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1 Bronies

I honestly don't hate bronies, I just wish they stop shoving my little pony into everyone's faces

This is not true, try to search on google, you can't even find more than 3 pony pics. - fazwe

Not necessarily hating on any bronies, but despite my utter lack of compassion for the show, saying I haven't seen an episode would make me a liar; I've done my research. My main problem about bronies is due to a well majority, (I would appreciate if you wouldn't just shove this opinion away, as it is incredibly biased on personal experience) either behave or ARE 10-14 year olds on the endless pursuit of being so dedicated to protecting the show at any and all costs, whether it be a mindless, minor threat to a "I will kill you while you sleep", which just isn't appropriate for anyone to say at any circumstance... it's irrelevant to try to threaten and/or attempt to be seen as imposing. What are you going to do, push your hand through the monitor and choke the person to death on the other side? What a sorry, sorry attempt to be scary... and let's dive deeper into the details of what the show is intended to be about from my perspective... The show seems to follow the ...more

They always complain about everything in the show and always end up on videos that are not mlp, like I could be watching AVGN and a crowd talking about ponies are there, I like the show I think it's cute but bronies are the worst fandom I have come across and I've been with sonic fandom before

They ruin everything by ponifying everything.. stop

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2 Five Night's at Freddy's Fans

The games are good, but the fanbase is the most annoying thing ever. Well, most of it. There will always be exceptions, clearly. They're pretty much ruining the games for me. Plaguing the Internet with EVERYTHING Five Night's at Freddy's related. Cringe-worthy fan art and "theories" for a video game. That's all they ever talk about. A video game. They care more about four FICTIONAL kids that were murdered in a video game than anything else in the real world

Foxy isn't a "good guy" or a "bad guy" because HE'S NOT REAL. He's a character in a video game. They will never be anything more than that. No matter what website you go to, if people are able to chat with each other over the Internet, you WILL find two or more people sending each other death threats because of an argument that started with this stupid theory. I promise you.

Apparently liking Five Night's at Freddy's is something to brag about everywhere you go to if you want to be cool. ...more

I don't really care about this game. But there fans have to be the most annoying people in our world. - Mumbizz01

Even though I like the games, the fandom is so perverted! First of all they make all this "Fan Art" of characters that are far from appealing, and some of them are about character ships! Who would ship two characters that are out to kill you? Also the fans are so annoying! They are literally EVERYWHERE! All I see in the comments on YouTube nowadays are FNAF roleplayers that ship each other! Who does that Online? You are chatting with a random person on the internet just because they have a FNAF related name, for all you know they could be a pervert! Also most of the fans are not older then 10 years old! Also why do we need so many useless theories on YouTube anyways? Practically the entire fandom is eatching these theories and act like they know everything about this game just because they watch some dumb theories. And last of all, the fandom just begs Scott to make more games, and I say that these are obviously enough games!

Worse than bronies! I find some bronies that are nice! (except for some butthurt 11 year old rainbow dash fan). I keep seeing fnaf fans "shipping their oc with foxy or freddy".

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3 Steven Universe Steven Universe Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

Why are guys such as Bronies and Fanimatronics so high up? Sure, they're kinda pervy or a bit forceful, but I've never seen them voice out death threats, just about every fandom is going to have porn, they don't really insult art and the haters are SO. MUCH. WORSE.

Steven Universe on the other hand, has one of the worst fandoms I've ever seen. The fans are so rabid when there's even a slight mistake in what may be a VERY good piece of art, they go all ape and want the person who drew it to DIE just because the picture isn't "100% accurate." It's hard to draw someone really chunky or really skinny, it's hard to get the color just right, and of course there's going to be mistakes we're all human. And don't get me started on how unaccepting they are of other people's characters...

