Don't get me wrong. I like My Little Pony just as much as any other average fan. There are several episodes that made me laugh, some that made me cry, and some that made me smile. Yes, certain episodes are cheesy, but others are genuinely well-written and you can tell effort was put into the art style.

As for the fandom itself, I strongly believe the fandom is at the top of the most annoying list is because of the radical fans. I'm not talking about the ones who cosplay just for fun, have thoughtful discussions about the show, or even draw the art. I'm talking about the crazy 5% who rule 34 the characters, have shipping wars, and engage in immature behavior at conventions. Show some self control and make our fandom look BETTER, please!

Did any of you know that it actually hurts to be called "cancer" just for liking something? Sure, some fandoms can be a little crazy, but comparing them to a life-threatening disease is a little bit much. This is probably going to get a ton of hate, but I just had to say something.

I hate how they shove down my throat. Then they say "haters gonna hate" but when you hate they throw a massive hissy fit. They are so stupid and annoying!

Honestly I'm glad this is number 1. Out of all the fandoms I hear about whether it's Pokemon, FNAF, Sonic, or even Steven Universe I can't go online or even talk to my friends (which two of used to be bronies or maybe still are) they plague the internet. I remember when I was obsessed with hating it when it first began. I wanted to stop being prejudice so I gave the show a chance. I sat through and watched maybe 30 episodes or more before I finally bailed on it. every time the opening theme song came up I nearly three myself at a wall. I was an active 13 year old and I couldn't stand it. I thought I was torturing myself trying to figure out why people bother watching. Normally I didn't care what I watched but it was that year that I finally realized what I hate. Even now I can't go on the internet without finding weird pony porn or finding some weird crossover. Don't even get me started on the pony Goku, Sonic, or Naruto which disgusted me. I just want to go on Google for once and not ...more

One sentence:

Mlp is a show for little girls age 3-10, not something for 40 year old men to draw sexualized characters or general sex between the characters

Bronies are annoying as crap. Also, bronies are so annoying that they take over servers, and games. Bronies have no Purpose in any place and are the Worst fandom/group on the internet of All time. They also need to stay the hell off of Steam and the Internet itself. - Horrible_Username

They're one of the worst of the worst. Trust me.

To be completely honest, the show isn't bad. It's a fantastic show for children. For adults, I can see how it could be enjoyable. The characters are somewhat likable, and pretty creative. But the thing that RUINS the fandom is that most HORRIBLE fandoms are infested with angry children that want to think their opinion is the best. Bronies aren't the entire MLP fanbase. There are also... "Pegasisters" uhh... yeah. Older women who watch the show. This is more understandable, the show has a more "girly" vibe to it. But for someone who watched the show (and by that I mean I watched the season finales because the others weren't good enough for my attention span, which were actually quite good) It's pretty cool in some parts. Back to the fandom, it's not just the men. EVERYONE is guilty of acting completely immature, auguring about completely irrational topics. It makes me sad that even adults can get down to the level of 10 year olds. The fandom is kinda creepy too. A few people from the ...more

It is a show for little girls, yet you get grown men sending death threats in support of a character. That's what happened to my friend anyway since I'm not stupid enough to watch My Little Pony

Its also annoying how they have to try to convince you that the animation for my little pony is beautiful. Have they seen hand drawn animation. The animation for mlp sucks. It's just crappy and lazy flash animation

Bronies just make everything you love into full garbage - lincolnloudness

The only thing that I hate about Bronies is that they force MLP into things that aren't even pony related and making characters and people into ponies.

I have had several friends who are bronies. I don't dislike bronies, I am just incredibly confused by it. I can understand being really invested in a show but.. the problem is, I grew up in the 90's and if you threw this show on back then, it would be seen as completely average. I have seen a few episodes and there are a few enjoyable ones (especially the ones with Discord because Q is awesome) but overall the show is mediocre at best. The plots aren't that great, the characters are boring caricatures, and it just leaves me with a feeling of meh. I would say it's because the shows that are out now are terrible by comparison, but that's not true as gravity falls and steven universe are far better than this show. I just...I'm not bashing them I just don't understand what the appeal is.

BRONIES: The automatic cringe. I hear these words and a shudder runs through my veins. There are no excuses, if you like My Little Ponies and you are over the age of 9, then you are TOO OLD. BRONIES: I was babysitting these children. Their mother planned for my to take them to a My Little Pony Convention. Most of the people, the majority of people, were old, 50 year old men in pink shutterfly costumes. When you can find porn for a KID'S SHOW then something is very, very wrong

The My little Pony Fandom is one of THE worst. I used to be a Brony and oh my god I regret everything.

I don't hate bronies, but I get sick of them when they try to shove their show of the gods down everyone's throats by drawings characters looking like ponies. ITS ANNOYING!

I've been a brony for around 2 years now, and I don't think I've ever been in a more irritating, nonsensical, snotty fandom. They are truly bothersome.

Well that is true a lot bronies do that and it's so anoying, I'm a brony but I don't push people to watch the show and I don't put pony things on the internet, yes that is the dark side of the fandom its like the 70% of the fandom

I tried to watch the show over and over to understand why is this so popular, but nothing happens, is mediocre to me.

Out of all the fandoms out there, Bronies have got to be the worst.

You, sir, are amazing. You don't like the show, but you don't think all Bronies are the same, and treat them like actual people. Hardly anyone does that, because they think its wrong for a man to like a girlish show. I like MLP, but I don't hate on non Bronies (unless they say all Bronies are too defendant af their fandom, wich is hypocritical, and saying that all Bronies are the same.) You sir has given me my faith in humanity back, because you worry about other things other than teens and adults liking a show for young children.

This should be number one... No offense... - MoldySock

Honestly, I get annoyed when Bronies cross-contaminate between fandoms. Like making Jeff the Killer a pony, and then saying we (Creepypasta Fans) are ruining their fandom

They need a grow up slap like any other obsessive anime fan

These people just don't know when to stop. A lot of them make terrible art loaded with their creepy fetishes.