OH MY GOD. It is okay to be a feminist. Let me repeat that, it is okay to be a feminist. People often miss the point of feminism and it honestly makes me really sad. Feminism is about equality. People automatically assume that it is just about women's rights but that's wrong (you can try arguing with me or you can look it up because I know and I am pretty well informed on the subject). It's about equality for both genders. And the saddest part about it is when I tell people that and they are all of a sudden okay with it (like it isn't okay for women to have rights but when men are involved it changes the whole situation and again don't argue about that because I've had people suddenly change their views about feminism once they discover it involves men as well). Another thing sad about it is people judging men for being a feminist and women thinking men won't like them because they are a feminist. Also feminism is not entirely about women "making a sandwich in the kitchen", ...more

OK, FEMINISM is equality, and that's that. There are dozens of countries where women are legitimately oppressed and are seen as inferiors to men, so it's rightful that feminism still exists in the world. However, RADICAL feminism is different. Radical feminists are (mostly) women living in first world countries with privileges, rights, and freedoms women in other countries could only DREAM of. They get upset over a small matter and begin to rage at society, claiming that all females in their first world country are "still oppressed, and that men haven't given them their full rights", but these rants are just an excuse to achieve personal benefit. The sad thing is, if they stopped thinking about their OWN "suffering" and tried to aim their goals towards helping women who actually ARE being wrongfully treated, the world may have been a step closer to full equality.

If you are a feminist and you want equal rights and nothing else. That's fine, keep doing you. But when a feminist wants women to be better than men, that's where I draw the line. "We can hit boys! " "You can't hit us, we're girls! " Is an absolutely hypocritical statement, if you hit someone, expect to be hit back, and some feminists state that abortion should be legal, absolutely disgusting, if you don't have five dollars to buy a 6-pack of condoms at cbs, then you shouldn't be having sex to begin with, oh what's that? You couldn't consent? Well that ain't a reason to kill an unborn child.

They treat an outdated social movement like a religion or cult, telling people they're automatically part of their group if they believe in equality, like nah son that isn't how this works.

You can be completion passionate about something and not be a giant pain in the rear. Hate isn't going to get you what you want, neither is "flipping the status quo" from men being on top to women being on top. Let's talk about how women and men should be on equal footing and stop putting the blame where it doesn't need to be. It's not helping.

I do agree gender inequality is a terrible matter in this developing world. Yet, there are two kinds of feminists righteous feminists, who want (and may succeed) to get an equal world, and radical feminists, who just want to brutally massacre every living creature of the male gender.

Feminists are literally human salt dispensers, they assume everything is "sexual harassment", they outright hate all men for no damn reason at all most of the time, and they set a very bad example for children, example: there is a group on youtube that I can't remember the name of, but quite a few of their videos literally consist of paying children to swear and rage about topic they shouldn't be apart of, they are dispensing more than they need to dispense and need to be shut down.

I like the idea of feminism. However, some girls and women exaggerate it to the point where suggesting that not every woman is a perfect person deserving a perfect life is sexist, and that is annoying. The basic idea is good, but people who don't understand it and use it to suggest women are superior are frustrating.

Normal Feminists are smart and believe in equality. Tumblr feminists are idiots who think that all men are terrible and they should throw them in the gas chambers. Its ruining the image of feminists like me!

Look, I'm fine with people just wanting equality between the 2 genders. The only problems seem to be they're just not paid equally. But the real concern lies in them complaining about EVERYTHING. Say girls typically have long hair? " NOT EVERY GIRL HAS LONG HAIR! " Say the word male or men? " ONLY WOMEN SHOULD EXIST! "

I swear they deserve 3RD place, those sexist buggers really are just warmongering brats who don't appreciate the terms of being given full time jobs, education, you name it! And if you're a girl who disagrees with their point, they immediately claim you're on your period! And if you make a valid point that outweighs theirs, they will call it misogyny, and literally attack you with verbal insults, or physical slaps, infact it just goes to show that "air conditioning is sexist", then put on a damn coat you whiney loudmouth! Or like a normal human, just ask them to turn it off, I seriosly can't stand feminists, bloody hell they even get away with murder! One of which even killed her baby boy for feminism! And no one bats an eye!

Well, it depends on what a feminist means to you. It was originally a thing to promote equality and understanding between two sexes- less abuse, less sexism, etc. However, so many people have twisted it into "IF YOU ARE A WOMAN WHO doesn't AGREE WITH ME THEN YOU ARE OPPRESSED, AND IF you're A GUY THEN YOU ARE SEXIST" type of feminist that makes me want to eat my own face.

Ok so, if they are actually doing something for people in arabic countries or other countries where women actually need rights, then that's ok, but the ones who just complain about nothing can just die

Why can't everyone be equal? Gender doesn't effect you much, its mostly you that effects you. Some girls can kick but, so can guys. Some guys are the stereotypical gross slob, others are not. We are all equal.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for equality. But when (This has happened to me) you go to help a woman who's fallen over, or when you hold a door open for a lady, you shouldn't have to brace yourself from the onslaught of insults from RABID feminists. It's not just women, men do it too.

I'm all up for feminism, but the biggest flaw among modern feminists is the lack of consistency in their claims. You can't ask for free speech and in the case when someone talks against you, you can't just tell it off as hate speech. There are various other ways modern feminists are inconsistent, and that's their biggest flaw - styLIShT

Gender equality is a good idea, but the feminists I have run into have always said how all males are sexist and won't let anyone else talk about how women can be sexist

As a female it makes me want to hang myself when a girl wins against a guy for instance, and every feminist yells out "GIRLS CAB BE BETTER THAN BOYZ! 1! 1! " I just hate it, sometimes it makes me feel embarrassed about my own gender against males. - Ohno

Look at countries in the middle-east ( mostly Islam countries ) where feminism is condemned and women don't have rights. When you look at that you should be proud that you live in a country where feminism exists. They have done a lot of good things in the past to improve the rights and equality for women.

Ah, yes, feminists, those people who will stamp and shout until they get their way! I hate those kinds of feminists! There are good feminists, but the ones I mentioned before are irredeemable to the point of no return! End of story!

I'm just wondering why they always complain about equality when they have it. Look at North Korea and Syria. If a feminist keeps whining about equality there, they would be dead within 5 seconds.

No because everything females like gets slagged off by the male. From The Twilight Saga to Boy Bands to 50 Shades of Grey (and I don't even like 50 shades of Grey, just think the actor is attractive). Maybe its because they don't know how it feels to like them.

AHEM. Not to be a feminazi, but this is wrong. Feminism and a Feminazi are completely different. Feminism is fighting for the equal rights of men and woman, wether it being the male rights being improved or the female. ALL WOMAN AND GIRLS ON THIS LIST; STOP AND LOOK. A feminist is not a man killer, a feminist is someone who wants females to have equal pay, someone who wants to stop people who beat their wives. A feminist wants the right to vote, own property and have a job - AnonymousChick

If it is normal feminism that promotes equality for women and men, that is fine. But if it is feminism that promotes women being better than men and sexist stuff, then that is what gets annoying. - AnimeDrawer

3rd wave feminism is the WORST. older types of feminism are all good because they fought for women's equality when there was ACTUALLY a power imbalance between men and women. 3rd wave feminism on the other hand is the belief that ALL men are oppressors and rapists, especially "cishet white men". They now want female supremacy, not equality. Now they even think the word "woman" is offensive and sexist because it has the word "man" in it. I just want to bang my head against a wall when I hear about modern feminism. This is coming from a girl.