Porn and Mary Sues aren't really that cool either, but you'll find they're in just about every fandom and it's just a bit more of a lustful picture or a merely annoying OC that we can just ...more

I'm a Steven Universe fan but 50% of the fandom is just...way too aggressive. They're over-protective of the characters just because Steven Universe portrays them as real and relatable. I mean, personally I think the show is awesome because the story is well-written, the world building is incredible, the characters are well fleshed out and the show is light-hearted most of the time but can go incredibly dark at the same time. But by gods the fans are crazy. People who draw the chubby characters just a little bit thinner and they go insane and send death threats to them. And I remember this one incident where the artist drew a dark skinned character with a lighter-skin tone because of the lighting effects and got flamed and hate messages. Did I mention that one person drew a chubby character skinnier and got like 30+ hate blogs and hate mails? They almost killed themselves. A Japanese artist also got hate mail for drawing Garnet with lighter skin tone. I mean dudes, they're literally ...more

I've honestly never seen a fandom this bad. Not even the bronies, Minecraft or Five Night at Freddy's fandom combined don't even compare to how bad this fandom is. The show Was kinda cute at first (I guess) but the only reason it got popular was because of the episode jailbreak showing the first two open lesbians in a kids show. So naturally Tumblr saw this and Immediately fell in love with the show and it's characters to the point that if you say, draw or do something slightly wrong with their precious fictional character they will give death threats, bully you, call you out in the most immature way in front of there followers, and Call you names like the children they are. It got so bad to the point where the people that make the show (aka the crewniverse) had to step in and tell the people to chill and let people have fun but the fandom pulled the victim card and insulted crewniverse and brought up smut that one of the crew members made. They harass other fandoms (mostly the My ...more

If you ask me, Bronies and Fnaf Fans might be a bit annoying, but Steven Universe fans and K-poppers (which I call Koreaboos) are the worst. They are obnoxious and one time, our fun conversations with my friends were took over by those Steven Universe fans. Then there are those times where they will laugh at me not knowing a lot about the cartoon.
This was also a coincidence. All of students had a party then later on, those obnoxious Koreaboos took over the party. That was why a lot of them left, disappointed

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4 Pewdiepie Fans

This fandom should be #1. They attack everyone who criticizes PewDiePie. Even if the criticism is as small as a grain of sand or you are defending him, you will still get bashed on. The "Bro Army" is worse than the Beliebers and Directioners combined. - ReakMayhem

Even though I am a "bro" or whatever (have been since about March of 2012), his newer fans are SO ANNOYING! They stand up for everything he does or people that say 1 damn thing about him, the tiniest thing, they go ballistic. I really do like him, but now that everyone knows about him, it's gotten annoying. I mean, it's so annoying to be in school and a girl (I'm a girl too :p) makes a reference... Just shut up, and thank you.

Idiots nowadays are known as a member of the bro army and their idol is Pewdiepie, these idiots see their idol as nothing less than the god of everything! If you even so much as whisper a bit of criticism towards their "lord and savior" you will get enough hate to probably quit whatever site you got that bashing from... but probably from the cringe-worthy statements they scream! I won't post an example of this hate, but even the haters can be seen as insane, just look at the channel known as "Pewdiepie sucks", wherein exist re-uploads of hater videos from people like pre-2016 Malcom1466 and that one guy who said that Pewdiepie is "MOULDING (Kid's) BRAIIINS".

PewDiePie fans hate him, they always say he’s running out of ideas, but I know they do that it as a joke.

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5 Feminists

It really depends. I'm a girl, and I feel that feminism is equality. Not yelling your head off that girls are better than boys and boys aren't treating girls like they matter. I'll admit, some guys are like that. But some girls are like that too. And when it comes to competition, some girls are better than guys, some guys are better than girls. We're all people

Mainly from Tumblr. Ugh. I don't know what else to put. They're the most deluded people out there. They fight hatred with hatred, blaming everything that's wrong with the world on white, cissexual, heterosexual men. Hey, Tumblr, you know who created your site? - Aeterna

