Worst Movies of 2017

The movies presented in this list represent the most underfunded, overfunded, disgusting, and/or most uninspired pieces of cinematic trash released in theatres at some point in 2017.

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1 The Emoji Movie

This movie is just for money and nothing else. However, that isn't what angers me. What angers me is that THEY CHOSE THIS OVER THE ANIMATED POPEYE MOVIE! I WAS ANTICIPATING THAT MOVIE EVER SINCE I FOUND THE TRAILER! IT HAD THE CHARACTERS, VOICE ACTING(Or at least similar), DESIGN, COMEDY, AND EVERYTHING! I understand that they lost the director, But they could of at least tried! If they didn't throw in any product placements, used the cartoon's elements, and gave the fans what they want, I bet this could be one of the best animated movies of the year, and definitely one of the best adaptations to an old cartoon. You don't get many of those. I personally think the only good recent adaptations are Peabody and Sherman and The Peanuts Movie. Peabody and Sherman was educational and I actually learned from it and Peanuts movie was funny and had a bright colorful art style and kept the characters and appealed to the fans. Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons as a child. I wasn't born ...more

The only Sony movie I'm looking forward to is Spiderman: Homecoming which also a Disney owned movie. But let's see what Sony has in stores besides this piece of garbage that our Generation is probably going to get bored of real quick! Ghostbusters was Unnecessary! If Selena Gomez as a vampire or those Cringe-inducing Smurfs movies weren't painful enough! Baywatch (despite the fact that the Rock is in it.) and Rough Night (despite the fact that my Baby Girl Scarlett is in it.) aren't showing me better! I swear, Popeye looks way better than this garbage. I honestly rather watch Tumblr Ghostbusters again than this outdated, useless movie! Not even Warner Bros is trying with their movies! I am no longer worried for any of their DC Comics movies anymore. Suicide Squad was a pandering mess! Kong: Skull Island was a Lackluster Jurassic Park knockoff! except for a few Exceptions like Lego. But that's about it! 20th century fox is a mixed bag for me. As well as the X-men Franchise! Alien: ...more

I think AniMat will give The Emoji Movie a 2/10 with King of Pride rock being played when the Seal of Garbage is given to The Emoji Movie 2, from Sony Pictures Animation, the company that nauseated people with the town Chewandswallow, big time ruination towards The Smurfs, Selena Gomez as an ugly vampire, probably will use the Modern Sonic designs for the Sonic characters and gave us the tiny-budget Open Season sequels.

It will suck!

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2 Fifty Shades Darker

Why do people want to see this crap. The worst part is after all the abuse in the first movie she goes back to that creep

How many do we need - ikerevievs

I enjoy leaving the theater with the taste of popcorn and candy, not with the taste of vomit and sadness.

Everything bad. Bad everything. -1/10 - AlphaQ

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3 Beauty and the Beast

Unpopular opinion: Emma Watson was not a good Bella and I'm ticked that they used her to act as my favorite Disney princess. - Rue

What does this site have against this movie and la la land - VideoGamefan5

Why Is This So High? - VideoGamefan5

Even though the movie was pretty good, I don't know why they had to remake a 90s animated movie, and turn it into a live action movie. - Powerfulgirl10

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4 Transformers 5

Wow! Another one. You know this will suck already

Hm, why will this suck? Oh it's a michal bay movie

How many more awful Transformers movies do we have to suffer through before they decide to reboot the series. - egnomac

It will totally suck! But the good news is... actually there is no good news! More of these movies are coming!

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5 The Boss Baby


The baby boss sucks hey Hollywood if your reading this delete this movie before march 31 2017

This film is offensive to dog lovers, watch the end of the film, you'll know what I mean... - HondaCivic

SPOILERS! Both babys and dogs win.

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6 Ascendant

Ha this author just read Collins' masterpiece for political ambiguity and copied and pasted part of it into a massive pile or manure you can't just copy other authors work and then try to split up the finale for more cash

7 The Nut Job 2

I didn't like the original, and they're already making a sequel? It might be just as bad as the first film isn't it? - HondaCivic

We don't need this to release

I'm not seeing this movie!

Let's hope it gets cancelled

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8 Rings

This is so unscary and boring, I felt like I know what is going to happen and nothing is frightening about this film. Awful plot, boring stuff and yea PRETTY uninteresting. 2/10 - AlphaQ

RINGS GOT THESE HOES, I'm Sorry But This Is One Of The WORST Movies I've Ever Seen - VideoGamefan5

9 Pitch Perfect 3


10 Underworld: Blood Wars

The Newcomers

? Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Get the years right whoever added this to the list

? The Circle

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11 Captain Underpants

This list is almost 2 years old, and it's still not 2017. - RalphBob

I'm very excited for this movie cause I grew up with the books - nickdoritosyum

Okay fine most of these movies haven't gotten trailers yet so why judge on the concept I feel the person who makes these types of lista is just making them for attention

Why is this here? It's not even out yet! - HondaCivic

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12 Rock Dog

A movie that was just there that literally nobody wanted to see. No joke. No one cared.

A redbox straight-to-dvd movie that accidentally hit theaters. - Patty_C


13 Ghost in the Shell (2017)

I thought that most critics were way too harsh on this. Not great but good.

This os great... - AlphaQ

14 Surf's Up 2: Wavemania

Hey look! The sequel no one asked for!

15 Power Rangers

This looks cool. Hope it doesn't disappoint


Becky G. sounds silly and mentally lacking as usual.

Only good thing about it is WDBWOTV playing on the radio

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16 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Yeah it sucked alright! It was a generic action flick with characters you could care less about, crappy action sequences that were ripped out of a video game, unoriginal plot, And David's stiff performance! I thought it was going to be an epic journey! But it turned out to be a generic comedic Video game like movie! Even the jokes weren't funny and I wanted this movie to be over after a few minutes in! So whatever you do! Don't waste your time on this crappy flick! It was something we thought was going to be epic! But became a disaster! What did the people at Warner Bros even smoke?

This is going to be in the top ten eventually. Trust me on this one. - phillysports

17 The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Part 2

They had to make it a T.V. movie, because no one liked it

They had to make a T.V. movie because the previous one didn't do well at the box office-trollsfan536

18 Annabelle 2

Why Annabelle the first only got 6%

19 The Croods 2

It's been cancelled

Not 2017 - VideoGamefan5

20 Fast 8

One, it's called Fate of the Furious and two, it isn't even out yet - 906389

Good action but it's the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

This was actually a really good movie

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