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1 Action 52

It’s not the game I hate the most, but I think A52 is the worst made game of all time.

Action 52 is still my least favorite game of all time.

The games are loaded with multiple bugs and glitches, crashing, atrocious controls, random characters, super tiny sprites, dying in mid-air, proportion problems, misleading titles and power-ups, unorthodox weapons, eye-straining backgrounds, enemies not showing up, impossible wins and losses, lack of sense, horrible graphics, musics, menus, and so much more.

This game is so bad that it's in a different league of bad compared to the others on this list. - evoxpisces

This crazy joke is so pathetic they forgot to slap the Rainbow Of Doom brought to you by Laughing Joking Numbnuts on it!

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2 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Broken. Don't play this game

If you want a good explaining of how horrible this game is, watch the Angry Video Game Nerd.

If you have any idea how to play this game, you deserve a nobel prize. If you have any MOTIVATION to play this game, you've never played a video game before.

Have you even played this game! It is bad beyond its normal definition. Playing this game is like playing catch with a chimpanzees frozen turd in the zoo. But even that is more fun than playing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde for one second.

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3 Color a Dinosaur

This didn't need to be a game. If you wanted to color a dinosaur, BUY A COLORING BOOK! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! - sslick9001

This didn't need to be a game. If you wanted to color a dinosaur, BUY A COLORING BOOK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! - sslick9001

Tgis didn't need to be a game. If you wanted to color a dinosaur, BUY A COLORING BOOK! - sslick9001

Whooo... I was gonna pick where's waldo, but then I saw this...

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4 Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo? Good question, everybody almost looks like waldo

Graphics look like vomit. That's what this game is!

At least all the others are at least games... How do you call this a game

I prefer the book version of Where's Waldo

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5 Karate Champ

A couple years ago I got a lot of game for NES and I saw this one. I figured it would be like Kung Fu. Boy was I wrong. I actually thought there was something wrong with my controller. This game has the worst controls in the history of gaming. The graphics are bad too. The players never move from where they are and the scenery is boring. It's an all around terrible game. My personal least favorite game on NES.

The graphics are bad, even for a NES game, and the controls are a joke.

Honestly, for a game that was released in 1983 or '84. The graphics are actually pretty good. Controls are terrible though. - LarryLarrington


6 Deadly Towers

The password system sucks

Way too difficult!

This should be first, not action 52, as action 52 isn't even a real game.

Nah, the title should still go to Action 52. And even if it shouldn't count, this game should still not be #1. - LarryLarrington

I remember seeing this on cristmas, I hated it

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7 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

I'd rather watch the movie than play this crazy excuse for a video game with such an absurd approach to said movie. Worst... NES... Game... EVER!

This comment makes no sense. Why are you comparing the movie to the game? Obviously the movie is better. And this is far from being the worst NES game. - LarryLarrington

This game makes little sense. Giving a famous criminal an Uzi? I'd think Edison would want an elephant-sized electric chair, not a CD someone living many decades before lasers existed would ever want.

I think Elvis would want a guitar, not a gravestone. Giving Cleopatra a credit card? What were them Laughing Joking Numbnuts thinking... No, What's on second! I'm not asking you who's on second. Who's on first. I don't know... THIRD BASE!

What were they thi thinking ABOUT giving illogical items to certain people in history? Imagine someone giving you a gravestone for your death. Bill and Ted are jerks. This game might be the worst lgn game for nes

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8 Back to the Future

Out of their over 30 games LJN has made one decent, and this is not that one

See the top left corner of the box? That's why this game stinks.

Another video game ruined by Laughing Joking Numbnuts

This game is so boring

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9 Ghostbusters

The Commodore 64 version of Ghostbusters was much better.

The Sega Genesis version is great. - MinecraftHater

10 Super Pitfall

It's so glitchy, it puts sonic 06 to shame. It ruined a beloved series from the Atari 2600. Stick to the atari version

This game was a super pitfall.

Bad graphics, bad controls, and too cryptic

In Japan, there was a sequel of Super Pitfall called Atlantis no Nazo.

