Worst Movies of 2017

The movies presented in this list represent the most underfunded, overfunded, disgusting, and/or most uninspired pieces of cinematic trash released in theatres at some point in 2017.

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1 The Emoji Movie

This movie is just for money and nothing else. However, that isn't what angers me. What angers me is that THEY CHOSE THIS OVER THE ANIMATED POPEYE MOVIE! I WAS ANTICIPATING THAT MOVIE EVER SINCE I FOUND THE TRAILER! IT HAD THE CHARACTERS, VOICE ACTING(Or at least similar), DESIGN, COMEDY, AND EVERYTHING! I understand that they lost the director, But they could of at least tried! If they didn't throw in any product placements, used the cartoon's elements, and gave the fans what they want, I bet this could be one of the best animated movies of the year, and definitely one of the best adaptations to an old cartoon. You don't get many of those. I personally think the only good recent adaptations are Peabody and Sherman and The Peanuts Movie. Peabody and Sherman was educational and I actually learned from it and Peanuts movie was funny and had a bright colorful art style and kept the characters and appealed to the fans. Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons as a child. I wasn't born ...more

Agreed! They should have made the Popeye movie instead!

Annoying, with stupid jokes. - TopTenTed

Whoever put this movie on Number 1 is the best! I hate this movie so much. The designs are awful and the characters were not as good as I expected them to be when they announced it.

The main thing that kind of bothers me is that there is a character named... Poop Daddy! I'll get back to that in a minute or two, but for now... Let's just focus on the animation and how Sony Pictures did a terrible job at making this movie.

To start this off, Sony made the characters look really horrible... not to mention "cringe-worthy". And the animation looks very out of place. Basically, the plot involves Gene (who is a yellow emoji with arms and legs) who has more than one emoji expression. He goes on this adventure (Or as Sony calls it... an "App-venture") to become normal like the other emojis. He teams up with Hi-5 (who is literally a hand with feet) and Jailbreak who is a code-breaker emoji (I found out she was actually a princess later on) Anyways, the character that really creeps ...more - MangoFruitJuice

The only Sony movie I'm looking forward to is Spiderman: Homecoming which also a Disney owned movie. But let's see what Sony has in stores besides this piece of garbage that our Generation is probably going to get bored of real quick! Ghostbusters was Unnecessary! If Selena Gomez as a vampire or those Cringe-inducing Smurfs movies weren't painful enough! Baywatch (despite the fact that the Rock is in it.) and Rough Night (despite the fact that my Baby Girl Scarlett is in it.) aren't showing me better! I swear, Popeye looks way better than this garbage. I honestly rather watch Tumblr Ghostbusters again than this outdated, useless movie! Not even Warner Bros is trying with their movies! I am no longer worried for any of their DC Comics movies anymore. Suicide Squad was a pandering mess! Kong: Skull Island was a Lackluster Jurassic Park knockoff! except for a few Exceptions like Lego. But that's about it! 20th century fox is a mixed bag for me. As well as the X-men Franchise! Alien: ...more


2 Fifty Shades Darker

All of these are boring. Almost as boring as Twilight. Women watch it but get mad when guys watch porn. Hypocrites

I enjoy leaving the theater with the taste of popcorn and candy, not with the taste of vomit and sadness.

These movies should be illegal

Why do people want to see this crap. The worst part is after all the abuse in the first movie she goes back to that creep

3 Transformers: The Last Knight

I chose this simply because I expected a lot from the last knight, but sadly my hopes were wrong

I would vote for other much more deserving contenders, but those ones are overfilled, but this certain movie deserves to be at this very spot. I was baffled when I watched this film, everything from the overstretched but rushed plot, weak humor, bland characters (they couldn't even get a split-personality British robotic BUTLER to be exciting, what the hell.), a wasted, but talented cast ( such as Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg) and undeveloped pacing. I will give credit where it's due, Michael Bay sports dazzling visuals, a dramatic soundtrack and various chase/action/fight scenes that'll leave you satisfied for a few minutes.It is not the worst, I can give you that. But it is horrendously mediocre, maybe even awful.

