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21 The Fans Who Make the Entire Metal Community Look Bad

Looking at you maggots. Aka, Slipknot fans. - IronSabbathPriest

Especially the ones who murder just to make themselves look "cool"!

Sad but true - there are such fans. - Metal_Treasure

They give the community a bad name - Neonco31

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22 The Metal Fans Who Are Stuck in the Past

The worst kinds, always stuck with their favorite genre or band or album or year or whatever. How many Metallica fans are the hardcore thrash fans that get disgusted from the black album onwards? These kinds of metal fans make all of them look bad. I am consistently looking for tons of new bands on tons of new record labels, and I would take that over the same-y thrash any day of the week. - NuMetalManiak

Yeah, for example The - Metal_Treasure

I wanted to say: Yeah, for example The "Black Sabbath with Ozzy can't be touched" Fans (sorry, something happened to my comment). - Metal_Treasure

As if there are no good metal bands in the 21st century...

Nostalgia - Neonco31

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23 The "Motorhead Isn't Metal" Fans

Lemmy himself says that Motorhead aren't metal. But they obviously have metal in some of their songs. - IronSabbathPriest

24 The "I Hate Babymetal" Fans

It's surprising how so many people think that 3 little girls from Japan are going to completely destroy metal for all time. If that's the case, maybe those people's view is fragile in the first place. It's about as bad as the ones who think metal isn't metal unless you've gargled rocks first...

I don't hate Babymetal, they just scare me. I also get the feeling that the majority of fans are anime nerds. - IronSabbathPriest

I can completely understand that some people dislike Babymetal, but that doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it. They are very talented and hard-working, and their live performances are absolutely amazing, those people act like they've ruined the metal genre. I can see why many people don't like them, but seeing how so many purists get hurt when someone praises them is just straight up hilarious.

Because of the name? Lol - Neonco31

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25 The "Metal Haters Are Wusses" Fans

I'm completely fine with people not liking Metal. What boils my blood is that people go around and say that all Metal is satanic and a bad influence and they just accept it as fact.

I don't really give a crap about Metal haters because I understand even Metal has some haters but probably those on the other side of the coin can the worse ones out there - Neonco31

26 The Close-Minded Fans

This one too should be higher - Neonco31

Stereotypical list item - christangrant

27 The Elitist Metal Fans

This should be number 1 - Neonco31

yeah - christangrant

28 The "Modern Metal Sucks" Fans

This is why the metal fans are stereotyped as evil!

29 The "Metallica Is The Best Band Of All Time" Fans

No, they aren't the worst. But if they can't stand criticisms, and attack people personally for this, then they are the worst. - zxm

Pantera is better in my opinion but they are one of the best of all time my 2nd favorite band - christangrant

But... they are...

30 The Fans Who Bash Other Metal Subgenres V 1 Comment
31 The Nu Metal Fans

I like some Nu Metal but I'm not a bad person plsu I like all kinds of metal (Except Grindcore and Screamo) - christangrant

No! - Neonco31

32 The "Metallica Is Overrated" Fans

I don't think it's a reason to call someone worse. Everybody has their own opinions. And overrating is a subjective thing. - zxm

They deserve their praise in my opinion - christangrant

33 The "I Hate Linkin Park" Fans

Just because they aren't metal? Or they mixed rap and rock? Or rock and electro? They sold out? They're overrated? Overrated does not mean bad. And we could just be more open-minded with other genres and musical styles.

Oh God. I mean, if you like to listen to the same thing for 2 hours when you go to a show (as much as a metal band can be versatile, it's still riffs, solos and singing over and over), then yeah, you hate LP... But if you like hip hop, alt.rock, electronica and yeah, even metal, all in the same show, and sometimes in the same song, then Linkin Park is the only choice you have. And that's what makes them the most unique band ever, one of the best of all time.

That long visitor comment by the triggered LP fanboy contains only inaccurate reasons:
- "there clearly catagorized as metal". Sorry, they're clearly catagorized as NOT metal by the specilized metal site Encyclopaedia Metallum (aka The Metal Archives), the most credible metal site by far. LP have no page there.
- LP "have aggresive, loud drums and gutiar riffs and screaming which is considered metal". Wrong - punk also has these features but isn't metal. Grunge guitars are loud, too. Screamo is a punk subgenre, not metal. To be metal, a band has to play metal music, music with metal ingredients. But LP music has no metal in it - it's a mix of rap, rock, punk, pop, electronic, alternative.
- "LP haters think they know what metal means and they clearly don't." Judging by the long comment of this LP fan I would say HE clearly doesn't know what metal is.
- "irrational and illogical reasons". My reasons are rational and logical: you can't make a potato soup with carrots, ...more - Metal_Treasure

Yes. God please, yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes a quadrillion times yes. These people say that Linkin Park isn't metal and they didn't have any impact. Let me tell you why that's a cluster of crap.

1- there clearly catagorized as metal on info sites and have aggresive, loud drums and gutiar riffs and screaming which is considered metal, so the "Linkin Park is not metal" haters think they know what metal means and they clearly don't.

2- Yes they did have an impact. Just because it wasnt as big as the impact of the Beatles or Black Sabbath it doesn't mean it wasn't there. They practicaly redefined nĂ¼ metal with the way they mixed gentle notes with aggressive riffs, and that's how they gained so much poularity. Also how do you explain how they lacked impact when their first album was certified diamond by the RIAA?

So in conclusion, haters like this hate on Linkin Park for irrational and illogical reasons, and they they think their superior, and try ...more

34 The Fans Who Call Blood on the Dance Floor Metal

OH GOD YES how the f is that sh! t metal? - christangrant

35 The "Megadeth is Better than Metallica" Fans

And they triggered when you say vice versa but anyways, Metallica is better than Megadeth and that's my opinion - Neonco31

Yeah agreed - christangrant

36 The "I Hate Rap" Fans

Nah rap does suck at least most modern rap does but there is good rappers - christangrant

I can't stand rap haha - ryanrimmel

37 The "Tool Sucks" Fans
38 The ''Evanescence Isn't Metal'' Fans

Well, they aren't metal, and they're overrated as a female-fronted band. But you can't deny that they're good.

They aren't metal though even the band members say that - christangrant

I love Evanescence, I'd LOVE to have a voice like Amy's. And to the people whining that her music is depressing, STFU. Seriously maybe try and understand the lyrics before judging.

39 The "I Listen to Black Metal and Kill and Sacrifice People" Fans

Stereotypical list item number 2 - christangrant

40 The "Black Metal is an Ideology and a Movement of Satanism" Fans

Black metal is SOUND. Not an ideaology.

"Black metal is SOUND. Not an ideaology."... Euronymous (from Mayhem) would say otherwise, but he's dead

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