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41 The Space Between Us

This films makes me wanna vomit out a whole kitten. Ew, this is so sickening in the insides I could burst, plus this is EVERYTHING from Manchester By The Sea, a film with NO TALENT REQUIRED, replaced by kids and even more stupidity! Do we even need this? -10/10 - AlphaQ

One of those generic romance movies! Am I right!

Rough Night also sucked.

Too many plot holes. by the way this is my least favorite movie of the year. - AlphaQ

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42 Captain Underpants

This list is almost 2 years old, and it's still not 2017. - RalphBob

I'm very excited for this movie cause I grew up with the books - nickdoritosyum

Okay fine most of these movies haven't gotten trailers yet so why judge on the concept I feel the person who makes these types of lista is just making them for attention

Sure it looks majorly stupid, but it's a good movie and there were some parts that got me laughing

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43 Get Out

I don't get why this film on this list, it was a great film and definitely in my top 20 films of all time. I've seen a comment that says 'This movie is racist against white people', but this is untrue. The film doesn't say anything about all white people being racist and wanting to turn black people into their own personal slaves, the film only says a particular group of people, who happen to be white, want to do this, not all white people. If you had actually paid attention, you know this. Also, it was written by one of the funniest people of all time, Jordan Peele of Key and Peele.

This film looks really bad, just from what we've seen so far. - MasonOcker

This movie is racist against white people.

Are you literally going there? It's portraying them as slave drivers, it's not saying ALL white people are this. - DCfnaf

I don’t see how this is great

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44 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
45 Snatched
46 Despicable Me 3 Despicable Me 3

It was okay, but it was kids movie with some redeeming factors. I mean there was a few unpredictable moments, it's beautifully animated and Steve Carrell is great as always! In the first 2 movies, Gru had to face problems and all sorts of things. This movie instead of it having some emotion and depth, it's a cartoon with little to nothing of that!

How is this movie not higher on the list? First of all, we are introduced to a character who is even more annoying than the minions, and secondly this doesn't feel like a Despicable Me movie. The first 2 were really good but this was just utter trash. Hope they won't make a Despicable Me 4. - FJS19

This movie was mediocre at best, though it felt like a cash grab. The plot also felt like that one episode where homer meets his long lost brother who's rich, so I guess you could say that simpsons did it already. - Phillip873

I’m going to vote for this until it gets to the top 10

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47 The Lost City of Z
48 Star Wars: Episode VIII

I am extremely hyped for this movie. I loved The Force Awakens, so I hope this is good. - Absolite

Hoping this isn't garbage because rogue one sucked - VideoGamefan5

49 Phoenix Forgotten
50 Manchester by the Sea

My reaction when I watch this: KILL ME. - AlphaQ

Movie sucks. Boring, insipid, dull.

51 Coco
52 God's Not Dead 3

It hasn't been released yet, and might get pushed back - Frouze

Overall, I loved the movie's theme!

53 A Dog's Purpose

Are you ready to be bored for 90 minutes of your life? Well this is the film for you! Enjoy watching the life of a dog as he plays with his owner, frolicking in the fields, only to die of old age! And then he's ressurected, and the same thing happens over and over again! This film will have you asleep by the 20 minute mark, and for the best experience, bring your favorite teddy bear! 1/10! - naFrovivuS

I just got back from seeing this it was pretty good-trollsfan536

Who the hell would wanna sit in a theater and watch a bunch of cute little dogs die for 90 minutes?

54 Animal Crackers

Other film studios are like if a movie about Emojis (the terror that brainwash this generation) can be made. So let's make a movie about animal Crackers and people will love it!

The hell is this?

55 The Great Wall

This movie feels like a 4th grader's fantasy about the Great Wall Of China because he finds the actual history of it boring

Directed by Trump, a fat guy with too many chins. - AlphaQ

It actually started out not too bad, but after that openeing battle sequence the movie just becomes dreadfully boring


56 The Cure for Wellness

It's either gonna be fascinating or boring as hell

57 The Circle
58 Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

Get the years right whoever added this to the list

It is just crap it's doesn't even relate to the star wars story

59 Kong: Skull Island

Well looks like the director will yell at thetoptens now

But this film is good. TAKE IT OFF NOW! This is a film for Godzilla fans!

Just the same old generic apocalyptic bull - railfan99

YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID! This Kong is a Kaiju and will Face Godzilla in 2020! TAKE THIS MASTERPIECE OFF RIGHT NOW!

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60 Unforgettable

Unforgettable is exactly what this movie is. - JakePlaid

That one flick with the generic plot and a terrible performance by Katherine Hagel! Rosario is great as always! But why would she star in this terrible movie?

Bad mobie - lolsy

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