if I were you I would put it on the list as well

The logo of the movie is the same as Disney frozen.

8 Kiara the Brave Kiara the Brave Product Image

Ripoff from Disney Brave. - CatLeena14

9 Tiny Robots Tiny Robots Product Image

A bad rip-off of Wall-E.


R-r-ripoff!? O-of Wall-E?! OOOOHHH YOU’RE GONNA GET IT!

10 The Buzz Identity


So apparently Cartoon Network ripped off toy story 3. Yeah, I'm scared too

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? Deep Deep Product Image

A terrible ripoff of Finding Nemo.

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11 The Autobots

What the hell another cars rip off.

The auto bots how about, transformers plus Cars.

It is Chinese Cars 2

12 Little Princess School Little Princess School Product Image

Worst Disney Princesses ripoff ever

Ripoff from all Disney Princess. - CatLeena14

13 Cargo

This is the biggest cars rip off ever ever ever

14 Izzie's Way Home Izzie's Way Home Product Image

Terrible rip off of finding Nemo and finding dory.

15 The Frog Princess

Lol this movie is so stupid, everthing about is like a cartoon version of the original - MarvelExpertJK

16 The Reef The Reef Product Image

I thought this movie was not a ripoff, cause I had this movie when I was little. - CatLeena14

Oh great it is a rip off of finding nemo

Horrible underwater movie

Bad 👎 ripoff of Shark Tale.

17 Snow Queen Snow Queen Product Image

Another bad copy of Frozen.

It's already on this list, twice. - DinoLover4242

18 Kiddo the Super Truck Kiddo the Super Truck Product Image

Why are there so many bad Cars rip-offs? - DinoLover4242

19 Norm of the North Norm of the North Product Image

Really? Is this really a rip-off? - DinoLover4242

This is bad.

I get it it's a Rip-Off of Zootopia.

20 Fantastic Force Fantastic Force Product Image

Rip-Off of both The Incredibles & Big Hero 6.

There's a fat boy that keeps on farting.

One of the worst superhero movies I saw on imdb

21 Sky Force (2013) Sky Force (2013) Product Image

Do they have any ideas to make a better movie anymore, or they just run out of ideas. - CatLeena14

This is the second planes rip off

22 Kikansha Yaemon 3D

I don't ever care it is just a trains rip off ever

23 The Adventures of Petey and Friends

RIPOFF OF CARS AND PLANES! The plot makes no sense, the voices don't match the mouth movements, the movie is in English while the credits are in Japanese, bad animation, bad reviews and more. I wish this movie never existed!

What the hell another planes rip off.

24 Yokai Watch Yokai Watch Product Image

Pokemon rip off

It’s not even Disney. - Not_A_Weeaboo

25 Plan Bee Plan Bee Product Image

Not a rip-off of a Disney movie. - DinoLover4242

Awful rip off of bee movie worse than little bee.

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