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1 Bihar

Does anyone goes in bihar for tourism?... People come from their but no one goes their...

People of this state are very hardworking and laborious. But due to the bad politics, the state is not developing. It has a very rich history. It was once the capital of India continuously for 500 years.

Rapist Indians.

Over religion and no sports

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2 Orissa

You admin do you have have some kind of knowledge how to choose worst between the states?

Absolutely correct

The govt here sucks. No employment, worst education system, worst tourism destination,. People here only want free food,not hardworking and trustworthy people make this the worst state in India

A bleak and hopeless state. Education, job opportunities and standard of living all suck.

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3 Uttar Pradesh

Most violent state of the country

No safety and no justice

Why isn't UP No1? They breed like rats and are like 20% Of overall India's population! They leech on the rest of progressive India and give back nothing but more population!

I bet most people who voted here were "UP walas" so they didn't pick their state.

Worst state in India... No safety at all... Woman are treated very low to men in all families... In villages no facilities like schools or hospitals. Common or ordinary people have are not getting any of their rights in UP. With money and power rules the state.

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4 Jammu Kashmir

Kashmir the most place with the most beautiful people. No comparison to those Indian dogs

Indian army should shoot the stone throwers of kashmir

Same anti-national reason. However only mullas make it worst. Hindus are very sweet and nice

Terrorist and anti nationals home.

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5 West Bengal

Worst sate of india

Most corrupt state of India. Muslim appeasement and anti development government. 0 employment.

This state has no future expect in politics. People don't need work but like to run behind the politicians.

Waste state, worst people

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6 Karnataka

Yes corruption is more
Worst government employees
Only reserved people are there in government.
No improvement
No digital India implementation

Karnataka people Knows How To treat Other State People.

Worst state

Karnataka is a best state in india I'm a North indian, karnataka people are very friendly and good pepole

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7 Assam

It's A very beautiful system with rich flora and fauna and with rich cultural heritage...

Is the best make me hard

Best place in the world...for me

Assam is a beautiful state. Tourism sector has much potential to be developed. I'm from Delhi but I voted for Assam because in my perspective Delhi is worst. I've once visited Assam. Before reaching there I didn't have any idea How it's going to be. After I reached there, what I've noticed was totally different from my imagination. There people are very friendly, Rich culture and traditions, Cuisine is different and awesome. I just hope that the government pay due attention to develop it in IT sector.

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8 Tamil Nadu

Best place I have ever dreamt of, I travel frequently to different part of the nation.. All I can say is TN is best in terms of everything, Education, Healthcare, Tourism, IT.

The person who added Tamil Nadu and kerala are jealous in the Developement of the states. - paasadani

Come and live in TN for sometime then you will know how good a state it is and how helpful the people here are...

The most anti national sentiments in general. Thinking a language or culture ahead of nation is the trademark of anti-nationalism.

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9 Jharkhand

How come this is no 10 it should be number 1. Every Christian parent is just bad cause they'll force you or beat you for not going to the church for God sake just for the church? Sundays are for fun but you ruin it with church and other things for God sake start believing in Odin

Jharkhand is only state in India having a lot of minerals such as coal copper steel iron yet it is lacking that proper infrastructure for development. It is only state to have uranium a very rare element which can be used for nuclear power. Without Jharkhand India can't progress

Best State. Has all the needed facilities and all the people are educated. Cheap and peaceful life for the Jharkhand People

I am a Jharkhandi and that's why it's the best. Traits : honesty integrity hard work intelligence simplicity and not die hard professionalism.. Traits of my state and its people.

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10 Kerala

Best state for education even for women safety tourism and many more. People should atleat visit kerala once in their life. have you ever see their literacy level and health facilities

The best state for Medical care, Healthy Leaving

Best state in India..."Kerala God's Own Country "

Best State when compared to living standards... Its Beauty cannot be explained in words... Food in Kerala is really good. Hospitality of the people and so on. Its Gods own country

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11 Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a beautiful state in term of its demographic point of view.

Meghalaya is best state to visit and live. Education also best.

The most beautiful state in India...people are friendly and cooperative...a female-dominated state

Amazing place for education especially St. Edmund's School which is run by the Christian brothers and also has the oldest computer lab from all schools in India, today the computer's are programmed with Windows 7

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12 Rajasthan

Good state
On path of development

Pol are very kind and history also gorgeous

Too much stereotype

Rajasthan is the only state that follows the constitution of India

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13 Gujarat

Worst uneducated uncultured people in Gujarat. Just for name and sake it is called city.

Very nice state to visit and feel safe in, probably the most boring place in all of south asia by a mile worth visiting family or friends definitely not worth retiring in or investing in a holiday home if your from abroad.

Guzrat is the worst indian state along with gandu guzratis

Gujrat is not only the best state in india but the worlds best state

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14 Telangana

-Good vision of government
-farming any agriculture sectors are estimated to grow faster than earlier because of several irrigation projects
-Development is fast
-friendly and open people
-Needs more industrialization

Excellent state in india BELIEVE THAT

Place of heaven

The leaders of telangana don't have manners.

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15 Manipur

Meitei people are the worst in the world. Very violent people. Always on protest

Meitei are very friendly and well behave. Rapist are less compare to other state. There is no cast and the Manipuri dish are very very tasty its total difference from other state. My opinion is Manipur is best place.

