Top Ten Worst Places to Live In the UK

Chavs, Pregnant Teenagers, Drug dealing, Asylum seekers, single mothers... They're all part of some of the worst cities in the UK. But which towns and cities "triumphed" above the rest to raise the fecal trophy?

All my quotes have been taken from the website www.ilivehere. Co. Uk. A site which residents from the various towns and cities put their opinions about said town or city.

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1 Hull (East Riding of Yorkshire)

Hull is the best place to live ever unlike Birmingham or London. City for life. Hull is beautiful and if you say otherwise then you have clearly never been or are blind.

Definitely the worst. Quite happy not to see birmingham on this list considering its reputation

Hull should be named Hell

Nice place lived there

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2 Bradford (West Yorkshire)

Worse council spends all our business rates and council tax on Muslim areas and cuts every thing else full of immigrant drug pushers and grooming gangs and council estates full of chavs and dole scum

Nope its awesome I live there

It is in West Yorkshire, what can You expect

That's where Zayn Malik is from. - Ilovestephanie

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3 Stoke-On-Trent (Staffordshire)

Nothing to do, just buy a train ticket to Manchester

Monkey Dust Capital of the World

Safe casperz please!

cheat hole

4 Sunderland (Tyne and Wear)

League one too

Sunderland �" the chav capital of the world! Don’t worry if you've never heard of this fair city, the only reason it ever makes the news is that it’s the only city where the BNP made significant gains and the football hooligans are legendary. Frankly you're not missing much.
Sunderland’s only other claim to fame is that it has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the Europe �" which should tell you something about it’s charver (as they're called) infestation. - Cazaam

5 Bulwell (Nottinghamshire)

Omega gay

This is one chav/chavette infested hole that needs to be added to your archive, located on the outskirts of Nottingham it features all the local amenities that are important to a chav (McDonalds, plenty of shops to “teef” from, a video shop to “hang out” at…. The list goes on! ) Luckily I only have to drive though on my way home but this is plenty on time to be gawked at by all kinds of imbred morons, covered in cheap clothing purchased from local flea markets & more gold then Mr T. I have NEVER seen an area so densely populated with 14 year old chavettes with one scruffy, dirty looking child in pram & “one on the way”…. The dad, usually called Gareth is 21, owns a clapped out A reg nova, with a super fat exhaust (noisy) & has just returned from a stint “inside” for “teefing” from the aforementioned shops…. - Cazaam

6 Middlesbrough (North Yorkshire)

Middlesbrough is worse than most towns on this list, it should be at least number two. - aldwych94

Middlesbrough is an absolute dump that's full of wasters!

A very bad place to live

Grim place.

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7 Coventry (West Midlands)

Coventry may have been nice before WW2, but sadly it was bombed so much that it was almost flattened to the ground. Meaning that almost the whole town needed to be rebuilt.

Absolute truth,also starting to resemble benidorm with all the student high rises

Having recently relocated to Coventry, one recent Saturday I made my way into town to have a look round. After negotiating my way through the maze of depressingly dark ugly streets, housing hoards of miserable greasy looking foul mouthed occupants, I arrived at the car park. I was greeted by a particuarly chavvy looking girl with a tracksuit-clad ridiculous looking boyfriend, who informed me that I should ‘watch where I was f**kin’ going’ or I’d get my f**kin’ head smashed in’ (they were purposefully driving their lowered bright green old battered Golf the wrong way down a one way section of the car park). Amused, I ventured into the city centre where it seemed that the chavs had been breeding! Coventry seems to have embraced chav culture, and offers an array of shops selling chav attire �" from cheap plastic knee-highs to Henry Lloyd stripy jumpers and wide selections of 9ct gold hoops/sovereigns. - Cazaam

8 Hackney (London)

Hackney may be bad now, but it is gradually improving as places in that area are beginning to become stylish to live in, for example places such as Hoxton and Shoreditch. This means that certain areas in Hackney are being improved and house prices are increasing. I therefore believe that other bad areas of London should be ahead of this town. - aldwych94

London as a whole should be first. Disgusting, polluted, overpriced dump crammed with probably the least likeable 'people' you'll ever meet.