Wow! Another one. You know this will suck already

How many more awful Transformers movies do we have to suffer through before they decide to reboot the series. - egnomac

4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

A big insult to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film franchise and I hope the license for this film gets revoked ASAP. It literally has all 3 aspects of a terrible comedy movie: bad characterization, lack of real humor and moments to make people cringe. In two words, this film is an: EPIC FAIL! It received negative criticism, thanks to the new cast. Jason Drucker, unlike Zachary Gordon from the last 3 DOAWK films, is so whiny and his behavior is cruel. The beloved Devon Bostick is gone; Charlie Wright, the new actor who played Rodrick Heffley, did a horrible job acting and played the Rodrick whose character resembles nothing but that of a bossy egomaniac. In contrast to Rachael Harris who played the thoughtful and funny Mrs. Heffley, Alicia Silverstone plays the Susan Heffley whose character is more toxic and overbearing. Steve Zahn was so funny in the previous 3 DOAWK films and this actor who played Frank Heffley always cared about his son; however, Tom Everett Scott plays the Frank Heffley ...more

The original movies were more focused on humor revolving around Greg's problems, and while all 3 were getting gradually worse and less accurate, there was no doubt they're all much funnier than this. Instead of the regular problematic humor, it went for slapstick and toilet jokes that were not funny. Even the slightest. And don't get me started on the cast. 0/10.

This movie is a complete shame to the entire DOAWK franchise. By far, the worst thing ever in DOAWK history.

I watched the trailer and I was pretty mad about the new cast, why can't they just keep the old one? But they couldn't for whatever reason and now the characters don't even fit the book, very disappointing. They honestly all look about 8 now, and I especially dislike Susan Heffley who's really annoying. And the movie's plot was gross and didn't make any sense. I didn't enjoy this movie at all.

5 The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

It's better than the original but its still not good.

1 thing about this terrible movie: NOBODY EVEN ASKED FOR THIS. - DumbFriesNub

Computer Animated movies are horrible now. Every modern one is pointless, with a pointless cast, plot, cheesy jokes, toilet humor, and downright annoying characters. Whatever happened to Shrek, Madagascar, Finding Nemo, or Toy Story? - shiftaltkey

I didn't like the original, and they're already making a sequel? It might be just as bad as the first film isn't it? - HondaCivic

6 The Boss Baby

I want no babies, babies don’t give no love to me. Hanging in the passenger side and my best friend try to cry at me!

As much as I like Dreamworks (on Pokemon Moon, I named my male Primarina Stephano, after the Italian Sea Lion in Madagascar 3), this is where they ran out of ideas. It's about a mature infant (because we haven't heard that before *cough* Family Guy *cough*) who works as a spy and is trying to prove that babies are cuter than puppies with the help of a young child. That premise makes no sense, and I do not plan on seeing it.

Unpopular opinion: I'm pretty sick of the "Memorable Moments" on YouTube. They're everywhere. - Powerfulgirl10

Not unpopular, why watch "memorable moments" when you can watch the movie! - Phillip873

This movie is so dumb it should be 1 - CRK10

7 Baywatch

Another pointless Hollywood remake that didn't need to happen. - shiftaltkey

Why is Detroit number 21? That movie was acclaimed, and is one of the best of the year. Baywatch is easily top 3 worst.

I'm calling it right now, by the end of the year this movie will be 1 of the biggest box office bombs of the year

I know this will be crap

8 Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson-I'm sorry you wasted your talent in this live-action vomit.I feel sorry for you...

I get it. People don't like this movie. But that doesn't man it's a terrible movie. Can we at least get it out of the top 10, possibly the top 20? I mean, Wish Upon and Unforgettable are ranked lower than this. No matter how much you dislike this remake, it is NOT worse than the trash listed below it right now. - tonyb500

The live-action one was okay but the animated version is way better. - Gabriola

Okay is one thing, but bad is another. I still don't get why this movie is ranked so high, especially over the crap below it. - tonyb500

I haven't seen this adaptation, but I can already tell it's not living up to the hype, even with Emma Watson. - shiftaltkey

9 Justice League

Better than suicide squad but BvS was like 3 times better than this. This movie is really bad, like laughably bad. The villain is just bland, it's just a cgi monster that smashes things. There are a lot of story conveniences like the scene when Bruce meets Aquaman and there's a drawing on the wall that explains everything, the action sequences and visuals are lame. The narrative is exactly the same as the avengers. The characters that are introduced do not have development. The score and sountrack are forgettable, pure remixes and non interesting music. I don't also like the choice of color that they put on this film, I don't know, it just... doesn't fit. The worst thing is the cgi on superman's face and the fact that he revives and he ends all by himself, endind the movie in an awful way. - Ale99

This movie was just laughable..no not even. This movie was just bad. Like 1/5 type bad. Horrible trash. The movie had so many awkward moments that made me cringe (such as the actor of Flash trying to be funny). This was supposed to be DC's Avengers, but all of the plots and background stories about the characters were rushed by because the editors wanted to put a bunch of mind numbing CGI in the movie. You don't have any emotional attachments to any of the characters and the fight scenes did not pack any punch, because all of it was bland CGI. I give this movie a 1/5 and it should be on the top 10. - shiftaltkey

Should be number 1.

