Superhero Movies Suck

To start off this post, I want to make this clear. If you like superhero movies and can get some kind of deep, profound meaning from them, then good for you. I'm not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers here. This is just my opinion on a particular genre of film that has grown substantially in the past couple of decades and has had an enormous affect on the industry as a whole.

When I was growing up, I never was interested in stereotypical "boy stuff". Sure, I loved watching and playing sports, and still do to this day (hence my username), and my brother and I used to collect Hot Wheels play sets, but stuff that was marketed to the "boy demographic" never appealed to me. I didn't watch WWE wrestling. I never liked gross stuff like playing with bugs, rolling in mud, boogers, and crap like that. I was always more into gender neutral stuff like Pixar movies, Nicktoons, and even owning a bunch of stuffed animals. As a result of this, I never read a comic book, owned an action figure, or watched any superhero related product throughout my entire childhood. The closest thing I ever came to watching a superhero show was watching the first two minutes of a Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode when it aired after Chowder on Cartoon Network. The point being, this particular brand of entertainment has never struck a personal chord with me. And as I've aged, I have resented it more and more.

Throughout my entire life, I have only really enjoyed four superhero films. These include the first two movies in the original Spider-Man trilogy. I grew up with those movies and have fond memories of playing Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies ever made, but I see it as a Pixar film first, a Brad Bird film second, and a superhero film third. What I'm getting at is that I will always look at The Incredibles as a Pixar movie before I see it as a superhero movie. Lastly, I really enjoyed Deadpool. This is probably because it's almost a parody of the superhero genre and takes itself a lot less seriously than every other superhero movie there is. It actually has charm, humor, and a pulse behind it. And that brings me to my first point behind why I think this genre is not really the best.

Superhero movies take themselves way too seriously. They just do. I know that you guys think that these stories are "really deep" and "meaningful", but to me, the whole idea of superheroes seems childish and silly. Just look at the bare bones of each of their stories. Superman is an alien from a distant planet in which all of these "aliens" look exactly like humans. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who dresses up in a bat suit to fight crime when the police are capable of stopping it themselves. He even kills defenseless people throughout his exploits. Tony Stark is another billionaire who fights people in a robot suit. The Joker is a killer clown. Peter Parker was a high school student that some how got spider abilities because he was bitten by a radioactive spider. His abilities are even referred to as his "spidey senses". Wolverine is an emo edge lord with knives for hands. Wonder Woman is a princess from the Amazon who travels to the US to fight crime. Think about all of those. When it really gets down to it, these stories all sound ridiculous if you were to hear them for the first time. It's just that they've been part of our culture for so long to the point where we don't even bat an eye at their nonsense. Despite this, pretty much every superhero film I've seen has attempted to impress the viewer with how "dark" and overly serious it can take its stories. People always claim that Captain America: The Search for More Money (I know it's called "Civil War", but I don't care) has a lot of thought-provoking themes and insightful messages. All I see is a bunch of idiots in spandex punching each other in a badly computer-generated airport instead of using their abilities for the greater good.

My second gripe on superhero films is how predictable their stories are. Look at the plot of a normal superhero story. It's eerie how similar they each are to each other. Stop me if you heard this before. A normal person tries to live a normal life. One day, something terrible happens to them. An important person in their life could die, an accident could happen to them and transform them into a mutant of some kind. Something bad just needs to happen to them. With their newfound abilities, they end up wanting to help others and to fight crime. Eventually, their exploits lead to them coming into contact with ANOTHER person with special abilities but wants to use their powers in a way that betters themselves before the public. This obviously creates a conflict of interest and the two end up fighting one another with the "hero" ALWAYS ending up victorious, even though in many cases the "villain's" abilities are much more powerful. Also, in the process, they always put hundreds of lives at risk and end up destroying tons of property in their scuffle. It's a great formula that has been utilized time and time again in order to make money for the studios at the expense of taking risks and doing anything interesting with the characters. Going into a superhero movie, I know everything that's going to happen. I know when they're going to get their powers, I always know who the villain is, and I know every clichéd line of the clichéd story that the movie is trying to tell. It's kind of ridiculous when I really think about it.

I don't find superheroes to be interesting as characters at all. They all seem to be sour sticks in the mud with personalities as engaging as a block of wood. That's probably the reason why I only enjoy Deadpool and Spider-Man. They at least have some semblance of a personality that's fun to watch. What really gets me mad about these movies, however, is that they try to get you to think that these characters are RELATABLE. Because, yeah. I really relate to the billionaire with dead parents who punches people in a bat suit. I relate to a soldier who was given a bunch of steroids in order to become a living weapon for the US Government. And I definitely relate to a talking raccoon and a tree who can only say his name. (Someone please tell me how Groot is supposed to be funny? How does saying the same three words throughout TWO movies count as good comedy and how does that create an interesting character?) Give me a break. I would give these movies a pass if they didn't shove how "realistic" each of their worlds and situations are in the audience's face. How can a world where getting bit by a spider gives you spider powers and a dude can have knives for hands ever be realistic? It can't. It's just emotional manipulation of the highest degree.