There are worse places in London than Hackney, Harlesden Lewisham Peckham or Edmonton for example - As17

All those places are run by Labour Party Councils. Everything Labour Councillors do, they make things worse (they increase welfare dependency, create high unemployment, single-parent families with too many children, spike up crime, increase council taxes, make schools, hospitals & quality of housing rubbish).

Ah, London, known across the world as being prestigious and cultured. Indeed, the streets of Mayfair give a sense of classic England, Old Victorian houses on tree lined streets.

Take a half an hour drive east though and you’ll see a different side of London all together.

Hackney is a desolate sprawl of grotty council blocks, with endless amounts of winding alleys for the ‘your’s’ of the area to run down after mugging an innocent person in a pathetic attempt to appear ‘hard’ to their peers.

On a Friday night, Mare Street is packed with roaming gangs of youths in baggy adidas hoodies, smoking super strong weed, blasting grime music out of their phones. Some of these groups are massive, literally 30 teenagers in a run down chicken shop shouting at each other, while older, hard faced ex convicts are sat down in the cheap plastic seats, grimly discussing drug dealing. - Cazaam

9 Luton (Bedfordshire) Luton (Bedfordshire)

Famous for its Islamic fanatics and extremely large Asian population, it's not a place that I would want to live in, even if it was for free, I'd rather live in Slough ( and that's saying something! )... really surprised that they didn't find that bin Laden was hiding here.

When God created the world, he took a big dump and Luton was created.

I'm honestly surprised this isn't in the top 3. This city has WAY too many Sharia law loving islamists who should just go to a country with Sharia law and stay there since they're not needed in this country.If you want to see what I mean search up 'Bury park luton' and just look at the results.

10 Birmingham (West Midlands)

It's not the city it's the decades of poor civic leadership, a dysfunctional council and useless overrated lazy labour mp's who sit on there backsides doing sweet fa happy to keep the people dumbed down and divided along social, economic and religious lines to suit their own personal financial agendas, All they do is discourage decent inward investment by wheeling out the same old stereotypical cliches about the city the usual sound bites of " multiculturalism, diversity and youth" all code for ghetto mentality and low aspirations hence the inner city areas full of thick stupid predominately Pakistani and Somali morons as well as idiotic white and black dimwits obsessed with postcode wars, jd sports attire and drugs all created to keep labour in power in the city, When you think this is the city that was the birthplace of so much from heavy metal to chocolate, from custard to pens to the x ray machine yet our useless civic leaders can't even be arsed to invest in arts and culture to ...more

Spot on been to B'ham many times, never seen as much poverty anywhere else in the uk.
In the city centre its particularly shocking the amount of homeless, feral and dysfunctional lunatics walking around, then the amount of ethnic particularly muslim and black gangs all stood around near the bullring trying to look intimidating? On top of that a council that actively encourages radical islamic preachers to play the call to prayer each day outside waterstones bookshop as well as the apple store.
Once again it's the labour party keeping things in check by allowing the city to deteriorate even further perception wise rather than standing up to the criminals and preachers through fear of losing their voting blocks ( the inner city area is full of third world islamic bottom feeders from Pakistan and somalia who all vote in line with their welfare requirements hence labour ) then you have the more indigenous brummies chavs who are all either unemployed, covered in tatoos or on drugs ...more

Birmingham has one of the worst reputations for a city, however we should not judge Birmingham based on this. Some suburbs of Birmingham are very nice, for example Edgbaston and Moseley and the city is most certainly improving. There are even some historic parts of the city that could potentially, though this may sound absurd, attract a high level of tourists. In addition, the city is one that is quite good for shopping and with many regeneration schemes, that could soon make the city as prosperous as London.

