Top 10 Worst Movies with Good Rotten Tomatoes Scores

The Top Ten Worst Movies with Good Rotten Tomatoes Scores

1 Ghostbusters (2016)

Did You Even See This Movie? - VideoGamefan5

Rotten Tomatoes sucks!

2 Mary Poppins

Imagine this is actually the sequel, Mary Poppins Returns. It was so boring and forgettable. Anyway, 2018 is one of Disney's worst year for live-action (alongside 2019 with those cash-grabbing remakes) because it shows that their company has become corrupted. We had A Wrinkle in Time, which had potential but ended up being a disaster; Christopher Robin, which was the only good live-action Disney movie; and Nutcracker which was just a copy-paste of Alice in Wonderland and Narnia and Disney went too far with the twist villain in this movie.

Marry Poppins is not #2. It is the most famous Disney movie since the 1960's.

3 Sharknado

This movie is the epitome of ironic goodness. It's not actually a good movie. It's really fun though. - Cyri

Even though Sharknado 1 & 2 are guilty pleasures of mine, this movie's objective quality does not warrant an 82% critic score. Keep in mind, movies like The Revenant have an 80% in comparison. Rotten Tomatoes isn't a system that should ever be taken seriously, I know, but this is the score that jumps the shark... nado. Out the window I go. - nerffan8000

4 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
5 Frozen

It's just a substandard movie that got a big fanbase and people couldn't calm down over it and stop being prissies, but when their oh-so-beloved Suicide Squad got dissed, they're droning on and on about it. - Swellow

Heck yeah


6 Zootopia

It was very ambitiously animated and the scenario was not too cliché for an animated movie. - JoLeKosovo

Only got that 99% because of its social justice pandering.

Obviously, This Movie Sucks - VideoGamefan5

I did not like this movie. - Not_A_Weeaboo

7 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Critics will praise anything with Gal Gadot in it like it was the Second Coming.

Only got a high RT score because of its SJW pandering. See also Ghostbusters (2016) and Zootopia.

Stupid radfem garbage

It doesn’t help that this poor excuse of a “film” has a certified fresh rating as well (the original Wreck It Ralph doesn’t even have that and it is rated lower than it’s sequel not by much but still) seriously what a joke Rotten Tomatoes can be, shame on them! Update: The original now does have a certified fresh rating but the fact that the sequel got one before the original is still shameful. - Mario8

8 Noah

Being a Christian, the hype of this movie made me offended saying this is not accurate in the slightest. - Erinaliese

9 Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Sucks, Whoever Thinks Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is Better Than Spider-Man 3 Needs to rethink their crappy taste - VideoGamefan5

Of course, this movie was very wrongly made

OVERhated - VideoGamefan5

10 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The Contenders

11 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
12 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

Why Isn't This Number 1? - VideoGamefan5

Put this in Zootopia's place. - RoseWeasley

13 The Hulk

So stupidly boring

14 Les Miserables (2012)
15 James and the Giant Peach
16 Iron Man 2

I hate this movie so much

17 Dumb and Dumber

Nope This Movie Is Great Screw Disney1994 - VideoGamefan5

It's hilarious. - Cyri

18 Gravity
19 Coraline
20 Hercules (1997)

NaH, Your Just So Jelous This Movie Is Underrated Unlike Zootopia - VideoGamefan5

21 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
22 Superman Returns

Was a unnecessary movie.

23 Treasure Planet
24 The Hangover

Alphaq Will Hate Seeing This Here So I'll Give His favorite Movie A Dishonorable Mention. this Movie Is Really Cool! - VideoGamefan5

25 Sausage Party
26 Twilight
27 Teen Beach Movie

This was Disney's attempt to cater to the teens who blindly follow trends. - Cyri

28 Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

Just because it has the teen titans go name attach to it doesn't automatically make it bad I mean it's a movie you put most of your budget into that - WWEWBMortalKombatFan

29 Face/Off

Stop putting frozen number 1 on everything

30 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
31 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I wasn't necessarily a bad movie, but 91% is an incredibly high score, considering the decisions and plot holes in this movie. 70% at the highest - micahisthebest

Should have had lower - B1ueNew

Leave the Last Jedi alone. Give it a break guys. - masoncarr2244

91% but this movie was the ultimate dump on society. It makes fun of the fans, disconnects to the franchise, and was a total cash-grab.

32 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
33 Knocked Up
34 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
35 John Wick
36 Meet the Feebles
37 Signs

Stupid alien weakness. - Cyri

38 Deadpool
39 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
40 Rio

To the person who put this on this how dare you this is actually really good shame on you. - Mario8

41 Pitch Perfect
42 Titanic
43 Toy Story 3
44 Rango
45 The Lion King
46 Finding Dory
47 Fantasia
48 Spirited Away

Hang on, why is this on the list. this anime movie was awesome.

49 Dinosaur
50 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman's rotten tomatoes score is 27 percent. Why is it here? - masoncarr2244

It has 27 percent

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