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11 Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters

THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1! Because it did a horrible job on making a Godzilla game. This is the worst Godzilla game, worst NES game, and WORST GAME OF ALL TIMES! WORST THAN SUPERMAN N64! Don't play this game at all! - asantalo

Also you need your head checked. I can think of a few games worse than Superman 64, and this isn't one of them. - LarryLarrington

12 Back to the Future Part II & III

Let's face it, the Laughing Joking Numbnuts who never stop ruining everything to do with video games didn't learn a thing from their first Back To The Future NES game.

13 Home Alone

Beyond worthless game. Terrible mechanics, terrible gameplay, terrible graphics. I have nothing good to say about this horrible piece of trash. Even worse than games like Wheres Waldo, Back to the Future, Super Pitfall, and even worse than Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers.

U guys don't relize that this is a snes GAME I'm I the only one who realizes that? - Xomanxy

Worst NES game. Probably the worst movie game I have ever played. Definitely one of the worst games I have ever played period. Should not exist!

Worst game I ever rented on a weekend. So glad I never bought it. One of the very few John Hughs movies that suck.

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14 Winter Games

Just like Dragons Lair, this game should be almost as high as Action 52. - LarryLarrington

No matter who programmed this crazy joke, they gave it the LJN treatment. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

Guys, you realize LJN isn't a programming company right? They just publish the games that gaming companies give them...

PS: I have played this game when I was 7 or 8 years old.

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15 The Uncanny X-Men

Another video game ruined by Laughing Joking Numbnuts...

Seriously? Silver Surfer's in the top ten, but this game isn't? Makes no sense. - LarryLarrington

Three words: Laughing Joking Numbnuts

Probably the top 3 worst LJN games on the NES.

Probably? I think you mean definitely. In fact, this is one of my top 3 worst NES games in general. - LarryLarrington

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16 Fester's Quest

This game isn't that bad. It has flaws, but its at least playable. And the music is good.

Fester's Quest or Fester's Joke Game?

I don't really think this deserves to be this high. I don't really find it that bad of a game. - LarryLarrington

Actually kind of decent. It's hard, but the music is pretty good.

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17 Silver Surfer

Hardest NES game at least

I actually kind of like this game, especially the music. But the difficulty is unfair.

One of the hardest games ever

The OST is amazing.

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18 Silent Assault

If there’s anyone who loves Contra or Super C? Playing this game will make you sick. - asantalo

19 Dragon's Lair

Don't play the NES game, I prefer the arcade version.

Getting stuck on the first screen of the game is no fun.

Play the snes version. Its an actual platformer and you have a variety of attacks like actually using your SWORD. Plus it was difficult but actually fair, and your can get health BACK.

P.S. the first level usually takes about 1 minute.

20 The Terminator

The life counter for this game has a one-digit display that maxes out at 6 instead of 9. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

I own the game the only reason why I bought it was because I wanted to see how bad it was the controlls are bad and the music is just a 3 second loop and the enemies copies your movement and you're jumping on q tips its ridicilously bad

This gaem don't fit in mai ps4 nun/10

(To the one who assumes LJN made this) No, no one can say Rainbow of Doom! We's have to be the most imbecilic people to think this is an LJN game, no logo, then it's not an LJN game. Get your facts strait, LJN only published Terminator 2 games!

21 Hydlide

This should be higher on the list. Screw this game.

Gee, this game is so hard & its gameplay is unfair.

Are you want to play a good Hydlide game on the NES? Go to Japan and play Hydlide 3!

22 Hogan's Alley

Someone put this on the list because they didn't use the light gun for this game.

This game is awesome. It was a launch title. If you don't like this, play more of your crap from Active Enterprises.

Whoever added this is clearly a Superman 64 fanboy.

Why is this on here? This is an early Famicom (Japanese NES) game from 1984! This was a launch title!

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23 Rocky and Bullwinkle

This game is already on this list

That's because it's that bad

Whoahh...this game is so bad, so bad, then, put this game two times

24 Barbie

Go away, Barbie! Nobody even likes your franchise anyways?!

Barbie just ruined my whole life!

