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21 Haryana

Good state having seriously funny people

Good people and 70% People r kind hearted.

State with the rudest people in the country

Haryana is the place kind hearten people

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22 Madhya Pradesh

Safest state to live in...peaceful nature is the identity of its people

Best state in india in every aspect.. Just needs little more development and infrastructure

It can be bad some times

Better than all state of india in the matter of peace.Infrastructure is growing also fastly.

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23 Goa

Goa is a paradise on earth.very peace full, helpful people's, modern but nature friendly, no concrete jungle, public n government work together for development, u can find every kind of people's in goa from all region n religion, all r known of International language English.
The chuches n temples of goa tells the history it self, ausom tradition n the culture of goa.
The costal state goa is well connected by road line, airline n the railway
Everyone must visit goa to find peace in it's air.

Ajay Gadkar from Goa.. I will remeber You always.. because you left me in the bad time.. your english was best but your nature was wrost.. class n Money is imp for Goans.. anyways.. you left me because I was poor girl. N

24 Chhattisgarh

Very nice state, people are also simple and good as compare to other states in India

People of chhattigarh are very sweet n down to earth. Good environment, nice place to live, free from crimes, people are well mannered.

People of Chhattisgarh are really sweet and live very simple life. Chattisgarh is becoming a fast developing state. It is peaceful state.

Jai chhattisgarh.. jai bastar.. jai hind

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25 Nagaland

People are open minded and friendly.

Mad people present their

Really mad people

We the Nagas

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26 Tripura

Good state with highest literacy rate.

The worst state ever
It does not have anything

27 Hyderabad

Any Person to be work or job in the city.

Do u have any sense hyderabad is a city not a state you fool.

Too many thieves,and worst place to live.

Hyd is the best place ever
All types if people can live here low class,middle class, high class happily.
Here the food,humanity you can't see anywere

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28 Sikkim

For Sikkim who the hell is putting comments over Gurgoan the worst city in NCR

Bull, the people are uneducated and since the development of Gurgoan, the State of Harayna is recognised. The people are aggressive in Harayna and have no real culture or identity.
They drink and take drugs all day and depend on other fellow Indians to develop their state.
They have come into money by virtue of the development of Gurgoan. They will always be considered as the enbrassment of India.

29 Mizoram

I admire Mizos because they have many talents especially in sports. They are the best in north-east states. But many of the youngster are not aware of their State Corruption

I am from Manipur, I visit Mizoram, Bangalore, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Andra, Nagaland and Assam. Also Mizoram is a very hilly place, but people who live in Mizoram they are the best people I have meet them in the world.

30 Odisha

Is a beautiful state and should be at 17 position

Very good state

31 Himachal Pradesh

It's the number 1 state in world... The list showing above is fake because it shows Gujarat and up in best states and worst state list.

It is number 1 state in India.

Awesome weather awesome place awesome people

So kind hearted people

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