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21 Under Armour

Under armor is ugly and it does not last long

I hate Under Armour so much!

I can punch Under Armour! - Pattern

More like under rags!

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22 Justice

This store treats girls like they are princeSses or something like that

I'm scared of this place because you may be subject to a data breach there.

The clothes are hideous and weird.

The clothes are too girly for my taste- AnimeDrawer85

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23 Dollar General Store


24 Sears

Their customer service was awful, it feels dirty to be in there, it looks terrible, and if you are a customer there is never any help to be found every time I have been in there. they always pressure you to get their credit card and as an ex employee there I can say that they are told to try to force that on you, and are rewarded when they do.

This should be number 1 sears has the worst customer service ever and kemore and creatsmen stuff is junk

Kenmore stuff and Craftsman stuff is awful. really anything sears sells is terrible. its not worth stepping in the front door.

25 Netto

More like Chavvo. You'll lose count of how many Adidas hoodies and tracksuit bottoms you'll see in here... - Entranced98


Claustrophobic layout and the slowest shopping experience in years.

They have a great diner and good furniture. - Swellow

Nice furniture, but the way you have to walk is ridiculous.

Terrible furniture quality and the route is confusing - MChkflaguard_Yt

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Ever since a store opened here my parents keep shopping here, but the food is awfully boring and just cheap substituting. Their instant noodles taste like cardboard and turned me off them. I don't care about cheap things; I'd just go to any store with leading brands and buy them, not ripoffs. - Swellow

I go shopping every thursday, and there's always one shop I avoid. Aldi, there products made me sick and their employees insult me when I do go there (occasionally) sure, they save you a few bucks but the product is not worth the cheap price! - AGK

At least they pay living wage... I think...

They made a ripoff of Golden Gaytime called "summer delight"

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28 Goody's
29 Catos

I went there and they don't even sell men's clothes at all, just womanly crap.

30 Hot Topic

How is Hot Topic one of the worst place to shop? I think it's the best place to shop! All the band merchandise...

Take Hot Topic off the list! What's wrong with it? This is where I get my anime merch! - Pegasister12

My classmate got kicked out of that place because she took a picture

I like ht

31 Hollister

It's too dark, hot, and smelly. The staff don't know their ways around the store.

I love Hollister I don't know why you guys don't like it but I do.

The person below me has a REALLY GOOD example of what a Toys R Us would be like.

32 McDonald's

The damn burger always gotta look like somebody punched it!

Hm this person who added this might have some sight problems.

Not a store! It's a restaurant!

oh yes

33 Abercrombie & Fitch

EVERYTHING is expensive, but not too expensive, its fine.

A really prejudice store not wanting "unpopular" or "fat" people wearing their clothes. It's expensive and not worth it

Are you joking? Take this off the list, all my shirts are from A+F! - Catacorn

34 Payless

I just got shoes from Payless, and the soles fell apart and they're pretty much destroyed now. It's only been a little less than 2 weeks! Not coming back. - Popsicles

Yes, there shoes fall apart after a week

Crappiest shoes and walmart

Mine didn't

35 Hong Kong Market Place

It's just disgusting. H-mart isn't the best, but it's better.

This store smells like the dumpster. Not much cool stuff. Very unorganized. Not that colorful. It smells really bad in the condiment aisle, so STAY AWAY FROM THIS AISLE! Evil twin of H-Mart, another Asian market, where the H means heart, happy, and heaven. But here, H means hate, horrible, and hell. Horrible, disgusting, nasty place! Gross! DEUUEAUGH!

36 Party City

I so hate shopping here! The one where I use to live things were always on the floor!

37 Staples
38 Publix Supermarket

It is crazy in there. Always packed and you can almost never get down an Aisle .

My local publix is rarely crowded

39 Just-A-Buck
40 Frys

Which Fry's, the grocery store or the electronics store?

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