They don't realize that they're perpetuating the stereotype that women are the weaker sex by getting mad over things for ridiculous reasons. Okay getting offended over something that's seemingly harmless proves that one is weak. They don't realize that they're giving women a bad name. Feminism back then wasn't like this. Susan B. Anthony is probably rolling in her grave. They're one of the biggest hypocrites in history. If a fictional female character is weak, they complain about it, if she's strong, they will still complain about it, if she's gorgeous, they will still complain about it, if she's ugly, they will still complain about it, if she's good, they will complain about it, if she's evil, they will complain about it. Basically they hate all characteristics and personalities that a female character can have. And what bothers me so much is when they complain about scantily clad female characters and if the female character is fully-clothed, they will still complain about it. They ...more

As a female, I must say that feminism is a disgrace to women. - DesiredUsernameTaken

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6 Anti-Fans/ Haters

These people are the most insecure people on the internet. If they see a profile picture of a pony, they will flip out even when they have done nothing wrong to them. While there are bronies that force the show down people's throats, these people force their hatred down their throats without any good reasons on why they hate it.

They seem to think that the internet has a perfect place before they arrived even though it was always terrible.

OH MY GOD. WHY isn't THIS NUMBER ONE? Anti-fans are so annoying! It drives me absolutely insane! They NEVER leave anyone alone about what they like and they create groups JUST to hate on that thing. All you have to do is say "I like *insert what you like here*" and people will start coming at you. No, you don't have to do that. Just say it's name and people will rage at you. No, you know what? You don't even need to say anything at all! Just have a profile picture of that thing and people will tell you to kill yourself!

I once commented on a Paper Mario video and I have an Undertale profile pic, keep in mind that my comment and the video had NOTHING to do with Undertale and I wasn't role playing and my name wasn't one of the characters, it was JUST the profile pic. And some anti-fan replied "Oh my god you like Undertale? You're so gay! Go kill yourself! " What the heck? I never once said anything about Undertale. God, the anti-fans are pure 100% cringe.

They're selfish and do not consider anyone else opinions. I was like this one and I can say I'll never do this again. Calling a fandom cancer because one or two incidents is stupid. Stereotypical bastards. Not all people in the fandom and jerking off to rule 34. You could just mention it and they'll start being an ass and you didn't do anything. ALTHOUGH I'll admit if you just go on a video which has nothing to do with that video and say "I CAME HERE FROM (insert video here)" I really can't blame them because I also get pissed off when they do that. In my fandom or not.

On YouTube I was on a video about fandoms and them not being bad despite idiots that don't consider people's feelings in the fandom. Then all in the comments everyone was crapping on people's fandoms, and it was like are you kidding me. But seriously grow up haters. People will like things you don't even if you think it's stupid garbage. I don't know about anti-fans haven't came across any.

This should be higher on the list.
Sincerely,a hater disliker.

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7 Sonic Fans

Let's not forget that the Sonic fandom ruins characterization as well. Knuckles is not stupid, Tails is not annoying, Shadow is not a bloodthirsty murderer/Blood Knight who goes around killing people for fun and has no emotion at all, Cream is not sexy and Blaze is not Felix the Cat's love interest... To name a few. And don't get me started on the horrible shipping wars. I'm so sick of that, and none of the 'Sonic couples' are official (Knuckles and Rouge are rivals but that doesn't make them a married couple. Same with Sonic and Shadow). The shipping wars get even worse with crossover shipping, since Sonic and Rainbow Dash never met and he would be much more interested in Amy Rose than some sparkle-poop colored horse that flies over the rainbow.

How is this not higher? While a lot of bronies do have their strange moments literally nothing can beat Sonic. For the most part pony OCs are fine at least. Literally the only real problem with the fan-base is they shove it down peoples throats and the porn. The Sonic fan-base is literally full of Mary Sues. Overly perfect characters who have no connection to the universe whatsoever. There is so many there is literally a game entitled "Your name the hedgehog". In other words if you search your name and then the hedgehog you are guaranteed terrible results. Almost every fan piece is terrible. The art is never good either. And while most fandoms can be happy with something, they always find something to complain about. People have literally made thesis papers on the problems of Sonic's eye color changing from black to green. I wish that was a joke. They can not settle on anything. Worst of all is how heavy the fetishes are. Granted, there are other fanbases that have things get sexual. ...more

