Worst Disney Movie Rip Offs


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1 A Cars Life

Terrible movie, it is so bad, terribly voice acted and is a stand out copy - MarvelExpertJK

Also I'm commenting and giving you support since you followed me, thanks for that - MarvelExpertJK

Dull plot, bland characters, grating voice acting, terrible animation, too much filler and a botched moral. - Treacle

Boo! Idiotic cars. the "Lightning McQueen" is some dumb kid named Sparky,Then there is a pink Porsche with an ANNOYING squeaky voice who is a complete ripoff of Sally.

2 Ratatoing

This movie should be 2 it is terrbile and even has worst animation then What's Up - MarvelExpertJK

3 What's Up: Balloon to the Rescue!

*facepalm* This film is extremely poorly animated like all the other movies on this list. What makes it even worse is that it's racist, like when the ginger-haired dipstick said "arigato" to a Chinese person. 2/10.

4 Jungle Book (1995)
5 An Ant's Life
6 Leo the Lion: King of the Jungle
7 Frozen Land

There are some good things to this movie like the animation and the voice acting and surprisingly I don't think its even that bad, but it is still a copy to Frozen, and if I were you I would put it on the list as well - MarvelExpertJK

8 Kiara the Brave
9 The Frog Princess

Lol this movie is so stupid, everthing about is like a cartoon version of the original - MarvelExpertJK

10 Tiny Robots

The Contenders

11 The Buzz Identity

So apparently Cartoon Network ripped off toy story 3. Yeah, I'm scared too


12 The Reef

Oh great it is a rip off of finding nemo

13 The Little Cars In the Big Race

Definitely deserves to be 11 since it's a sequel - MarvelExpertJK

14 Little Princess School
15 The Little Cars 3: Fast and Curious
16 Wings (2013)

It completly ripped off planes

17 Sky Force (2013)

This is the second planes rip off

18 Cargo

This is the biggest cars rip off ever ever ever

19 Kikansha Yaemon 3D

I don't ever care it is just a trains rip off ever

20 Elias and the Royal Yacht

Why dutch made a boats movie rip off

21 The Adventures of Petey and Friends

What the hell another planes rip off.

22 Yokai Watch

Pokemon rip off

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