Brum is sick though stylll

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11 Croydon (London)

There isn't a lot that can be written about croydon that hasn't already. yes, the place is a cesspit and yes it is getting worse. come 3 o'clock on a weekday the place turns into a zoo, with every wanna be rude boy, chav, chavette and bhangra boy trying their best to be as loud, obnoxious and aggravating as possible. - Cazaam

12 Dartford (Kent)

Dartford is practically a ghost town now and has been taken over by chavs. - aldwych94

Orchard centre is just the worst

Definitely agree. Most of it is ruined by chavs. - Entranced98

13 Possilpark (Glasgow)
14 Barking and Dagenham (Essex)

It is absolutely crap hole, loads of homeless people and druggies begging on the street, gangs acid attacks and been thrown off buses And there housing is no better,


Dagenham is absolutely appalling. The Heathway is like being in Lagos or Tirana.

15 Gravesend (Kent)

Visited it quite a few years back - chavs were rampant even then. - Entranced98

Gravesend, Otherwise known as the armpit of kent. I Have lived in gravesend all my life. I have visited many other ‘Chavtowns’ across kent like lewisham dartford chatham and so on And not one so far has even came near to being as chav infested as Gravesend. Being stereotyped as a ‘Goth’ Or ‘Emo’ it kinda sucks for my people down here. - Cazaam

16 Grimsby (Lincolnshire)

I agree in fact it should be higher up in the list

Its well bad got stabbed the other day

Worst. Place. Ever.

What an utter scrubhole to live in I used to live there and I only got mugged 3 times its no big deal what do u expect from this area my name is jakub and I am polish but I am still up the Grimsby town fc every sunday watchin the mariners and supping on beer and having a scrap don't mess with us!

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17 Corby (Northamptonshire)

Being a local in Corby, I find it hard to stay away from the wessie gang who terrorise not only the locals but the dogs,birds,caterpillars and most of all the obese oldies who skkrrr skkkrrr around on their mobility scoots. If your ever lucky enough to visit stay away from the mountain bikers as they may spit on you but then ask for you to go into the shops for them...£1 drinks at the ex servicements club ;) expect a few surprises on the way

18 Swansea (Wales)

There are some good parts of the city, but on the whole it is very poor and run down as well as extremely depressing at times. Lots of drugs as with any place and lots of poverty.

Swansea shouldn't be on this list with the stunning gower, mumbles, parks, woods, beaches, a decent size city with a stunning marina got something for everyone

Chav haven

19 Swindon (Wiltshire)
20 Oldham (Manchester)

If your wearing more than PJs your over dressed. The town centre is nothing but empty shops or pound shops. The smells around the town would offend even the devil. The only good thing is the close connections out the place to Manchester.

Proper gang badgers round there and so is hyde in tameside that is worse

21 Jaywick (Essex)

The most dilapidated place in England by a mile. Most of the houses were meant to be temporary and are falling to pieces. Closed shops, fly-tipping everywhere, unemployment rates through the roof, chavs as far as the eye can'd be hard-pressed to find somewhere in the UK that's worse to live in than this hellhole. - Entranced98

Been poor since the 1950s below sea level terrible housing, lowest life span, they brought in a housing association to build housing and the fools built more wooden houses!

Should be first

22 Southampton (Hampshire)

Cheap slags and motorbike theifs

trash town

To be honest, some parts are really nice, but once you step into Bitterne, you're in a new world.
I've been to Bitterne numerous times, and it's horrible dog poop everywhere, graffiti, and homeless people. But don't even get me STARTED on the toilets… yeuch!


23 Huddersfield

Full of crackheads outside bus station levels is a great place to visit if u smoke weed

Hudderfirld is I very good plzce

24 Torbay (Devon)
25 Scunthorpe (Lincolnshire)


Lincoln should definitely be on here full of mamba tramps and wannabe notts lads roadman central haha

26 Basildon (Essex)

To be fair basildon is not that bad specially the housing near the train station and town centre, The nasty parts are more away from the town and don't have a lot of amenities. Built quickly after the war for London under the new towns act, there is a lot of east end people living here. a lot of new builds too so there is a lot of money being generated and invested in Basildon, I have seen worse places that's for sure. I have never felt unsafe walking there

It's only bad in places. There's much worse towns out there. - Entranced98

This isn’t that bad

27 Salford (Manchester)

Look salford was always rotten -and I should no I was born their so that's why moved to germany -sod this isaid - when ever we had to play a gig in salford in 76'-8os it was always like-oh jesus not salford -yes I'm A musician but not in salford/come on who wants to play in salford? -no bloody- body-that's who -so Put that in your old pipe and smokie it-salford? -i mean come on-

Horrible nasty place!

