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81 Dunkirk

This brilliant movie? There's other bad movies that deserve to be on this list that you are forgetting.

How come this is on the list, but Rough Night isn't?

You are KIDDING ME! This movie is awesome! - railfan99

What? this is a masterpiece - Ale9991

82 The House
83 The Book of Henry
84 All Eyez on Me

Should be in the top ten!

85 Fist Fight
86 Sleepless
87 The Last Face
88 Wonder Woman

I thought this movie was pretty good but Jesus Christ it's no masterpiece at all in my opinion. The third act kinda ruined it for me too - Phillip873

I know I was just giving my point, it should be in the middle/lower end of the list - Phillip873

This shouldn't be on this list! TAKE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY!

Oh great, the stupid Wonder Woman hater-base is starting up

The "stupid Wonder Woman hater-base" are just people with opinions - PeeledBanana

I liked it but I gotta say that the third act is a total mess - Ale9991

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89 It (2017)

Honestly, I never understood why it was praised so much, since apparently it's now the most popular horror movie. I've seen the 1990 movie, and I can say it was better. Some of its humor in the 2017 version were bland, some of the acting felt forced, and there was a lack of scary scenes. Writers, this is a horror movie as you promised, not a cheesy comedy movie. All the characters found a way to annoy me, the only reason I believe why it got so praised so much was because the kid from Stranger Things was in this, yet he played the most irritable and annoying character, but his acting in S.T makes up for it. The movie isn't all terrible, and there are some good things; the visuals are incredible, 2017 Pennywise looks creepier than the 1990 Pennywise (which is a good thing), some jokes were hits, some scenes were really hit home, and while some of the scenes felt forced, the other scenes were great. - Catacorn

This movie is awesome. Lack of jumpscares, but very funny. It is a must-see!


90 American Assassin
91 Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
92 Leatherface
93 Tulip Fever
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