Why is this lower than Ninjago and The Boss Baby? Those we're both funny. This is not.

Humor isn't the only deciding factor in a film's quality, in my opinion this was better. - Extractinator04

10 The Mummy

I didn't even see the movie and I'm glad I didn't. - shiftaltkey

I keep seeing ads of this damn movie on YouTube, I can't even watch a video! - Datguyisweird666

I would like them to stop ruining classics with feminist twists or "liberalism" and politically correct stupidities. Here, as much as people like Ahmanet, this character ruined the movie with its hollow presence and stupid motives. I hope that in a new movie or sequel Ahmanet or Nick will never come out again, and Imhotep will appear instead, which is undoubtedly a good character, and basically the god of mummies.



The Contenders

11 Despicable Me 3

The Despicable Me franchise is running out of ideas, this movie was sure to prove that. There was also some sort of scenario going on as well which didn't play with the characters in the best possible way. Some of them lost their edge as well, they are still likeable though. Although to be fair, this movie was okay, nowhere near the level of the first 2 though I've gotta say.

This movie sucks, all the characters suck or a minor character sometimes both, the plot is bad, and everything else in this movie is bad. Up until this point I loved minion movies so I bet you could tell how disappointed I was about this movie. The Emoji Movie is WAY better then this stupid piece of junk, so this movie should be number 1. - MarioMaster101

This had potential. But they've could've contributed it better. This movie was okay to say the least. But yes, it's the worst out of the franchise.

This was alright, but Trey Parker could've lent his talent to something better.

12 Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

While The Emoji Movie most definitely has to be the worst animated movie, if not, THE worst movie of 2017, this cruddy crossover on the other hand is most definitely the worst direct-to-DVD feature of 2017 tied with Surf's Up 2: Wavemania. Honestly, Warner Bros. is just milking the Tom and Jerry franchise dry at this point. The Wizard of Oz crossover was already bad enough looking back on it, and it's as if these direct-to-DVD features of Tom and Jerry are just made solely to take up a movie time slot on Cartoon Network's weekly schedule.

But what makes this stand out as quite possibly one of the worst Tom and Jerry movies of all time is that the movie blatantly tries to assert itself to be an original movie. Warner Bros., I think you might have been watching too much Teen Titans Go! and Suicide Squad (oh, God. Please don't make Tom and Jerry cross over with them! ) and lost all common business sense that every smart entertainment company should have. Simply mashing two ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

All you need is to watch Nostalgia Critic's and Saberspark's reviews on this movie to see how pointless and absurd this direct-to-DVD cash grab is. Really, the only Tom and Jerry DVD movie "crossover" I liked was the Nutcracker's Tale since they actually made an ORIGINAL story out of it. However, this movie is the complete opposite. Honestly, I'd wish Warner Bros. would stop pumping out all these sub-par direct-to-DVD movies. Whatever happened to good direct-to-DVD movies like Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Tom & jerry & knuckles featuring Dante from the devel may cry series definitive edition with bloopers

Not to forget Tom and Jerry: Where the dead go to die.

13 The Bye Bye Man

More like the Mine Mine man

Shouldn't even be called a horror movie. This movie is so bad that Troll 2 looks like The Godfather. - RadioHead03

Boo. Rip off of Slender Man. - shiftaltkey

Everything about this movie is garbage. The cinematography is some of the worst I've ever seen, the acting ranges from decent to terrible by the standards of a middle-school play, the CGI looks like trash even when compared to its budget, and the editing is the definition of lazy. What sells this movie as the worst of the year (and one of the worst I've seen in general) is the plot and writing. Every scene in this movie is a cliché fest, but the dialogue exchanges never sound human, The Bye-Bye Man is another all-powerful entity that was clearly trying to rip-off the Slender Man and Candy Man, and even as a concept the movie makes no sense! The Bye Bye Man tricks characters into killing their family and friends, and the only way to stop him is to do exactly that. Excuse me, what? Did you even read the script you just wrote?! The trailers and the movie being marketed as a "true story" are all lies as well. This movie is a complete dumpster fire, one that's far greater than ...more - nerffan8000

14 Woody Woodpecker Woody Woodpecker

Ugh, more crappy kids movies. - RadioHead03


15 Monster Trucks

The creators of this movie think that this idea is unique, but there's a fine line between unique and lazy, sure nobody has done this idea, a monster truck that has an actual monster in it, but when you really think about it, it really does sound like a lame idea, it's like making a movie where walls talk, does that sound creative or lazy to you?