Me again dave from germany-whats the Best thing about salford-when your le av in it get it?

And here is another thing before my not very smart Phone runs out if your playing musick you need an audience-get it-your not telling me there's an audience for musick leave it out /the Only audience in rotten old salford is for getin pisSED every bleedin night that's how they talk in salford/they May have bomded our chipys but they no how to listen to rock and blues-they think your talking about Stone and passt down in old salford forget it...replay if you dare -you can have my dotcom

28 Bristol (Gloucestershire)

Bristol should definitely not be here. The city is both beautiful and a very interesting tourist attraction. Not to mention the fact that one side of the city, Clifton, is a brilliant place to visit, that in some ways is very similar to the beautiful spa town of Bath.

29 Peckham (London)

Peckham is one of the most dangerous places to live in London, it should definitely be higher than Hackney and Croydon.

Bad as innit

30 Chatham (Kent)


31 Staines-Upon-Thames (Spelthorne in Surrey)
32 Ayrshire (Ayr)

Such a run down place full of drug user's. The bus station needs demolished and even there local football team's stadium is falling down.

Not run down at all! Utter rubbish! Where did this come from? Xx 😡

33 Brighton and Hove (East Sussex)

Good and helpful city, and the council can pay all for you

Police force is a joke full of drugs petty crime

34 Bracknell (Berkshire)

Forgotten concrete wasteland inhabited by single mums on the dole and their multiple reefer smoking boyfriends!

Hiya! ya totes agree. if anyone is planning to go to bracknell definitely suggest NOT GOING its totes bad. apols if u like it. I personally love visiting the local sweet shop to get my dogs some chocolate but ya I much prefer slough.
- the Emo warriors

35 Crawley (Surrey)

The place is full of Chavs and idiots that ride around on stolen motorbikes

36 Bridgwater (Somerset)

The most northern beacon of the Bermuda Triangle of chav holes in the southwest. It has a river running through it so if you don’t have transport there’s another way out!

37 Wembley (London)
38 Halifax (West Yorkshire)
39 Lewisham (London)

Lewisham was dubbed the least peaceful area in the Uk last year, it isa notorious gang and drug dealing area with dodgy housing blocks

Infested with immigrants, Somalis, and villajas. Only the EDL can save it.

40 Sheerness (Kent)

Nothing to do there and full of sluts

AGREE! I meet up with my 20 other SLUT friends and we all have a free for all ORGY, it's a lot of fun, message me for the details if you'd like to come :)
07718 597446 hope to see you at the next one SLUTS!

41 Sunningdale (Berkshire)
42 Aldershot (Berkshire)
43 Broxtowe (Nottinghamshire)

Awful place. Literally awful. Nothing there but chavs

44 Tilbury (Essex)
45 Brixton (London)

Brixton is bad but not as bad as edmonton, which has seen the most murders in 2015

46 Ilfracombe (Devon)

Very eerie place. Would not recommend, especially NOT for families and children

47 Erith (Kent)
48 Calverton (Nottinghamshire)

Trash hole full of chavs

49 Harlesden (London)

Harlesden had the highest Murder rates in the UK from 1999-2004, it still hasn't improved. It's an absolute hole with dull and run down housing blocks, there are also notorious Yardie Gangs there and the place doesn't look like it's going to improve any time soon. - As17

50 Dover (Kent)

Yeah, there are quite a few chavs there but Gravesend is a hundred times worse. - Entranced98

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