One Direction

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One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) were a British-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records more.


THEY SUCK! Only stupid teenage girls like this garbage. Most because of their looks, and the fact that they sing about love. They don't even write their own songs, so there are no feelings behind the music, it's all about the money -. -

These guys really don't deserve any of their fame. Every bit of fame and money they have comes from the fact that they're good looking and that's all. Whenever you mention One Direction to a girl her first response is more than often the guys are so hot rather than their music is good. If all of those guys were born ugly, I could guarantee that their music careers would instantly die. Their music doesn't have to be good at all too and their songs will still go on to sell a huge number. Seriously, all they have to do is release a lead single off their hyped up upcoming album and it will go top 10. Girls will just buy songs as long as they belong to the One Direction name. The worst part is how little these guys have to work for everything they have too. I mean as a boy band these guys don't even have a choreography. Lazy much? It just pisses me off watching these guys make millions for nothing. In each song the members sing like what 3 lines? They don't even contribute to writing the ...more

People like this crappy music, couse the boys are "cute" Can't people Like bands becouse of their music, and not their looks, Right now, I hate people.

They ruin... Ermm I mean cover too many classics. Forget their own material we all know how that rates. What bothers me is how they or their management feel they can cover any song they like. Obviously to make money etc.. Contribute to decisions behind this. But they simply have not earned any right whatsoever to be allowed to cover these songs. Regardless of the "quality" of their own material, even if its pure gold (its crap in my opinion), they have not been around long enough. Everyone's opinion on Axl Rose differs, but what I always respected about him, was that he'd said himself, in the early years he wanted to cover Live and Let Die, but what right did they have to do that, they weren't ready both as a young band and musicians. They waited until they had viable prompt to cover a classic. For the sake of statement, I tried not being harsh to 1D. But know everything has been read. They aren't a band, they are rubbish. Mass market, bubblegum with white teeth and ...more - alex_toptens

Come on, girls like this crap now? Back then they go for the strong men, now they go for the pretty boys who make terrible music. The quality of their songs aren't good, most were copied from other artists and they call themselves "a band"

The thing I hate about this band the most is the retarded fanbase. When I see the fanbase, I see girls and probably some boys who have been brainwashed by the music industry to listen to low quality pop songs. I also see girls who always dream of "Sexual Fantasies" with those guys. I mean come on, its ok to have sexual fantasies (probably not) but with those guys? Really? Another problem I see with the fanbase is after Zayn Malik left the band. Hundreds or thousands of fans killed themselves just because a member left the band? What, I mean its not worth, these guys aren't gods. But the thing I hate most about them is the fact that ALMOST THE WHOLE FANBASE thinks they are "hot", and that's it. First of all, let me get this straight, THEY ARE ...more

Okay while I personally like One Direction, I do agree with some of the things people are saying. Some of their fans do only like them because they're attractive, and their band was molded so they would be "perfect". But I still don't understand what they're doing on this list (as with most of these bands) seeing as almost none of these bands are rock bands. In the pop scene, One Direction is definitely one of the better artists/musicians. Also, can we stop mentioning the fans when describing an artist? I thought we were talking about One Direction's music (which I also feel talks about cliche love stories way too much, and I'm a die-hard fan)? Some of these reviews don't make any sense especially considering most of you guys don't listen or like any sort of pop music. And this is supposed to be a list for ROCK BAND. What's happening here.

I tried scrolling down all of this list, and then I seen bands like Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse and Radiohead and decided that I've had enough! All four of them are fantastic bands and there are probably a few more that I've missed. Rightly so Jonas Brothers and One Direction are top of this list, they're just taking the piss! One Direction aren't actually a rock band either? No lead guitarist, bassist or drummer, just 5 little girls moaning! Can't stand One Direction!

This group (I'm not gonna call it a band) is the worst thing that has ever existed on our planet. They are popular just because of their looks, they don't even write their own "lyrics", they think they're the best band, they sound too cheesy, their fanbase is just ridiculous, none of the band members can play an instrument... What else can I say?! It'll take a whole year to describe this band! Their parodies are ten times more enjoyable than the so-called originals songs... People should listen to REAL MUSIC like anything from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Manowar, Slayer, Megadeth, Pink Floyd and other similar artists... One Direction is just... (I'm done)

1. One direction is a pop band, not rock.
2. They are famous because they are "looking good"
3. They only have cheesy songs about girls
4. They don't even write their songs
5. They auto-tuned to death
6. Their fans think they are the "best band ever" and all the haters are "jealous"
7. At least 1 guy from the band can't sing
8. They are extrimly overrated
9. Most of them never had puberty
10. They have awful covers to good songs
10 reasons to hate one direction

I don't understand why half of these bands are on here. Lots of these aren't ROCK bands. I have to say though, not a huge One Direction fan. I'm really into bubblegum pop music. We all know that the only reason why they're still going and still famous is because when they first started, they were cute and young and all girls fantasized about each of them, and now these girls are still all over them. They'll sing their songs and know every lyric to every one, but only because they started to like them for the boys' looks.