From the moment the main guy took a selfie with the monster I instantly knew this was gonna suck

16 Death Note

This and the Magic School Bus reboot have to be the two worst things Netflix has done this year in 2017. Honorable mention goes to them making some of their new anime titles exclusive to them and not simulcasting them. That aside, Death Note and Ghost in the Shell are just two of the most recent examples of why live-action adaptations of anime just don't work. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This isn't like top 10 bad, but it sucked. It does not go along with the original anime at all. Light acts more like an angry bullied brat rather than the calm collected malevolent genius he actually was. The girl was like Misa, only she was more annoying and more malevolent than Light himself. L was a cool character, but it seemed like he wanted revenge and was more vile and angry than his usual eccentric and chill personality. - shiftaltkey

Should definitely be above Ninjago and Beauty and the Beast. - Extractinator04

I would rather watch paint dry than watch this movie - ikerevievs

17 Flatliners

The only thing that was scary about this movie was taking my money out of my wallet to see it.

18 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

This was terrible. This movie was definitely 1/5 garbage. The acting was boring and unrealistic, the plot moved along at a much slower pace. You don't care about any of the characters at all. Again, the amount of CGI in this movie gouges out my eyeballs. Insurgent was much better. - shiftaltkey

Ha this author just read Collins' masterpiece for political ambiguity and copied and pasted part of it into a massive pile or manure you can't just copy other authors work and then try to split up the finale for more cash

Ascendants? Or DEscendants 2!

Lionsgate is evil

19 Pitch Perfect 3

Did Michael Bay direct this movie

The first Pitch Perfect was tolerable. The 2nd Pitch Perfect was annoying. Now, a series so egotistic about itself has to come out with a third piece of trash that caters to basic college aged white girls trying to find themselves. - shiftaltkey

I hate these kinds of chick-lit flicks! Even though Girls Trip did well at the box office, that's not stopping me from hating these kinds of films, Unfunny Night did terrible at the box office and was panned by critics, but I can see why. These films aren't executed very well and are sometimes very painful to watch, you need good directors to direct these kinds of movies. So this film might flop as bad as all those other bad chick-lit flicks that came out this year. I don't doubt it at all.

Unpopular Opinion: I'm a teen girl who HATES chick-lit films! All they do is whine about slapping men and getting periods then call each other female dogs. BORING! Anyone agree? Also Pitch Perfect is boring and garbage. They wreck good songs. - Lunala

20 Smurfs: The Lost Village

Trash. - RadioHead03

This movie was actually pretty good

I thought it was good

It isn't that bad.

21 The Lego Ninjago Movie

Well this movie is not bad, but the show is WAY better.

It needs to be higher!

Who gives a crap? - shiftaltkey

I rather see a smash bros movie than ANOTHER Lego MOVIE about a show that no one watches, cares or likes about anymore - VideoGamefan5

Not to be a Grammar Nazi but you should have said "cares about" and then "or likes". There's also a massive fan-base that is still following the show. - Extractinator04

22 Power Rangers

This makes all the worst versions look like citizen Kane.

This looks cool. Hope it doesn't disappoint

Worst movie ever power rangers sucked already now they suck more

Best Reboot Ever

23 Mother!

This movie is just disgusting. It's about a girl gets rid of people who wrecked her house to Satanic rituals give me chills. And the baby died? Nope. The music credits? Extra nope!

Didn't watch the movie - shiftaltkey



24 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I'm giving this movie like a 2 or 3 out of 5. It's not complete garbage like Justice League, but there is definitely a ton of room for improvement. Although it was definitely better than the 4th movie, the plot just seemed..rushed. They introduced new characters like Will and Barbosa's kids, but they only got one movie; and you couldn't care less about either of those two at the end. I do like the happy ending at the end where everyone gets what they want; but they way the movie gets to that point is accomplished through a lazily concepted plot device that just suddenly breaks every curse. Javier Bardeem was good. Johnny Depp is just being Johnny Depp (progressively worse day by day). Also, the rampant use of CGI in the movie made you more detached from the emotion and action of the movie. - shiftaltkey

Sucks. It's an improvement over the 4th one but it's still way too bad. There was a time in which Jack Sparrow was an awesome character but now he has become annoying. Furthermore the story is not even interesting, side-characters do not have development, the plot twist is really dumb, direction is not impressive, etc. Overall, this franchise already had an ending in the third one but they decided to continue the franchise and this is what we got, really lame. - Ale99

Why is there like 50 of these? The 1st one should of been the last one cause it sucked!