I only voted here to make a point of my own, and I agree with this being here nonetheless. I myself am a Sonic fan. However, I'm not one of those people who argues about every little thing. I will say, the is overrun with Sonic fans that take it WAY too far. I've been a Sonic fan since I was like 4 years old. I grew up with the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, and then by age 6, I had Sonic Heroes. I enjoyed the games, and played them with my older brother. As I grew up, I played other games like Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, and I found out about some of the newer characters, such as Blaze and Silver, and thought they were really cool. In 4th grade, I made my first "OC." Sadly, she was an Amy Rose recolor, but as a kid, I thought it was the "cool thing to do." As I got even older, I realized it wasn't cool, and began to create my own stuff instead of recoloring other artwork. That was the best decision I could've ever made. Now I create some really cool OCs. I try ...more

Plus, there are no canon couples in Sonic.

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8 Beliebers

How are believers not #1? They're mostly a group of teenage girls that will defend Justin with their LIVES. If you ask them why they like him, they'll tell you because he's hot. Even if you tell them he's done bad things, they'll say something like 'oh he's Justin Bieber so he can do anything he wants' A lot of them will literally WORSHIP him. One of them started a MASSIVE argument on a YouTube comment section and when told that JB has even spat on his fans he (yes it was a he) says 'and? Jb saliva is delicious' they're all mentally retarded if you ask me. Even directioners are better than them.

If someone asks me why do I like him my answer would be that I don't like Justin Bieber but I like his songs and there's nothing wrong. In it... I am a 12 year old girl - 0744rose

They are the craziest people I have ever encountered. They are so blinded by him that they don't see the reality of what he has become.

Oh my, this is gonna be fun, being a Justin Bieber hater: this may sound like an oxymoron, but YES, I am that one girl who LOVES music of metal genre and awesome bands like Rammstein, Ost+Front, Judas Priest etc. but CANNOT STAND Justin Bieber. Why? Because, if NOT mentioning pop music just often gets on my nerves, 1. Listening to his whining they call "singing" makes me nothing but burst into laughter, 2. His songs ONLY consist of stuff like "Babe, I want you, I want to take you away" and bla-bla-bla (VERY similar to 1D, which I also hate, but whatsoever), and also, he also said about one victim of Holocaust that if she had remained alive, she would have become his fan. Really?!? And these rabid fan idiots may actually worship him?!? God, I cannot even understand how one can actually worship and stand for THIS, and besides, with such fury they have!

He is the big gay

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9 Furries

Before I go into this, I just want to say, I myself am a furry. I know for a fact that what atrocious and repulsive actions that come out of the fandom is just the freakishly obsessed 5% part of any fandom, but they're they are so violent and active that they are what all people focus on, so the other 95% that isn't sick and disturbing goes into hiding. And when one reveals themselves by just simply having a fur as a profile icon everyone on that forum (or blog, page, etc.) immediately jumps on that person and gives them nothing and accuses them for so many things, just for having a fur as an icon, it doesn't madder if they're talking about the subject at hand, they still mercilessly bash on them endlessly until said person kills themselves. It wouldn't be so bad of a fan base if it's dark section of members weren't so violent and huge that people would just focus on them instead of the rest of it. All of the stuff I mentioned above by the way as an example of what happens when a ...more

Now I don't hate furries, however it's no fun seeing obsession. Furries are generally normal people with jobs, as you and I. The reason many frown upon Furries is because the small portion of complete degenerates. These are the ones we (hope not to) see that are completely disgusting with "expressing" the fandom. These are the the people we (hope not to) see humping each other making animal noises. You all think Bronies can be bad, furries were the real OG.

Ugh, I love them and hate them at the same time

The drawing style is fantastic and is very creative. The furry suits have lots of time and effort put into the making, and not to mention the fandom giving money to charity.