It actually makes me cry seeing Nirvana, U2, Radiohead, etc. on this list. Although One Direction isn't a rock band, they are definitely terrible and are one of those groups out there (not even close to a band) that are going to destroy the music industry. This kind of music is what's brainwashing people - especially children/teenagers. Music used to be something of passion and it was so beautiful and meaningful, now people are using it as a source of easy money. Just get some random kid (s) who can't even sing, autotune like crazy, make merch and terrible concerts - boom, you have yourself a money-making 'musician/group'. - HollyRolo

Do you hate it when you walk around town or school or whatever the hell you are and you hear crazy fan girls scream over One Direction? And then you hear those girls going all " I WANT TO MARRY THEM SO MUCH! " Crazy isn't it? They're popular because they're appealing to girls and they write songs about love and girls! Their songs are horrible and it would've been A LOT BETTER if they didn't go to North America in the first place, they should've stayed in England!

Jonas Brothers are not rock, but they suck. One Direction are not rock, but they suck. Nickelback are not that bad. I have never heard Limp Bizkit's music. I have never heard Black Veil Brides' music. Fall Out Boy are good. I have only heard one Creed song, and it's not that bad. Coldplay are absolutely amazing in every possible way. I have never really heard Insane Clown Posse's music, but I have heard about them and I have an idea of what they are like. U2 aren't that bad.
I just went through the whole top ten. The only two bands that suck aren't even rock. This list is so messed up.

HAHA. SIMPLE, I'M A GIRL AND I HATE THEM. Such a trash and full of crap. All they ever do is bring up their faces on the camera, hoping those girls to swoon for them. Well, I don't. They disgust me, singing songs of love just to charm audience. I don't even know if they sing their songs with feelings or if they even wrote them. UGH. When I hear or watch some of their videos (thanks to my classmates), and watch them fill up the whole video with vanity, I just can't help but think, "What makes them so popular? I can't even feel anything. What's wrong with you, people?! " - Larahhh

They are not even a rock band you dweebs, I mean they are a crap band and all and I dislike them greatly as they only went big because of the media not their talent, but this is the "Worst ROCK Bands of All Time" chart. They shouldn't even be on the list. And the fact that band such as Nirvana and Fall out Boy are on the list is stupid. This list is terrible and should just be deleted from the entire site. What a joke.

Wait, hold on, why are these guys here? I mean yeah they totally suck, but they're not rock at all. These guys are pop. Well, anyways these guys are the modern day boy band. Some of their songs are absolutely repulsive, and their best songs aren't even that good either. Their fan base is another thing I hate about these guys. Obviously, like Justin Beiber, girls only like them for their attractiveness. I really want to like these guys since they all seem like nice boys, but they really need to make better music, not the same songs we've heard from EVERY BOY BAND EVER! - DaRealXgen

Its honestly depressing that we're at a point where one direction is even considered to be a rock band! Even if it's talking about the worst, One direction is pop and pop only! The same goes for the Jonas brothers, and 5 seconds of summer, bands also on this list for who knows why, I love the fact that people are voting for them as the worst, but the fact that there even on a list, exclusive for ROCK! It's pretty infuriating honestly

Laugh out loud, the fact that these turd-packers are so popular makes me want to shoot myself, even though I want to stay alive. They can't sing or dance, and their voices crack. Best Song Ever? More like Worst band Ever. I also hate them because I just can't avoid them! It's easier to avoid them because I'm one of the conformists out of all the conformists in the USA.

The crappiest stupidest band of all time why can't they be number 1 worst band of all time id rather listen to country music then this crap its all love songs and they don't write their music so they only sing for the money. They shouldn't even be famous I've heard heaps better then this crap so I say this is a crappy band that has no quality at all!

They don't even fall in the rock genre. Moreover they should be the first. They are the worst band ever only blind girls listen to them. I used to listen to them. I was just twelve and I didn't understand. When I heard Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana I was like what was I listening all these days? One Direction is nothing compared to Nirvana and others.

Boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo I hate one direction so much! I don't know why my friend finds them attractive. Jonas Brothers, fall out boy, paramore and some of the others don't deserve to be on this stupid list, I don't know why the jonas brothers are #1 on this stupid list one direction should be on the top. I will sue this website! Laugh out loud!

What I'm confused about is why this is in the "worst rock band" category. Their music isn't even CLOSE to rock. They're just another boy band with pretty faces who can't sing a single note. I'd understand "worst pop band" but they don't deserve to be in a category labeled rock. It's honestly a huge insult.

I bet if every band has cute boys, girls would like them. This band's music is horrible and shouldn't exist. They are popular for their looks, and any band would be just as popular if they looked like them, but their music is just awful. Don't waste your time listening to 1d and listen to something better, like Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd - Frantic713

ROCK?! Can someone PLEASE tell these guys what direction they SHOULD go?!?

These guys cannot do their own songs, for example they copied the song "one way or another" from the band Blondie and now most people don't know who the real creator of the song is. Such fakers!