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181 Berserk Berserk Berserk, also known as Sword-Wind Chronicle Berserk, is a Japanese anime television series that aired from 1997 to 1998. An adaptation of the manga Berserk, it comprises 25 half-hour episodes produced by Oriental Light and Magic and first aired on Nippon TV. V 1 Comment
182 Nekotalia

As a Hetalian and a cat person, I like this segment way too much.

Okay nothing is wrong with Nekotalia it's just a segment in Hetalia and if you don't like it take it up with Hidekaz Himuyura...
Obviously whoever put this up considers it different than Hetalia
Which it isn't

183 Gamergaters
184 Fire Emblem Fans

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Love the games, but hate the fandom. The fandom is full of shipping wars, yaoi, yuri, hentai, crack pairings that never happened, character bashing, bad characterization, villainization of some of the good guys in the series when they never had a such role *cough* How the fandom sees Karel in Blazing Sword *cough*, horrible crossover fanfics and art with other series, and the list goes on and on. At least the fan-dumb and the stuff they make can be avoided and we can just enjoy the games and it's characters for what they are.

I have to admit. I like the games but not the fanbase

No tumblr. Only Birthlight has les and Conquest has gay. And no, Lucina is not in the same UNIVERSE/WORLD as Palutena.

I forgot to mention that the fan-dumb comes up with awful nicknames for various characters in this. Like referring Eliwood as "Eliwuss" or "Smellywood". Seriously, people. WHAT KIND OF NAMES ARE THOSE?! It's like they have no respect for the characters or don't see them the way they are.

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185 Kingdom Hearts Fans

I hate this series so much...

I love kingdom hearts and I love their fanbase. But I think for others they will think we are a bunch of idiots because we play a kids game just because there is disney characters in it. There are many youtubers into kingdom hearts and they all try to squeeze the tiniest bit out of some kingdom hearts news but all in all I love the game you really should try it!

Well, before the ponies of MLP:FIM took over the Internet, KH was everywhere. Glad those days are over, though.

I love KH but the fandom is STUPID

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186 Star vs the Forces of Evil fans

Yeah the show is ok in my opinion, sometimes it can be disgusting and werid, but it's not bad. I will prefer a different show over it. And this is my far opinion, I'm learning to like it, so yeah

187 Filthy Frank

Whenever you go into the comment section of a Filthy Frank video, you always see the same annoyingly overused references, and the first reply to every comment is something. Filthy Frank's fanbase is so horrible that they made him take down a video talking about a medical condition of his that causes him to have seizures when stressed out. - EdgyMemeBoi

I like these memes but they are getting overused. - SailorSedna

188 Battle For Dream Island Fans

Why is this on the list? I love BFDI! - Tyabcd

I bet you've never seen some of the fan art (the show itself is okay) - GriffinDoge

I never watch it anymore (Since they hardly put out new episodes.) but from what I remember, the show is good. - TheStephordKnives

189 Waluigi Fans
190 Pewdiepie Haters
191 Zootopia Haters
192 DaddyOFive Fans
193 Jeffy Fans (SuperMarioLogan)

Jeffy fans are literally the most selfish and annoying fans I have ever seen. I feel sorry for Logan because when he uploads a video that does not include Jeffy, The Jeffy fans get upset saying "THIS VIDEO SUCKED WERE WAS JEFFY?!?! " and it just annoys me so much. This is also really apparent in the Toads mistake remake were the Jeffy fans were saying that Mama Luigi sucked and some people even called him a ripoff of Jeffy. (Even though Mama Luigi was in SML before Jeffy) - Tayxd123

UGH I hate Jeffy fans. They are so annoying when they quote his lines to. - Tayxd123

This fandom needs to get on the list

194 Modern Music Fans
195 Renamon Fans

It especially bothers me when they ship Renamon with Krystal from Star Fox. Neither character deserves to be treated like an erotic piece of trash!

Seriously, the Krystal/Renamon shipping is so dumb because Krystal isn't a Digimon and Renamon isn't even anthropomorphic to the same extent to the Star Fox characters. What the heck is wrong with furries nowadays?!

I have no idea who Renamon is, but I see porn of... her? EVERYWHERE!

I added this days ago, isn't the worst fandom but they are quite annoying posting erotic stuff of this digimon...

Ps: I love renamon

196 Power Ranger fans

I can't stand them sometimes. Super Sentai is the original and they think Power Rangers is better. These people pick fights with others.

I used to watch this when I was little, don't remember which ones though. - Harri666

I watched Power Rangers when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

Power rangers was lit when I was 4-7 years old

My brother loves Power Rangers but won't shut up screaming the theme song.

"GO POWER RANGERS! " - talanartemis

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197 Tobuscus Fans

Everyone at my school is singing diamond sword and nugget in a biscuit

I had an old coworker who tormented me daily with that bad Minecraft song. I hate Tobuscus, he's not funny and his songs suck - Johnnyt800

Hang me now, I have lost all faith because of this spastic

Another terrible fandom, go away toby fans

198 Joey Graceffa Fans

His fans are even worse than Pewdiepie, Smosh, and Tobuscus fans all combined.

199 Music Fans

If a music fan is a person who appreciates all types of music. Someone who likes both Justin Bieber and Led Zeppelin, would be annoying. On the other hand, if a music fan is someone who is into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, etc... But hates Justin Bieber and such, then that would be a fandom that I would be proud of being in. - swagmaster97

Okay... This makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, it's one thing to hate one specific artist or type of music but hating all?... Besides, most music fans are pretty decent.

Not prog fans. They are the musical elitist, worse than the hardcore classical fans - Johnnyt800

... Who entered this

People who slag off pop music now just need to grow up not everyone is shoving it down your throat. You don't even need to watch the talent shows. I also like music from 60s, 70s and 80s but I like music from anytime.

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200 Divergent Fans

Why are people complaining about potterheads I'm one

Tithards, pothead fans and what else? lols

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