Top Ten Worst Fandoms/Groups On the Internet

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401 Adventures of Lolo fans
402 Destiel Shippers/Fans

Never gonna happen. Sorry. Stop saying its cannon please.

403 Halo Fans
404 Luigi Fans
405 Tony Abbot Fans

Tony abbott is so bad his own party hated him

406 Conker Fans

They hate Live & Reloaded (and to an extent, Rare Replay and Project Spark's Conker's Big Reunion) just because it was on an Xbox console instead of Nintendo. And just don't get me started on their backlash on 'Young Conker', an upcoming game for the Microsoft HoloLens...

407 fans

They're all a bunch of cranky 10 year olds that bash on anyone who eats them.

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408 Classic Cartoon Fans

It's really safe to say that the western cartoon fandom is starting to get worse than the anime fandom nowadays, and even those old classic cartoons that were made during the times before we were born have been getting new fans who turn out to be not so pleasant after all. The rabid fandom and the rabid haters are both atrocious. It seems that there is no such thing as a 'fandom or hater-free zone' these days.

Also, not to mention that so many people draw fetish fanart of many of these old cartoons on DeviantArt. I say it ruins their reputation more than any negative review of them you see.

They are worse than the New cartoon fanbases because they act like children. And Hate on other cartoons because they weren't aired in their childhood. - Aguythatpeopleignores

While this maybe obscure to some and not everyone knows what it is, but Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels has one of the worst fandoms of any non-Disney animated feature next to Balto, the Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time. Although to be honest with you, Gulliver is not my favorite film, it's actually far from being it, in fact. While I don't hate that film and don't like it either, I do respect others' opinions about it. However, I still could not believe that it has gotten a horrible modern-day fanbase during the past few years; Poorly drawn fanart, stories, memes and recasts. Giant or giantess fetish art everywhere. Badly-made fanart of the characters wearing modern clothes or watching T.V. or such when there is no chance since the story takes place in 1699. Rabid haters who do nothing but write negative reviews and bash it 24/7 just because it has flaws. (Lots of movies, shows, games, etc, have flaws regardless whether they're good or bad or not. This isn't the only one. ...more

409 Skyrim Fans

It's honestly okay if you don't like Skyrim. I respect that. - IcetailofWishClan

I like Skyrim. But everyone has an opinion, I guess. - LordDovahkiin

410 Ssundee

The fans should realize that he is just acting about all the cobble and stuff.

First We had butter and now we have Cobble... perfect... Just. Perfect. - Aguythatpeopleignores

All of their fans say is #crainerisallgrownup and more of just retarted cobblestone and dirt hard to look at comments and hard to look at the videos when they are saying crainer is all grown up and #cobble=life

411 Extreme Atheist

Elitist asses that bully anyone that dares to believe in *any* religion, especially Christianity.

I'm an atheist but I don't bash anybody anyone can believe what they want to believe I'm not the one controlling their lives.

To be fair, extreme anything usually isn't good.

They are all on YouTube.

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412 Juggies

Fans of mcjuggernuggets. Usually 6-13 years old. Go very insane when you call mcjuggernuggets videos fake

413 PC Elitist

Whiny players on PC who only care about graphics and fps.

"30fps makes me barf" said the PC Elietest as he watched an Xbox gameplay

414 Rockmen

Mega Man is not bad at all, but this needed to be added! Just look at all of the X/Zero yaoi...

415 Reptilians

Leafy obsessers are all over the internet. They roast and send death threats to those who oppose them. They also donate to fake Leafy's.

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416 Twelvies

Twelvies are the reason why I've lost faith in humanity - Lollyclouds

417 The Kardashian Fans
418 Virtua Fighter Fans
419 Wiki Fans
420 Social Justice Warriors

Don't worry about the "social justice warriors", they're pretty easy to avoid and they're just a bunch of fat people who cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Everyone seems to forget about what REAL social justice is due to these freaks.

They want everything perfect just for them, and no one can tell them off because they act like such sacred cows. Realize that nothing is perfect and move on please, but don't ever ruin other people's lives and opinions just because they don't match yours. - Nonpointed

How egotistic these Social Justice Warriors really are? I mean they think that the world revolves around just them that they think everything will go their way they play victim and fail miserably and still don't accept the consequences of their actions. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I once saw a social justice warrior she was swearing at a cashier for repeating her order that was a big mac let's say she got kicked out of mc donalds. - DJRainFlame

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