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Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair.


This Nickelback hate is starting to get old now. Unlike some bands who lose their sound or transition to another genre, these guys haven't changed their style since they've started. Some of their older songs might've had questionable lyrics and themes, but then there's songs like Photograph, How You Remind Me, and Savin' Me. They aren't the worst band ever. I feel as if people have only ever heard Rockstar. Take a listen to their newest album Feed the Machine. Definite improvement. - naFrovivuS

How to Write a Nickelback song
Pick a topic from this list: Sex or Partying
Play the same 3 chords and repeat the chorus as many times as possible

Seriously Most Generic and Unoriginal band in the history of the world.
- Avalanche

While the music itself is mediocre at best, I would simply like to point out that the only explanation for Chad Kroeger's vocals are that he smokes two packs a day and eats sandpaper. Seriously, if Nickelback had a different vocalist, while they'd still be on the list, they'd be much lower. Kroeger and his lack of vocal talent are the reason this band is such an abomination.

Possibly the most unoriginal, uninspired, cliche pop rock band of all time. They're so unoriginal, they have to steal from their old songs which were stolen from other artists to begin with, and even the originals were bad. How many times are they gonna release another tortuously annoying ballad? Never mind. Tracks like I'd Come for You and Gotta Be Somebody are so awful that they can't even be called ballads. They are WAY worse than Metallica.

At least they don't use auto tune. Nickelback doesn't suck. They are the most underrated band ever. People only hate them because they want to be cool. Haters, thumbs down me all you want, I don't care

Usually bands are hated because out of jealousy of their success (Fall Out Boy for example which are a great band) but then there are band's like this who have had 1, yes ONE good song being their debut and then since have lived on through that song and somehow sold and made fans through their crappy new music. Rockstar is the single worst POP song of the last century. To think this ROCK band actually showed some promise in their earlier years, sad really.

Out of all the famous singers from Canada, Nickelback is the absolute worst. Their worst song ever in my opinion is Far Away. A song from a alternative rock band does not need to be this depressing. But it's not just that song, it's the band themselves. They stink! All the way back from How You Remind Me and Someday. Those songs are terrible, but each new song they do, it gets worse. From annoying to in my opinion the absolute worst band of all time.

Nickelback is pretty much just as bad as Maroon 5, even though they sound completely different from each other. The thing about Nickelback is that he started out okay, but only got worse. None of his songs sound original. they all sound the same. He is probably the most hyped up rocker of all time that has no originality. How is he still in the music business?!

This band is overhated. This is not a band I like, but they aren't terrible though. The only song that I don't like from them is Rockstar, but their other songs are okay, nothing bad. I have heard bands way worse than this band. - AnimeDrawer

Nickelback are one of the best bands of all time... Proof? Chad kroeger is worth 30 million, you don't get to be worth that much if you suck... If you don't. Accept the truth ill crap in your milo

Even though I have quite a few songs from the band, I have to admit that they aren't that good. I just don't like how most of their songs are about sex, partying, strippers, getting high, etc. I would rather listen to bands like Metallica than Nickelback.

People are just like "How is (insert rock band you like) so high up on the list? " Maybe it's because you keep voting for it so you can comment how amazing they are and now you guys have only made it worse just to prove a point.

This band receives a lot of underserved crap, honestly they have plenty of solid hits and there are plenty of bands on this list that could take number 1

This is one of those bands that the singer ruins it for everybody. His voice is over bearing, raspy, and terrible. But over all they just plain stink. Animals is WAY over rated, and over played.

What? Look, I know Nickelback isn't the best band, but is it really the worst? Fun fact: all of the money earned from their hit song How You Remind Me was given to charity. ALS, I think. I know most of their songs sound the same, but some of them are really cool, like Burn it to The Ground and Photograph.
Nickelback isn't THAT bad.

Blood On the Dance Floor is MUCH worse.

These guys actually suck, unlike radiohead, the beatles, the rolling stones, kiss and gorillaz. I'm not sure if everyone here has terrible tastes in music, or they are just twelve year old girls.

Not necessarily a bad band, but their songs all sound too generic and similar. If the band had a more distinguishable sound, I'd probably like them more.

Listen to Burn It To The Ground, then listen to Far Away. You'll see that their songs don't really sound the same.

Why is Nickelback even on this list. Come on guys...

First? Really? They aren't THAT bad, I actually like some of their songs. - wrests

Nickel back ruled the world but what you haters do most is run them into the ground

I don't hate Nickelback but Chad Kroeger is very weird guy. - 05yusuf09

YEs they do suck.. And what scares me most is that they are raking in boat loads of cold cash.. Which is evidence of the utter mindless taste of many music fans. Middle aged pot belly broads wearing Nicklecrack shirts and thinking that this is somehow suposed to be rock n roll. They've overproduced the crap out of what used to be rock music and tossed in every conceivable cliche known to the genre. These same fans likely embraced Garth Brookes back in the day while true country artists sat in the shadows waiting for the menace to pass. Maybe Chad will do a Chris Gaines type album one day and they will finally be finished torturing the radio waves.

Why is there so much hate towards this band. This band is one of the best period!

I swear if I hear another Nickelback song, I'm going to blow my brains on to the back porch and then pick it up and make it into a model of Nickelback only to shoot it again.