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141 Children

Children have the capacity to be more caring and compassionate then some adults. Also. NOT A FANDOM - FennikenFan9

The Amazing Atheist added this - swagmaster97

Some children can just be really annoying or spoiled.

Everyone used to be a child - GriffinDoge

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142 Mike Pence Fans

He is a Douchebag (Capital D) who will do his best to erode the rights of the citizens of this country, however, I have not encountered rabid supporters of his online.

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143 Godzilla 1998 Fans

I hate these people so much. They don't know what the real Godzilla is. 1998 sucks. Japan did way better than America to make Godzilla movies.

144 Star Wars Fans

I love Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but my God, the fandom's reactions to whining about it and hating it, I say to them: why are you even still fans if you hate Star Wars now? If you hate it just leave and let people like what you can't anymore. I once had a former "friend" who would insult people who liked the movie (and he even insulted me over it too), and he's an example why the Star Wars fandom is one of the most unappeasable fanbases ever. - SailorSedna

I'm so glad I'm not a Star Wars fan the tantrums over the prequels. I'm a Harry Potter fan and what has been said about Cursed Child makes me want to pull my hair out if I read it 24/7 (Not my favourite spin off book that's Quidditch Through The Ages)

I'm a Star Wars fan I mean I like the movies growing up and had the toys but the fandom is kinda bad I mean some fans will correct you on every single mistake you make but not all fans are like this

The rudeness and the tantrums over the prequels have to stop! I'm getting tired of it!

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145 YouTube Cringers/Doxers

Someone make a Cringe Comp Cringe Comp.

The majority of "cringe compilations" are usually made by socially inept edgelords made to appease other socially inept edgelords.

Keemstar is probably the worst one of them all.
A.k.a Dramaalert

146 Percy Jackson Fans

The books were actually ok when I read them, but it was the fandom that made me hate them. They were so crazy about all the characters, and shipped them until the point where they could be classified as delusional. They are the Monarchs of Mary Sues, and are responsible for a ton of the crazy stuff that happens on tumblr. Oh, and if you hate Percy Jackson, better say goodbye to your family, because you may not come back out alive.

'enough said.

I love the Percy Jackson books. And the first fandom I joined. I started reading them when I was 11 and I continued. Well the fandom now is not the best to be honest

So annoying. If you haven't read the books, they'll hunt you down and nag you until you do.

I love the books but I don't like how the fandom shoves Percabeth down people's throats and treat Perachel shippers like they're devils from Hell. All they do is ship and nothing else.

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147 League of Legends Fans

This community was so bad, one of the worst video game communities ever, so much so that Riot had to not only have players police each other, they eventually shut it down. - SailorSedna

Once they discover this, they are locked up in their closet forever.

The game sucks just like the fans

I hate the game so much

148 Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) Fans

As a fan of Black Butler I have to say some of the fans only care about yaoi shippings or how hot Sebastian is.

So much pedophilia

They want to be screwed by these characters... Whose mans is this? And how old are these girls? The fandom is worse than Boku no Pico itself! - TheLoudHouseSucks

I really like Black Butler, but the fandom is extremely annoying. Most of them only care about yaoi and totally neglect the actual story that's going on! Funny thing is, Black Butler's actually a shounen anime/manga.

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149 DC Fans

I know a DC fan, they are horrible.

They call you a weeb just because you don't like Superjerk, the fact that I don't like DC doesn't mean I hate wester Heroes, for example, Spiderman is my favorite.

Also, they will annoy every single DBZ, I cannot watch this show just because of Superman fans.

These people will annoy me to death... Jyst udiots who love Superman, he sucks!

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150 Hillary Supporters

I HATE both Donald and Hillary equally but Hillary fans can be really biased. - TheAlbinoWolf

Do NOT tell me about their biggest temper tantrum EVER, also known as rioting in the streets!

Hillary supporters are immature hypocritical jerks.

Why isn't this higher on the list? Her loyal little brainwashed followers are still bitching and protesting even though she lost.

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151 Harmonizers
152 The Sin Squad

They are a bunch of giant sins.


153 MommyOFive Fans

Who, in their right mind, would support her?

154 White Knights

Sometimes people just deserve to be trolled, white knights don't understand this concept

Oh god I can hear them breathing really heavily and mashing their keyboards already, get the brain bleach.

This should be way higher on the list.

I can hear their crappy iMac keyboards tip-a-tapping as they all collectively tell me that a fetish cannot be removed because it is hardwired into the brain, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything, etc.

' tickle-freaks! - 404_name_missing

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155 Marvel Fans

Think that all the movies Marvel make are the best in the world. Brainless group that will defend even if someone put a Marvel label on it.

Marvel is great, but so,e fans be like "Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow and Wolverine" that's all that exists!

I like Marvel, but those damn kids...

I like Marvel, their movies can be great. But the fanbase is quite possibly one of the worst fanbases out there.

Marvel Fans worship the movies like a God, they often go their way to attack any DC film released and defend anything Marvel-related. They will also shove Avengers or X-men in your face until it burns into your skull.

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156 Dora the Explorer Haters

Okay, people, lemme get this straight. DORA IS A BABIES SHOW. You people shouldn't hate on it. Sure, I think it is retarded, but it is for babies. So, if YOU know how bad it is, have you been watching it? Huh? So be quiet.

I'm sick of dora really stops time just to let you answer

Why is this on the list, did some 3 year old obtain access to the internet again?

boo dora

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157 Fallout Fans

They claim that they respect opinions and other Fandoms but #stopfallout4 proved that wrong and then some. How they Disrespected the obvious Troll behind the hastag telling him he is Autistic and should kill himself. And look at the "Fallout Fan Club" in Google + one Furry fanart (wasn't even rule 34) and people went crazy over it saying that the one who posted the picture should kill himself and the creator of the art with a bestiality fetish. Doing the EXACT opposite of what they are claiming to do. - Aguythatpeopleignores

They can be kind of annoying sometimes, but that's really just when a couple get out of hand and harass Patrick saying that pet Erick is real. They are way more chill than some other band fandoms though

Haha yes.

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159 My Little Pony Haters

Yes, they can be downright awful. Especially if they're traditional scum who think ponies are just for little girls when the fact is that the series is gender neutral.

So big, so hateful, so what.

160 Cory in the House Fans

How dare you! CORY IN THE HOUSE IS THE BEST ANIME ever! (this is a joke). - talanartemis

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