I wonder if the AVGN reviewed this!

This game STINKS
I played it once...
Then I took a named to it!

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25 Urban Champion

The Characters move to slow your opponent can easily avoid your attacks. - egnomac

This game is not THAT bad...

Karate Champ is worse

26 Little Red Hood

Its stupid

Dear riding hood thank you for your coming!

What did Little Red Riding Hood do to deserve this!

Let's face it, no matter who programmed this crazy joke, they gave Little Red Riding Hood the LJN treatment. Can anybody say Rainbow Of Doom!

Probably the worst video game based on a book license...

27 Cheetahmen II

If you have one of the 1500 cartridges known to exist, it's hard to tell whether or not you are lucky or living in a dumpster. This game takes the first Cheetah men game and sprinkles magical crap dust all over it. I bet if you look in the dictionary for "Glitch", you will soon find footage of the gameplay that was released to Earth as a warning shot by Satan.

This crazy joke was released in pre-alpha stage.

Cheetahmen 2 is not only crap, it's crap with a hefty price! Why would you want to pay $1500 for this game? You'd be better of spending that much on good games!

This is in action 52

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28 RoboCop 3
29 M.U.S.C.L.E.

Should be higher, this is way worse than Karate Champ.

This is me before I had an account, now that I think about it, it's not as bad as Karate Champ. - LarryLarrington

30 RoboCop
31 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

This shouldn't be one of the worst nes games. It does have flaws, but there are plenty of good elements in this game

This game is ok. The only thing I don't like is the night time in the game because you can't go to certain areas.

32 The Karate Kid

This was a cool game it was just really hard. What fun is a game that is so hard? - Sabbath

Personally, I don't have that much complaints about it either. I'll probably say it's bland at best, but that's probably it. - LarryLarrington

Again, the top left corner sticker ruined it. - MinecraftHater


33 Mother

This is the second best game in the series apart from Mother three. I have no idea how you people hate it. This is one of the best games ever 9.7/10

Mother was sort of a ripoff of Dragon Quest, you can't deny that. However, Mother's sequels, EarthBound and Mother 3, were actually pretty good.

People who hate this game clearly have never played it.

It's time to stop, how could anyone hate EBZero it's a great game, the soundtrack still sticks in my head to this day, the characters have motivation other than "you are the chosen one", and it's part of the best game series of all time.

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34 Conan

One of the worst cobtrolls ever

To jump, press up. That's logical, if not standard for the NES. To jump forward, press DOWN! Pick up items by holding A and pressing down, instead of just walking over them like a normal platformer. And that's all in the first minute. As an aside, Robert E Howard and HP Lovecraft were close associates, and the Cimmerians get a shout-out in Mountains of Madness. This game requires the alien mind of a Lovecraftian abomination just to get through the first level, so, the developers were geniuses?

35 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Well? TMNT may have been bad from some views like the bull with the JUMPS! But, it isn't that bad of an nes game. Each turtle looks good (for nes standards) it did give a good story that seems like the game could actually be a tmnt episode and I actually have fun playing it. It shouldn't be this high

I'm not sure why, but I though that this game was even better than the other two TMNT nes games. They're also great, but seriously if anything this game should get the title as one of the NES's finest titles, regardless of its flaws. - LarryLarrington

Wins the award for "game set in twisted alternate reality to canon".

Flawed, just like Simon's Quest

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36 Castlequest

This is terrible - The8Bit

37 Predator

Plain dissapointment

38 Bible Adventures

Bible is good, game based off of it is bad.

Games like these prove that the bible and video games don't go together well.

It would be funny if the actual bible said on the bottom "For read on holy scroll"

Every time I think of this game I think of the AVGN! - NintendoROCK3T

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39 Total Recall

This game isn't that bad.

I actually kind of like this game. Sure the music is terrible, and the graphics aren't that good. But it's not too bad of a game, especially compared to other Arnie games. - LarryLarrington

You didn't know these existed because you most likely didn't live in the 80's

I didn't even know half of these existed. - MoldySock

40 Super Mario Bros. 3

Who put this and Dr Mario on here? Take them off please! - Pastakirby7

Who put this Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Legend of Kage, Mother, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Castlevania 3?! TAKE THEM OFF THIS LIST NOW!

