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101 Donaldists

The only way this fandom could be worse is if the "Donald" they're referring to is Donald Trump

I hope these people are referring to Donald Duck..

Not Donald Trump..

They claim to be welcoming and nice, but can be the most stuck up pricks on the internet. They're sexually attracted to ducks as well.

I hate electionist... people who can't accept the outcome - DJRainFlame

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102 Fionna Fans
103 Game of War Fans

They exist?

104 Greeny Phatom Fans

Just like the GoAnimate Fanbase, but they make horrible animations on YouTube that are all the same. Not ONE Episode of their shows is original or has any original concepts, characters, etc. They steal ANYTHING & EVERYTHING. Everyone of them is poorly drawn with MS Paint, Voiced by Speakonia & Put together in WMM With tons of "cameos" of Bananas In Pajamas & Battle for Dream Island. Just avoid these guys at all costs. - Wonderman532

105 Mario Fans

They act like a fat plumber is Jesus.

Still not as bad as the Sonic fandom. (Although I like both video game series, but I'm a sane fan)

So many diapered/inflated/etc Luigi and female characters

Too many fan wars - ParkerFang

106 Portal Fandom

Seriously, the fandom is just about a CUBE WITH A HEART ON IT!

What? I'm not a portler but they aren't bad

Fun game - Lollyclouds

107 Adam Sandler Fans
108 Fans Who Want Rareware To Be Part Of Nintendo Again

I also find it ironic that these fans love Conker's Bad Fur Day, which is one of the reasons what made Rare leave Nintendo and be bought out by Microsoft in 2002, yet they hate Star Fox Adventures, a game made during Rare's time as part of Nintendo which was released in that same year.

Man, these brats are so annoying. I enjoyed Rare's Nintendo efforts as much as the next person, but I still also accept them as part of Microsoft. The chances of a Rare-Nintendo reunion is slim to none as most of the staff who worked with Rare during their Nintendo years are no longer with the company and this is why spiritual successors like Yooka-Laylee are being made, and let's not forget that some of Microsoft's other developers have gotten the rights to use Rare's IP (i.e. Banjo, Conker) since Microsoft owns Rare's IPs (like how Conker appeared in Project Spark). So much for these nostalgists wanting their dream of a reunion to come true.

109 SaiIno Fans
110 Sonic Haters

Sonic is ok. But Mario is better by a longshot. - LordDovahkiin

Sonic 2006 haters are awful.

I get it, it wasn't the best game, but it doesn't deserve the hate it gets, either. I'm so sick of seeing everyone having this popular negative opinion I see.

111 EXOtic

Yeah I'm an exostan as well, but I hate those immature idiot fans, thinking that their idols are the best while they are not. don't bash other groups if you don't know anything stupid idiots. those fans are making exo fandom a bad name and reputation. I'm sick of all those exo immature idiotic fans.

._. They are just really annoying, they ship almost every member, with every member. ;___; EXO.. I like their music, but I don't know. Now a days all I see is "exo this" and "exo that" blehhh.

Almost as scary as directioners

I'm an EXO-L...but this is in this list because of some insane sasaeng fan's.

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112 Cartoon Fans

What cartoon(s)?


They are the most hypocritical fanbase ever - sadfag

What's so bad about cartoon fans? I know some cartoon fans might be immature but not every cartoon fan/ fanbase is. - BoredJeff02

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113 Jehovah's Witnesses

This isn't a fandom... I think it's some religion or religious movement, not sure which. - DaForry

This is a CULT, not a fandom. - psychopath

Tom isn't THAT bad.

They afe do anoying amd they are cancerous with dea fresh dank mems

114 TheTopTens Fans

Whoever put this deserves to be a God

Irony at its finest.

The person that put this is definitely awesome.

I want this to be at the top. - psychopath

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115 Pokémon Genwunners

These guys are really annoying, they say that the first Pokemon generation is the best and that all the others generations are trash and that gamefreak has run down of ideas

At least this part of the fanbase died down. - Swellow

Put this at #1 please.

I'm a genwunner because of the 151 pokemon and lack of the move "tickle"

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116 Terrorists

Why is this even a fandom? Terrorist should concern everybody. If a show has got an absolutely terrible fandom, alright then. If there are Terrorists, this should be regarded as serious danger.

The person who put this on is going to get bombed. - Ziffe

Who doesn't hate terrorists? Why this is not a fandom but it's a group that people hate, put it higher on the list.

How is this a fandom? - talanartemis

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117 The Loud House Fans

One DeviantArt user ruins it all: MICHEALSQUISHYEDDY89.

I honestly like the show, but people make incest, porn, and overall fetish fanart of the show. - Cartoonfan202

Not all of the fandom is bad. - TheReviewer20

There kids guys it's not ok to make porn pic of them it's child porn and very wrong - TinyToonsGirl45

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118 Gta V Fans

Like everyone else on the world I like Grand Theft Auto but The community is horrible It's full of ages between 6-18 year old hackers who thinks they done something. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They think Grand Theft Auto is the "best game ever" I seen better games than Grand Theft Auto v

Grand Theft Auto is horrible... 11 year olds in my class talking about this

Jelly is AIDS, Ass Inevitably Destroying Sanadreas

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119 Dora the Explorer Fans

Yes there fans that actually older then 0-6 year olds.

To make it even worst the older fans also create fanfiction even makes it even that ends up with Dora having sex with Boots.

Wait, there's a fandom for this? What's it made up, 4-5 years old kids? 0.0

This is worst than the bronies


120 Memers

Pepe is dead. Not a big surprise.

I think memes have really gone downhill. They use to be fun Internet jokes. I understood Doge, Over 9000, and Rickroll. But now, memes have taken a downward spiral as they've become unfunny, overused, and some are going their way to be plain offensive. Hitler jokes really aren't funny. - naFrovivuS

End the memers I am so tired of being asked if I have rare pepes I DO NOT

Whoever hates memes need a life

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