Every time someone hates on Justin they go crazy on them and tells them to die or something and they also think were jealous of him its really stupid I'm surprised they're not #1

Beliebers are seriously the most annoying fandom on earth. Like who names their idol's body parts? Fine I understand every fandom has something unique but this is creepy. They always show off. And who the hell told that they are "biggest" fandom with 34% of the world's population. Directioners never hated them. They begged us for hating them so it's not our fault. They should be on the top position.

Most of the Beliebers are completely brainwashed! Remember the start of the Bieber Fever phase (that some of the Beliebers are still plagued with forever), them sending death threats to Selena Gomez just for dating him, and the messed up #cutforbieber? A lot of Beliebers are just not sane. They treat Justin like he's Jesus, and they think he's entitled to do whatever he wants, even if it's rude and stupid, just because 'he's hot' or 'his music is the best'! And speaking of his music, nobody is allowed to express their opinion on it if it isn't the same as theirs. Hardcore Beliebers, at best, will give you an earful just for saying 'I don't like him/his music'. Beliebers are seriously one of the worst fandoms out there, if not THE worst!

Made his pilots wait centuries for his monkey. Abandons his monkey. Breaks the law 3 times (less or more). Dumps Selena. And Beliebers still beliebe (my puns are bad) on this piece of crap. We keep sending hate towards him for doing these things, yet Beliebers say "Shut up u stupid is not his fault he's better than you" yeah, it's not his fault he punched a fan in the face, drove too fast in Miami, which is against the law there. Please forgive him for making the pilots wait 8 hours for his monkey and then abandon it. Seriously, what a retarded world

Justin Bieber spat on one of his fans, Threatened someone who asked for his autograph, threw a tantrum on stage and went to jail once for drink driving and his songs are terrible, but somehow he still has some fans.

And when I say his songs are bad, I mean it. Try listening to baby and see if you actually survive.. - SheepBuggy

I don't understand how they can follow someone like him. If you ask them why they think everything he's done is justifiable they almost never give a reasonable answer. If they can't give me at least one good reason why they like him they just get angry.

I have no idea how people stand him. He seriously got arrested for drugs, yet you still think he's amazing? He's been involved in TOO many scandals. Yet all of his fans act like Helga from Hey Arnold because they worship him over everything else.

Whoever likes Justin Bieber, honestly, start listening to actual music. Do you even know what he's done? He spat on his fans, peed in a mop bucket, dissed Anne Frank, and thought that he was "The Kurt Cobain" of the generation. Get a clue Beliebers! - Catacorn

I'm surprised this isn't number 1. Beliebers is simply the worst because they will always attack people who gave Bieber's bad criticism, even though it's true.

Beliebers and directioners both suck. Justin Bieber fans should listen to The Beatles. If they dare call them trash, we will wipe them out with an overflow of hate not only for Beiber, but fans themselves.

My cousin used to have the Bieber Fever, she had a poster of him. But one day, she started to hate him; two years later, me, my cousin, and my little sis have ripped up the poster and used it to wipe our butts.

I hate how Beliebers make up excuses for all of the lame crap that Justin Bieber does like peeing in a mop bucket... he is a horrible role model

Kids worshipping this pathetic attempt of music and more so an irritating Little dip is way beyond the universe's explanation

Honestly, these people just offer more evidence that humanity has fallen lower than it ever has. Protozoans have better taste.

They are an endangered species. Which is a good thing

His songs are sometimes cheesy or okay, but his modern appearance and attitude is just plain corrupt. I disagree to have him as a role model, especially as a boy. Don't do drugs, assault, and don't be a jerk.

They are annoying as hell. At first I thought Beiber was an okay guy, but thanks to these people the entire world hates him, including myself.

I don't hate on people of a certain fan base unlike most, but this is the one that annoys me the most. This should be one, and tell that to your son.

His new music is okay, but how the hell do so many people love/obsess over him? It makes me sick to think of how many hardcore fans this guy has.

So pretty much they support a guy who pissed on them literally, and spat on them, and pissed in a cleaning bucket instead of using a toilet, who oversped and cared less, who asked to have his body guards carry him like a baby, and if possibly could just kill one of them... how the hell have they not ended up 1st place yet?

They are just a bunch of idiots that look up to a lady that had been to jail 4 times, a cheater, and don't even get me started on his music.

They are preteen keyboard warriors ready to defend Justin with their lives. I think that I once got called a 'panty hoe'? Like what?

God, what is it with this website and Justin Bieber? You people are more obsessed with him than his fans.

Undoubtedly the worst. Pewdepie fans are really annoying as well, but these people (half creepy older women, half underage teenage girls, all high on crack) are just scary and annoying. I believe one "army" of fangirls once trampled somebody who got in the way. Unbelievable.

Believe me or not I saw a Twitter post that had a picture of a creepy girl right in front of JB's limo, and in the description it said 'JUSTIN I GOT RUN OVER TWICE BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU! '. That made my cringe meter explode.