But what I can't stand is the high amount of explicit fan art. It's disgusting. It has ruined my favorite animal characters, my spirit animal, and my childhood. The perverted fans and artwork make me want to cry in a corner.


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10 Directioners Directioners

They're all 10-14 year old keyboard warriors who are prepared to defend and justify everything their idols do. They are free to do that but many of them go to the extreme while doing so, sending death threats and hateful comments to ruin other people. They have to realize that One Direction is not the best, for every award they have lost out to, the artist that won deserves the recognition and not hateful comments just because your "boys" lost and for every scandal that they have like the ones where they made fun of their overweight fans, it wasn't a joke but a cruel and harsh criticism that should not be labelled as funny just because it's your "boys" who said it.

I once heard that they started a riot because the theater was all out of tickets for that One Direction movie... WHY? I honestly don't want to get stuck in a huge group of them for the sake of my health...

Barely any of them exist, (thank god) since 1D has lost all its popularity lately, but there's still a Google plus community of them with at least 20 5 year olds in it. They have terrible grammar, bad combats (One called me a sock face once, can that insult get any worst? ) and they need space, and some medical care. They act like immature 2 year olds that somehow got onto the internet, and act like complete trolls if you have an opinion. - SheepBuggy

Way to cheesy 4 me and the rest of society - JakcO5

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? Paw Patrol Fans

An unironicnPaw Patrol fandom exists, and they suck.
They draw porn, are obsessed with shipping and their OCs are 99% recolours. - Lunala

? Yandere Simulator Fans

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11 Weaboo's

Obsessing over anime and hating on western cartoons just because they are not anime. No matter where you look, 90% of fanart for western cartoons is drawn in a dull generic bishie style.

And why do they think hating anime is racist? A style of animation is NOT a race.

Yeah anime is not a skin color. Maybe they are saying it is offensive to Japanese people

I love anime, I did not vote for this because I hate anime. There are so many different kinds of anime it is impossible to hate all of it. What I hate are people who are so obsessed with anime they hate anything that isn't it and/or want to be Japanese. You know other countries can make other stuff that is good as well, try Over The Garden Wall or something. I feel that most people claim to hate anime just because of these guys. Most people who claim to hate anime haven't even seen one and you know why, these people. So please don't vote for this because you hate anime, but vote because you hate the weabs.

Personally, my hatred from this fandom comes from my classmates and other people from the internet. They all think that cartoon and anime are very different in the show's target audience. They can't even distinguish what's a western cartoon or anime. They treat cartoons very poorly and they always tease someone or call name like childish and they will tell you to grow up while most of the anime they watch is very perverted like boku no piko. I also like anime but I think many people here in this fandom discriminates what the westerns or any animations that didn't come from Japan.


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12 Undertale

I absolutely adore Undertale. I love the game, the non-sexual, decent fanart, and the theories around it. The things that annoy me the most are people's OCs. It's always the perfect Mary Sues that make me hate certain fandoms. There's also the crappy fanfiction, the Alphynamalg (get ready for disgust if you search that up), the sexual fanart, the crappy fanart, Undertail, fontcest...

But, I can't bring myself to hate the entire fandom. You know why? It's because that there's that nice, small, happy corner where all of us regular fans who just want to make regular fanart, decent OCs, okay AUs, and reasonable theories, where we share our opinions, and the things we didn't like about the game without anyone bashing on us, without anyone hating us, and with tolerance for opinions. It's where we don't talk about Undertail, fontcest, and where no one makes bad fanfiction, and sexual fanart. It's a nice place in the fandom. A very small, but nice place. That's where I usually ...more

I am sorry Undertale. Sorry for your sudden popularity. The game itself has lots of amazing contents, an interesting fighting system and one of my favorites: the choose-your-own-path thing and different endings. But exactly that popularity has ruined Undertale's fandom. People want to have sex with skeletons? How on earth is that possible. The other half wants the same thing with a robot. Also, there's the OCs. For some reason, it's always the OC part of every fandom that ruins it. Can't people just make normal, balanced OCs that are not the fan-favorite character with eyelashes and different hair?