That's why The Incredibles is such an awesome movie. It spits in the face of everything these clichéd pieces of fluff stand for. They don't try to manipulate you into thinking that the world they live in "is the real world". It's just a separate universe where superheroes can just exist. There's no manipulative backstory. What you see is what you get. It's a world where superheroes ACTUALLY HAVE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS. The public is eventually fed up with them destroying their property and they end up going into hiding for over 15 years. It's a thought-provoking film about humanity and is a even a good allegory of discrimination and the fear of one group of people of another. That's a more profound statement than any of these other superhero films out there. And The Incredibles is supposed to be a movie meant for KIDS.

Lastly, and most importantly, there are just too damn many of these movies. In the last ten years (2007-2017), 63 superhero films have been released to the American public. By the time the 2010s have come to a close, 60 superhero films will be released during the decade. Seven big-budget blockbuster superhero films will be released in 2017 alone. Think about it. Really think hard about this. Do we really need over a dozen X-Men movies with a timeline so confusing that it would make Christopher Nolan blush? Do we really need TWO Spider-Man reboots with three different actors playing the character in a span of ten years? Do we really need THREE solo Thor movies? Do we really need all these spin offs with random characters like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, & Black Panther when it's obvious they won't play a big role in the actual IMPORTANT films in their shared universe? Do we really need a DC Cinematic Universe in general? My point being, these studios aren't even trying to hide how obvious these movies are cash grabs. They don't care about giving you original and solid stories. I've explained their formula in making these products earlier on in this post. All they care about is the money in your pockets. Do you want to see Captain America punch Iron Man? Yeah? Cool! Do you want to see Iron Man in Spider-Man: Homecoming? It's too bad that we showed all of the scenes with Tony Stark in the trailer and TV commercials. It's too bad that he's only in about ten minutes of the actual movie. Did you like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy? NOW WERE GONNA COMBINE THEM WITH AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR IN 2018!!! GIVE US YOUR MONEY NOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!

What I'm saying is that a little variety in terms of our summer blockbusters is always welcomed. But variety is not necessarily Marvel and DC's objective here. They want to attract as many people as possible to go see their movies despite how much their stories are recycled. And why should they have to change up their formula? People are going to be throwing money at their crap no matter what. If it sells, why change it up? They just want to throw as many products out into cinemas as possible in order to maximize their profit. Who cares is Thor: Ragnarok didn't perform so well when Infinity War is going to break box office records in 2018? I just feel that these movies are just made with the intention of making money. No more. No less.

Like I said before, if you're into superheroes and can get some kind of enjoyment from watching their movies, you're more than welcome to. This is just my honest opinion on a genre of film that I don't care for.


Finally, someone who agrees with me - visitor

I agree with everything you said. I'm sick of these superhero movies coming out. There has to be more variety in film than just superhero movies (I'm also surprised that they haven't even rebooted Spawn yet). - visitor

Just imagine if somebody made a movie about the Rapeman. - visitor

Um, I kinda a fanboy about it, they were my childhood and hey, I still read comics to this day. - visitor

These movies are usually good, but they rarely tend to blow me away. The first two Sam Raimi Spidey films, the first two Dark Knight movies, The Incredibles, Logan, and Deadpool did it. The rest did not really do that. Spider-Man: Homecoming: Good movie, but it's cliche. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: Good movie, but not astounding. Superhero movies rarely top my yearly movie lists. 2016 it was Hunt for the Wilderpeople and 2017 is currently Baby Driver. Overall, I love this genre honestly, but these movies don't astound me. - DCfnaf

I like spider man 1 and 2, captain america civil war, lego batman movie, dark knight, and guardians of the galaxy 1 and 2, - VideoGamefan5

But yeah, I'm tired of superhero movies topping every best movie of the year list - VideoGamefan5

Although I have fun with a few of these (mostly from Marvel to be honest, because they put more comedy into their movies than D.C. trying to be edgy and dark) I really don't like how they keep hyping up movies long before and when superhero movies are only made to set up bigger ones. - Phillip873

Hollywood really is running out of ideas. They just bring out superhero movies every year now. Enough with the damn superhero movies already! There's like a million of them. And I'm also seriously surprised how they haven't brought Spawn back. - visitor

Hey, if you want to watch a good superhero show that's a bit like The Incredibles and not stupid, I recommend you watch Miraculous Ladybug, Phillip. I'm pretty sure you'll like it and there's a character there that reminds me of you (Alya Cesaire). - TwilightKitsune

I adore the genre - iliekpiez

My gosh FINALLY someone speaks truth on the site, I mean I liked The Incredibles 1 and 2, Deadpool, Spiderman 2 and a few others BUT the fans think EVERY movie is one of the best of the year and that it's a perfect 10/10 Most bad superhero movies always top the best films of year lists (Cough cough Iron Man 2 and 3 and Ant man and the wasp cough) Those movies are TERRIBLE but the fans still praise them no matter what without looking into the plot or acting or action or visuals, These movies are so overrated, I bet if marvel comes up with a Squirrel girl movie everyone will love it, As for DC, No one likes DC movies other than The dark knight trilogy to be honest - B1ueNew