Full terrorism


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16 Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the best

I am belongs from here good state

Maharashtra is the best state to live as people are friendly and helpful.

Outsiders (i.e. North Indians, South Indians and Gujaratis) consider Maharashtra as not a very good state because they feel that Marathi people are not so kind towards them. But they must understand that if they don't try to culturally assimilate in Maharashtra even after living in the state for 40 to 50 years, obviously the native people won't be receptive towards them. I sincerely believe that Maharashtra is one of the most progressive and open-hearted states in India. Jai Maharashtra!

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17 Andhra Pradesh

nice stat

Andhra pradesh is the best state in south and it accepts every thing and any thing unlike some other southern states, transport is the best

Most memorable state, culture, food, traditions, Telugu, familys, weather,
I like it very much Andra.

Andhra People always want to show their place Is the best, their language is the best and so on...

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18 Delhi

Most dangerous place for women!

Many people are rude here...but in terms of development..It is very well developed

It is the most duty state

An arrogant, insensitive brutal city. Has many lovely parks and eating spots.

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19 Punjab

Worst state government. Zero development and most corrupted leaders and government officers.

East or west punjab is the best it is the most nature friendly and people here are very friendly they behave so kindly that we feel like we are in our house

Great state. I have come across so many foreigners who have visited india. When asked about punjab they said punjab looked most clean, happy and prosperous.

Best state in India, people have a BIG HEART, clean cities,less population, free food, but dirty people form UP and BIHAR, are ruining it all, please go away.

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20 Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is best

Lovely place,lovely people

Most peaceful state in India with really friendly people.

It is famous for prestigious schools and education..

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21 Haryana

Best state in india

Nice peoples

Very verrry rude people live in haryan

Very cruel people live here this state is going to invisible

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22 Madhya Pradesh

Safest state to live in...peaceful nature is the identity of its people

It is bad because bjp is ruling

Best state in india in every aspect.. Just needs little more development and infrastructure

Only one word for say...great state

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23 Chhattisgarh

Incredible Chhattisgarh

Jai johar jai chhattisgarh Hindustan zindabad

Best place to live in india
Most peaceful city

A beautiful state from every aspect. It has got an identity which makes it dangerous to visit "naxal" but believe me there is nothing like that it is simply a political problem which will soon have an end. Come and discover a beautiful Chhattisgarh and understand the real meaning of nature "Jai Johar"

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24 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan was established in 1947 and is located in South Asia. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar are other major cities of Pakistan. Urdu and English are official languages of Pakistan. World's second highest peak (K-2) and ninth highest peak (Nanga Parbat) are more.


EVERYONE VOTE THIS country as worst

25 Goa

Goa is a paradise on earth.very peace full, helpful people's, modern but nature friendly, no concrete jungle, public n government work together for development, u can find every kind of people's in goa from all region n religion, all r known of International language English.
The chuches n temples of goa tells the history it self, ausom tradition n the culture of goa.
The costal state goa is well connected by road line, airline n the railway
Everyone must visit goa to find peace in it's air.

Ajay Gadkar from Goa.. I will remeber You always.. because you left me in the bad time.. your english was best but your nature was wrost.. class n Money is imp for Goans.. anyways.. you left me because I was poor girl. N

26 Nagaland

Most hospitable people. Most giving and Loyal people. But money has really corrupted them... I hope they change soon. As they are very creative and fearless too.

People are open minded and friendly.

Mad people present their

Really mad people

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27 Mizoram

I like their culture, the transition that had been made especially clothes in Mizoram still amazed me. politeness and their shyness reveals how pure they are... Rainy place that makes green forest... But, political point of view, the political leaders are not better nor effective than the rest,.

I admire Mizos because they have many talents especially in sports. They are the best in north-east states. But many of the youngster are not aware of their State Corruption

I am from Manipur, I visit Mizoram, Bangalore, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andra, Nagaland and Assam. Also Mizoram is a very hilly place, but people who live in Mizoram they are the best people I have meet them in the world.

28 Hyderabad

Worst state govt in india is telangana govt

Any Person to be work or job in the city.

Do u have any sense hyderabad is a city not a state you fool.

Too many thieves,and worst place to live.

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29 Daman and Diu
30 Tripura

Good state with highest literacy rate.

True it does not have anything

The worst state ever
It does not have anything

31 Sikkim

For Sikkim who the hell is putting comments over Gurgoan the worst city in NCR

Bull, the people are uneducated and since the development of Gurgoan, the State of Harayna is recognised. The people are aggressive in Harayna and have no real culture or identity.
They drink and take drugs all day and depend on other fellow Indians to develop their state.
They have come into money by virtue of the development of Gurgoan. They will always be considered as the enbrassment of India.

32 Odisha

Odisha should not be in top 10. it is not that bad in development either. Odisha's capital Bhuvaneshwar is ranked the smartest city in the world

Very good state

Is a beautiful state and should be at 17 position

33 Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is best state in India

I live in HP it is very beautiful

It's the number 1 state in world... The list showing above is fake because it shows Gujarat and up in best states and worst state list.

It is number 1 state in India.

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