Heartwarming game, hideous fandom. Once, I searched online for a Toriel sprite for a little drawing I wanted to make. Seriously, just a sketch of her in her chair reading about snail pie. I was bombarded with cringe-worthy lewd images of this lovable old woman portrayed in multiple sexual positions. I immediately closed the window in hopes of unseeing the seen... But that would be asking the impossible. I absolutely hate this fandom for the most part, except for a small people that do not shove this game into people's butts.

The game itself is wonderfully pulled together, with a heart-warming story that'll make you want to play it again, or make you want to find all the different endings and quirks to the story. I myself was, and still am a fan of Undertale, but I have to admit that the fandom is TOXIC. Sure, not everyone on there is a hardcore sans fangirl or the like, but there is enough of them to make normal fans and other people turn away. It's a shame too, the majority of the fan art is beautiful and portrays the game itself in a epic way, but most of it will be overlooked due to the 'fans' that make everyone cringe.

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13 Minecraft Fans

I like Minecraft. But I'm not obsessed, and I don't go hating on other (similar) games.
But don't even get me started on SkyDoesMinecraft.
Yeah, he's alright, but all you hear from his fans is:

The Minecraft fandom is a crumbling tower of idiocy. There are two general types of fans: bratty little kids who worship SkyDoesMinecraft and think Herobrine is real and creepy teenage girls who ship Minecraft YouTubers even though it's an utter disgrace and most of these guys would vomit upon seeing their "art". I'm so glad I left this group.

Disclaimer: Not all Minecraft fans are like this, but... 98% are. - PissedArmsDealer

I played Minecraft again after 3 years. And seriously. The first thing that happened was some 12-year old annoying a moderator because he "wanted to be kicked". Not even after telling him to stop and that it's immature, he continued. You can't help such people.
Also, hearing Minecraft players talking is horrible. They brag about how many diamonds they found. What big buildings they built. And when you tell them you are not a hardcore player with 3 large chests of diamonds they instantly kick you out of the conversation.
The game itself is good, especially for creative minds and parties with friends.

Yeah and some MCSM fans of lukesse go crazy when they see luktra saying it needs to burn in hell!
I'm a Lukesse fan but I don't obsess over it and aidesse fans always get mad over seeing Lukesse!

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14 90s kids

I am a 90s kid myself, and I'm just here to point out that EVERY, single, decade has its pros and cons; things you like and things you dislike. Not just the 90s or the 21st century.

It isn't the content of the decade, it's the obnoxious people who defend it saying that it's perfect and that every other decade is inferior. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

I hate 90's kids, bragging about how their childhood was better than anyone else's. My childhood was damn GREAT. In the 2000's you could watch anything from the 90's, like Hey Arnold or Recess, and watch new stuff, like Kim Possible and Invader ZIM.

It gets even more pathetic when you realize that kids who witnessed the 90's firsthand are now in their mid twenties and are still grasping to their childhood because they were losers growing up who surrounded themselves in cheap marketing ploys to gain a feeling of inclusion.

Yes we know about your nostalgia but stop acting like everything after the year 2000 was crap.In fact a lot of stuff got better but there was also worse stuff too,all decades have pros and cons.90's seemed good but the early 90's had lot's of wars(Yugoslav Wars,Gulf War,etc).Not saying everyone who grew up in the 90's or born in the 90's is like this but I'm sick of all these"Only 90's kids will remember" references.Also yes I am someone who grew up in late 2000's and early 2010's-TheCoolGuy1

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15 Hetalia: Axis Powers Fans