Care to explain why? Sorry if I'm coming off a little rude, I just really liked the first one. - Extractinator04

The only Pirates movie that impressed me was Curse of the Black Pearl. I dislike this franchise because of the over-marketing and hype. Now, this flick is an improvement on Stranger Tides. But it still doesn't succeed to be a great flick like the original and is very decent in my opinion. Decent action, decent effects, decent villain, characters, and Johnny Depp performance is wild like it always is. But It feels so free that it becomes a huge Joke! I guess Curse of the Black Pearl is the only one that I can appreciate.

25 My Little Pony: The Movie

Well I didn't necessarily hate this movie, it's not good but I still kind of like it as Thomas and the Magic Railroad, one of my favorite movies of all time.

No. This movie will mark a golden crown for the franchise. Honestly, since they're planning it for almost a year already, time takes up on this. Plus the trailer of this movie is way different from the ones you commonly see in cinemas but that shows that they're exceptional and are spending their time on the best production choices... well that's all I can say but sorry... - Neonco31

Twilight and her friends now are boring characters. Is the same plot: A new stupid villains arrive, Twilight and her retards slaves mades a stupid travel, they know new characters, Twilight and her friends fight, then reconcile and beat the bad guy with his lesbian and corny "friendship". The (pathetic) End.

Why are they making a movie about a girl show?

26 Surf's Up 2: Wavemania

A complete garbage fire of a feature!

Original Surf's Up was good. Cast changes and the fact that WWE was shoved into this made a terrible sequel. - TeamRocket747

Hey look! The sequel no one asked for!

To make matters worse, it's been said that Cartoon Network is going to air this movie several times next week this month in June as of the time I write this comment. You know, it's times like these that I'm glad I don't have cable anymore so I don't have to put up with cheap cash grabs like this one. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

27 Rings

Very boring not even scary and the same plot like the other ones don't watch

This is so unscary and boring, I felt like I know what is going to happen and nothing is frightening about this film. Awful plot, boring stuff and yea PRETTY uninteresting. 2/10 - AlphaQ

Next movie will be Holes!... wait. - mattstat716

RINGS GOT THESE HOES, I'm Sorry But This Is One Of The WORST Movies I've Ever Seen - VideoGamefan5

28 Friend Request

Unsuccessful spinoff to Unfriended.
Definitely going to be dated in a few years time, just like The Emoji Movie. - Drewman1211

29 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

It was passable. Great score,good action,nice supporting cast,good action. It got too much hate. - Tia-Harribel

Yeah it sucked alright! It was a generic action flick with characters you could care less about, crappy action sequences that were ripped out of a video game, unoriginal plot, And David's stiff performance! I thought it was going to be an epic journey! But it turned out to be a generic comedic Video game like movie! Even the jokes weren't funny and I wanted this movie to be over after a few minutes in! So whatever you do! Don't waste your time on this crappy flick! It was something we thought was going to be epic! But became a disaster! What did the people at Warner Bros even smoke?

This is going to be in the top ten eventually. Trust me on this one. - phillysports

Can only say it terrible to watch

30 Geostorm

Once you've seen San Andreas or 2012, there's really nothing here to be worth watching - ChiefMudkip

Looks boring - ikerevievs

31 Annabelle 2

The ads... they're everywhere on youtube! People are saying the movie is good... better than the first. I gonna check it out. Is it better or worst?

It's better than the first but it still sucks. I don't understand why so many awful sequels have been made this year. I guess that shows that the franchise needs to end. - DisneyLover19

The movie is not even scary!

I saw the movie, it's better than the first one definitely. Is it a great horror movie? Not really. But it's still enjoyable

Why Annabelle the first only got 6%

32 The Greatest Showman
33 Rock Dog

Hate this movie with all my heart it makes no sense and it was a waste of my time please don't make a sequel

A movie that was just there that literally nobody wanted to see. No joke. No one cared.

This movie didn't know wanna to do with itself so it just ran around NYC for an hour and 22 minutes.

A redbox straight-to-dvd movie that accidentally hit theaters. - Patty_C

34 Ghost in the Shell

This and Logan are my two favorites from 2017. Ghost in the shell is underrated!

