Top Ten Worst Reasons to Get Detention


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21 Making Jokes
22 Being Black

That's racist - Unharmless

Racist Much?

23 For Liking South Park

Lol funny

24 Insulting the School's Lunch

This is against the laws of the US. Well kinda. American has a freedom of speech law. - Skyleesue811

Insults just words, they r not lunch - XlarEnder

25 Defending Yourself V 1 Comment
26 Being Outside the Classroom

This happened to people I know, they were outside the classroom and the teacher told the, they had an office detention, (stay in office after school) one of the highest levels of detention.

27 Sick

Well this is just absoultly crazy if he's throw up and gets a dentention then they should be fired immedialty

28 Playing with your pen
29 Refusing to take gym class; twisted ankle
30 Not Underlining Your Notes Straight
31 Getting Slapped by Your Mom in Front of Everyone

your mum

32 Burping

Burping is also human nature. Lucky when I was younger at the library, I burped so loud that all the students laughed at me. No teacher gave me a detention - Unharmless

A 13 year old boy was arrested for burping in gym class.

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