Now, let me admit that I'm a HUUGE fan of Hetalia. However, the fanbase is beyond god-awful and it makes me sick to my stomach. The weebs in this fandom aren't even comparable to the Narutards because they're so rabid. They make normal fans of the show seem like yaoi-shipping weebs. There are shipping wars EVERYWHERE over yaoi that isn't even real! It seems like if you don't ship something that a ton of people ship, people hate you. I once admitted that I hated USUK (The most popular ship in the fandom) and that I hated yaoi. The result? I got death threats from rabid shippers telling me to shoot myself, jump off a building, and drink bleach. They also bash on the girl characters because they get in the way of their ships, which again, aren't real. A notable example is Seychelles. Hetalia's creator, Himaruya Hidekazu, admitted that he thinks that she's very pretty. The fandom thought that by saying this, he was making her a mary-sue and they began to hate on her. They've convinced ...more

I actually enjoy Hetalia a lot. Especially because it's convenient and I learn a little bits of history from it. But the fandoms are a bit intense. Well, I don't mind if you ship the most weirdest things or the most common ships but don't hate other people for their opinion. Just because you like it doesn't mean everyone has to like it. I don't care if you hate yaoi ships or hate this chrarcter for being annoying, it's your opinion and share it if you must but don't bully people into liking or hating it too. That's how you repel people from liking the actual anime and the anime is just a fun thing to watch. It's perfectly enjoyable without extreme fans and haters interrupting my experience by forcing me to like or hate something. So please the extreme fans or haters, respect others and cool down.

I love hetalia a lot, but sometimes the fans make me a bit mad. I mean, sure you can ship things but calm down a little. I only ship like two things, but it's really hard to scroll through my feel without ships being shoved down my throat

The fandom is supposed to be dead now but it's still full of annoying girls who show zero respect for people and still shove Yaoi ships down peoples throat.

Story time, I'm from Russia and posted some art on DA (Not even hetalia art) some hetalian saw my location and she kept flooding my inbox with broken Russian, she would be constantly referencing communism and the Soviet Union (I was a teenager during that time and it was horrible living in Soviet Russia) so I told her to stop talking about it and said that it was not a glamorous place like she kept saying it was. She kept fighting me and saying it was if it was Russia and everything about Russia is perfect. How people are always smiling, carrying metal pipes and eating borscht and piroshki everyday.
So. Then she asked me whom I ship Russia with. I said no body because he's a country. That's when she went ape. She told me that I was an unpatriotic whore, I should kill myself for hating my country and not thinking it ...more - felispasta

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16 Donald Trump Fans

If that man becomes president, I'm out of here

And that's why you don't make threats like that unless you mean it. - Lmrpirate

I agree on this choice so much. Trump fans are some of the most ignorant, hypocritical and downright deranged people in the world. They will go around saying that Trump is the "best candidate ever" and worship him like he is a god. At this point, I don't see the value of having a man like Trump being the President of the United States. He is a disgustingly racist and sexist man who can never take "no" for an answer, makes fun of people with mental disorders (like Autism) and denies the fact that he let another country interfere with American politics, which of course is an act of treason. His supporters always give me a headache and since I live in Pennsylvania, that is often.

I can't, really the only thing I like hearing about Donald Trump is the stupid jokes, but I don't find his ideas interesting if you need to put it that way, He already has a successful business, and now he wants to be president, last but not least that hairstyle... *insert thumbs down here*

Y'all know he is better than. Hillary it ain't a fandom it is just a better than nothing temporary guy until someone more qualified runs in the next 4 to 8 years.

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17 Call of Duty Fans

Go to a Call of Duty Facebook page, read the comments, and then prepare a mass funeral for all the brain cells you'll lose.

I more or less still follow the series, and occasionally know some good fans. But more or less they can't tell when a game is good and when its basically a playable Michael Bay film. In fact many don't even touch the story and are actually proud of that. Now that wouldn't be so bad if the reason was because recent stories have been so bad (not including Advanced Warfare because I haven't played it yet), but I think they just don't care to begin with. And they call themselves fans.

Then there's the casual Call of Duty players calling the Call of Duty players that play more often "nerds", something I don't think real gamers would take so kindly.

And when they do complain, its usually about campers or about weapons that do their job "too effectively".

