Worst Poptropica Characters

I know this game is for kids, but this list should've existed earlier.

The Top Ten

1 Ned Noodlehead (Super Power Island)

What a nerd spotlight hog! He comes and finishes off Betty Jetty and gets all the attention, which gives you yet another task, find a hot dog. - blst0033

2 Ad Sales Manager (Mocktropica)

She puts obnoxious ads through the game, making it more annoying! - blst0033

3 Timmy (Timmy Failure Island)
4 Balloon Boy (Counterfeit Island)

He Never got down... - blst0033

5 Princess Cosplayer (Poptropicon)
6 Hip Hop (Reality TV)
7 Video Rentals Guy (Virus Hunter)
8 Dr. Hare (24 Carrot Island)

I hate this rabbit. I wish he would go in my soup, It'd be a great idea to try rabbit; something I've never tried before. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

9 Scuba Diver (Early Poptropica)
10 Goldie The Scriptwriter (Back Lot)

The Contenders

11 The Lady With The Poodle (Cryptids)

Grrr cut your own hedge next time.

12 Gretchen Grimlock (Cryptids)
13 Mr. Silva (Shrink Ray)
14 Myron Van Buran (Survival)
15 Crusoe (Monkey Wrench)
16 Octavian (Mystery of The Map)
17 Sickly Skull (Reality TV)

She always wins when I'm playing, it's so annoying! And her face, too! I hate her.

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