Whoever added this is an absolute retard. This is the best game ever made

The Mario games are kind of overrated, but that doesn't say much, this game should be taken off. I'm okay if you don't like it, but you don't need to announce it publicly where millions would disagree.

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41 Friday the 13th

One of the best horror games of all time

This game is terrible, but what can you expect from LJN?

If you didn't play this game and think that its pretty good or at least ok go watch james and mike mondays episode where they play this - areyoutse33s

When I was a kid, I loved Friday the 13th movies, so I bought the game and when I realized it was bad, I threw it into the garbage can. but now I'm older, and I don't remember much about the game since I threw it
away trying it the first time. But now, I decided to give the game a second chance and searched online for a free NES game website and found the website (It took me back to my childhood memories with games ranging from Atari 2600 console to SNES. And this game makes no sense! First of, there is a weird and senseless map which allows you to go somewhere, But you actually have to move and I have no idea where to go because this game doesn't show where the heck you are actually going! What about the completely irrelevant monsters such as zombies or tigers? And your horrifying weapon that doesn't work unless you are close to the enemy and crouch. and you have a time limit, making it nearly impossible to find your way to a certain place! I quit after I got stuck ...more

42 Top Gun

How is this not #1? I have never met anyone who can even pass level/mission 1. It was terrible.

Trust me, there are much worse games than this. It's by no means a good game but it's not as bad as you think, in fact, I don't think it should be this high to begin with. It should be 45 at highest. - LarryLarrington

Almost impossible to beat level 1

Worst game ever. Nice waste of $50 Mom...

43 Dudes With Attitude

This game makes me feeel things

44 The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

Seriously, why is this not higher up on the list? The graphics are horrible and they Look like they were made on Microsoft paint. They make ljn games look like works of art. Even Action 52 graphics Look more like nes graphics than this crap. They're the worst graphics I've ever seen in any nes game.

The gameplay is horrendous. You run out of bombs very quickly, which means that most of the time, you're stuck with a charge attack that drains your health. WHAT?! You're only attack (most of the time) is one that causes you to lose health? However, you can get through most, if not all, of the game without having to attack a single damn thing. The hit detection is huge and you can easily die especially since there's no post-hit invincibility. You can switch to another character, who is smaller and has smaller hit detection. He can jump higher, but it's hard to control. However, he can't even do something as simple as walk up stairs. Seriously, that's crappy.

The music is the ...more

Worst graphics and music on the NES. The gameplay is also wretched and the control is terrible.

This should be WAY HIGHER! I hate everything about this game especially the GOD AWFUL MUSIC!

This does not even qualify as a game.

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45 Ninja Gaiden 3

This is actually a great game. Whoever added this has no taste. - LarryLarrington

This game was awesome. Sure it only and a few continues, but it's much of an improvement over the original two. Not saying they were bad, in fact they're awesome, but this is the best of the 3 in my book.

Coming from a die hard Ninja Gaiden fan, this game sucks. While NG is known for insane difficulty at least the first two were playable. Both had the problem with respawning enemies and getting knocked back, plus NG2 had the stage hazards. But both games had unlimited continues. Take the frustration of the first 2 games and subtract the continues and you have a game that's even more unfairly difficult than Double Dragon 3

Unfair, but it was an ok game

46 Platoon

This is a very bad game

How is this not higher?

47 Final Fantasy

Get this off the list. It may feel dated compared to newer releases from the series but it isn't a bad game by any means.

Flawed, like Metal Gear & Castlevania 2.

48 Bible Buffet

Candy Land + Joke quizzes + LJN's Bible games division = Bible Buffet

LJN's Bible games division? What kind of non-existant game is that? Wisdom tree was the one who made Bible games.

49 Darkman
50 Taboo: The Sixth Sense

I disagree that this is the worst NES game ever, as it is not a game per se. It does, however, beat out both cartomancy (paper folding) and fortune cookies for the title of Lamest Means of Divination.

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