This was actually pretty decent. Critics were way too harsh on it. Didn't deserve to bomb as much as it did domestically.

I thought that most critics were way too harsh on this. Not great but good.

Hopefully, 2018 is a way better year for Scarlett, because this & Rough Night didn't do her better. I wish her luck.

35 Happy Death Day

Definitely the weakest BlumHouse film.

This movie is trash

This awful horror version of Ground Hog Day won't stop popping up on every Youtube video. Seriously this is hot garbage - 445956

The plot is just plain stupid.

36 Murder on the Orient Express

This is one of the most drawn out and confusing movies I’ve ever seen in my life. The ending just goes on forever, it’s like JUST STOP! GET TO THE POINT! - railfan99

37 Spark: A Space Tail

What an asinine movie. All of the animated films this year have either been mediocre or bad. They have received mixed to negative reviews from critics. The only animated films that were truly outstanding were The Lego Batman Movie and The Red Turtle. At least Boss Baby had a decent premise and received some positive reviews for its smart humor, but Spark is bland, unoriginal, and just plain boring. Kids and adults alike will fall asleep throughout the movie. It has a plot that everyone has seen before, along with other cliches. The animation literally looks like plastic. 0/10. Watch the Star Wars trilogy instead.

Jace Norman is in it. You know the kid from Henry danger, yeah I'm not seeing it

I'm glad that this movie has a 0% at Rotten Tomatoes!

Another crappy kids film

38 Wish Upon

If this movie proves anything, it's that John Leonetti is not a good director. This is basically taking Final Destination and combining it with the Gooseebumps story "Be Careful What you Wish For" to create a mess of a movie with many unlikable characters, an uninteresting plot, and very little to be scared of or thrilled about. - tonyb500

My brother watched this... thing, and told me it was the worst thing ever. Terrible acting, predictable, boring and stupid at the same time. How do you even do that. This make the Emoji movie look like Citizen Cane. Vote for this or perish

39 Unforgettable

Unforgettable is exactly what this movie is. - JakePlaid

That one flick with the generic plot and a terrible performance by Katherine Hagel! Rosario is great as always! But why would she star in this terrible movie?

Bad mobie

40 The Croods 2

This used to be scheduled for 2017, then got cancelled, then got revived and now its coming out in 2020 or 2021.

It's been cancelled

Not 2017 - VideoGamefan5

41 Bigger Fatter Liar
42 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The only positive thing I can say about this movie is its finally over with and they can finally reboot the movie to make up for all those awful Hollywood Resident Evil Movies. - egnomac

43 A Dog's Purpose

Are you ready to be bored for 90 minutes of your life? Well this is the film for you! Enjoy watching the life of a dog as he plays with his owner, frolicking in the fields, only to die of old age! And then he's ressurected, and the same thing happens over and over again! This film will have you asleep by the 20 minute mark, and for the best experience, bring your favorite teddy bear! 1/10!

I just got back from seeing this it was pretty good-trollsfan536

Who the hell would wanna sit in a theater and watch a bunch of cute little dogs die for 90 minutes?

44 Underworld: Blood Wars

This released in uk and other countrys in 2016 - ikerevievs

45 Rough Night

Why is this lower than Get Out?

Why is this so low on this list? It is a waste of talent & money.

Before watching: Scarlett Johansson! Kate Mckinnon! Vibrant colors! Despite the trailers being rubbish, this could probably be something better. Shut up and take my money!
After watching: Boy, I was wrong. What the hell did I just watch?

I just about had it with Sony Pictures and their lackluster crap! I feel sorry for Scar Jo & Kate M being in this flop you call a movie. Alright, maybe it's not that bad, but still it tries way too hard to be a comedy.

46 Animal Crackers

Other film studios are like if a movie about Emojis (the terror that brainwash this generation) can be made. So let's make a movie about animal Crackers and people will love it!

The hell is this?

THIS ISN'T UNTIL 2018 MORONS - ChiefMudkip

47 CHiPs
48 Detroit (2017)

It was one of the best films of this year, actually. - Extractinator04

Didn't like

49 The Dark Tower

Atrocious. - Tia-Harribel

Yeah this film was not worth seeing. Whats the point of adapting a film from a series of books if you aren't going to follow even 40% of the story.

Stephen King must be vey disappointed that Hollywood didn't treat his magnum opus with the respect it deserves. Hopefully they'll do something right with the T.V. series.

50 47 Meters Down

The ending was terrible - DoroExploro13

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