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401 Classic Cartoon Fans

It's really safe to say that the western cartoon fandom is starting to get worse than the anime fandom nowadays, and even those old classic cartoons that were made during the times before we were born have been getting new fans who turn out to be not so pleasant after all. The rabid fandom and the rabid haters are both atrocious. It seems that there is no such thing as a 'fandom or hater-free zone' these days.

Also, not to mention that so many people draw fetish fanart of many of these old cartoons on DeviantArt. I say it ruins their reputation more than any negative review of them you see.

They are worse than the New cartoon fanbases because they act like children. And Hate on other cartoons because they weren't aired in their childhood. - Aguythatpeopleignores

While this maybe obscure to some and not everyone knows what it is, but Max Fleischer's Gulliver's Travels has one of the worst fandoms of any non-Disney animated feature next to Balto, the Secret of NIMH and The Land Before Time. Although to be honest with you, Gulliver is not my favorite film, it's actually far from being it, in fact. While I don't hate that film and don't like it either, I do respect others' opinions about it. However, I still could not believe that it has gotten a horrible modern-day fanbase during the past few years; Poorly drawn fanart, stories, memes and recasts. Giant or giantess fetish art everywhere. Badly-made fanart of the characters wearing modern clothes or watching T.V. or such when there is no chance since the story takes place in 1699. Rabid haters who do nothing but write negative reviews and bash it 24/7 just because it has flaws. (Lots of movies, shows, games, etc, have flaws regardless whether they're good or bad or not. This isn't the only one. ...more

402 Skyrim Fans

It's honestly okay if you don't like Skyrim. I respect that. - IcetailofWishClan

I like Skyrim. But everyone has an opinion, I guess. - LordDovahkiin

403 Ssundee

The fans should realize that he is just acting about all the cobble and stuff.

First We had butter and now we have Cobble... perfect... Just. Perfect. - Aguythatpeopleignores

All of their fans say is #crainerisallgrownup and more of just retarted cobblestone and dirt hard to look at comments and hard to look at the videos when they are saying crainer is all grown up and #cobble=life

404 Extreme Atheist

Elitist asses that bully anyone that dares to believe in *any* religion, especially Christianity.

I'm an atheist but I don't bash anybody anyone can believe what they want to believe I'm not the one controlling their lives.

To be fair, extreme anything usually isn't good.

They are all on YouTube.

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405 Juggies

Fans of mcjuggernuggets. Usually 6-13 years old. Go very insane when you call mcjuggernuggets videos fake

406 PC Elitist

Whiny players on PC who only care about graphics and fps.

"30fps makes me barf" said the PC Elietest as he watched an Xbox gameplay

407 Rockmen

Mega Man is not bad at all, but this needed to be added! Just look at all of the X/Zero yaoi...

408 Reptilians

Leafy obsessers are all over the internet. They roast and send death threats to those who oppose them. They also donate to fake Leafy's.

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409 Twelvies

Twelvies are the reason why I've lost faith in humanity - Lollyclouds

410 The Kardashian Fans
411 Virtua Fighter Fans
412 Wiki Fans
413 Linux Users V 2 Comments
414 Heneral Luna / General Moon fandom

Fangirls making ships about them really irritates me.

415 World of Warcraft Fans
416 Kyosaya (Kyoko x Sayaka) Shippers

Why do ships have terrible names? (Oh and ships are terrible themselves too)

Excuse me this is a canon ship if u can't appreciate the truth don't ask

417 Earthbound Fandom

Ok, I love the game, it was one of my favorite RPGs, but seriously! the fandom could use a chill pill every once in a while

418 Kisekae Fans

I do like the game and all. But the fans are just jerks when you say stuff like Kisekae Is not art. It's a DRESS UP GAME, where you dress up your characters and take pictures of them when they're done. You do get to customize the items, manage your character's body shape and height. But It's still a dress up game. It's just a more creative one. But you don't have to draw your dolls, there already are dolls for customization! If It were a digital anime drawing website, I would consider It art(because It WOULD be art If It was a drawing site).But how Is a dress up game art?! It's a game! And a dress up one. Get your facts right. I don't hate Kisekae and I'll try It out soon, But the fandom is just...It gets on my nerves! Plus It's everywhere(especially In DeviantArt)and "deviations"from kisekae got more compliments than actually drawn ones. This is ridiculous. - MLPFan

419 Sora4smash group

Sora will never be in Super Smash Bros. End of story.

420 Overwatch Fans

People on this websites really hates pornography. Because all people are complaining about is porn and nothing else when it comes to games Especially Overwatch since it has a lot of Rule 34 content in Tumblr. - Aguythatpeopleignores

Perverts...Perverts everywhere

This needs to be higher, the fandom is filled with perverts and sexist idiots.

They were originally going to make D.Va fourteen, were they not? Good move with changing her age, Blizz.

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