I don't necessarily agree entirely like sure there full of the most annoying children you can find that and well minecraft but in return you get one of the greatest sub games to come out of it Call of Duty Zombies. A masterpiece of a game which compared to call of duty looks like a gods gift - ThOfficialDFC

I love Call of Duty, and most of the fans are totally normal. But every now and then you run into Timmy-no-thumbs, the screeching 10 year old who thinks it's the games fault every time he dies. Or perhaps you've run into Sir-Complains-a-lot, the 22 year old who acts like Timmy no thumbs, but less screechy (which, in my opinion, is even more pathetic.) Have you met DJ-Wontshutup? The guy who blasts rap music into his headset and never says anything.

Again, the vast majority of the fans aren't like this, but these terrible players are so memorable that people have begun to think that ALL fans are like this, which isn't the case at all.

Who SERIOUSLY enjoys violence with nothing else? Call of Duty, or Call of Duty for short is not a good game. Consider also that the average player of this game is barely half of its age rating, and you wonder why this fandom exists. Violence does not equal fun!

Are you a parent whose child plays Call of Duty nonstop?
Turn off the power in the house and force them to go outside.
Before they come back, take the Call of Duty games and never give them back.
Voila! No more screaming, smashing things, or crying. Now live a productive life until they're in college! - naFrovivuS

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18 Internet Tough Guys

Ya know that one guy who threaten to show up at your house and kick your ass, yeah that guy

Haha, there are a whole bunch of people like this in the YouTube comments.

These people are just losers that just want people think they can bench press a car. When in real life, they can hardly even lift a TOY car.

They act all tough but in realty they're probably whining and sobbing and are scared for you to reply to them - SheepBuggy

That's me when someone makes tickling "Art" of Ness from Earthbound. - 404_name_missing

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19 Youtube Commenters

Anyone who frequently visits youtube will know that the comments are idiotic, asinine, nonsensical, and just down right retarded

There's many types of terrible commenters. There's haters, trolls, 5-year olds, bad grammar people, and dumb comments or comments that obviously didn't pay attention to the video...

But there is one kind of comment that is absolutely worst than all the rest... SPAM! Spam commenters will comment random things or random letters and numbers and will tag you in them if you tell them not to, they ask for likes and post stupid things to try and get likes, they also copy and paste and say a dumb threat like ''Like this or something bad will happen'' or ''copy and paste this 2 times and like and look under your pillow'' or other dumb stuff. All spam comments need to be reported and deleted at once! All these YouTube moderators are slack, and don't seem to care at all, which just makes it all worst! - SheepBuggy

This one encompasses a lot of the idiots on the internet. But somehow the YouTube comments still manage to make me angry even though I know most of the people making them are completely ignorant and illiterate. - stormyskies

A cesspit of vile, toxic and heinous little craps who make comments about sex, swear words, then they make awful jokes about serious topics like cancer, hitler, disabilities (especially retardation and autism), homosexuality, 9/11, etc - Lunala

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20 Creepypasta Fans

Creepy pasta was meant to be scary. Not sexy.

Oh good Lord, this fandom. I used to be a part of this two years back, and I admit I still occasionally check the SCP Foundation to see what's new, but it's just lost its appeal. If you look past the edginess, you see that quite a few of the popular stories were, in fact, even before they got shipped together so much they lost what little horror they had in the first place. Most of the good stories I remember were not the "classics".

But the worst part is the kids who think this is the underbelly of the internet, that they're all cool and edgy for being down here. Now, I know I haven't seen the darkest depths of the 'net, but I've sure gone a hell of a lot deeper than reading stories about a guy who kills his family for no damn reason. In general, if there are lots of people at the bottom of the 'net, you're not really at the bottom of the 'net.

First of all I'm a CreepyPasta fan but I understand that it is meant to be horror genre not romance. It makes me sick when some obnoxious fan walks around going on about how a character is hot- don't DO THAT OR U WILL MAKE MY LIFE MISERABLE! Are u at least seeing the point? I'm a FAN but I don't ship or write ROMANCE stories. Geez people these days...

Some creepypasta fangirls tried to kill someone to meet slenderman - hugh201

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