Top 10 Worst Things About the 2010s

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121 Rihanna Makes Fun of Alexis Carter for her Pop Star-Inspired Prom Dress

This is proof that sooner or later people will be rejecting these stupid, phony celebrities (especially Rihanna) for being all selfish and rude to people.

122 Overuse of Hashtags
123 Curtis Reeves Kills Chad Oulson for Texting to Daughter In Movie Theater
124 Toby Sheldon Spends $100,000 in 5 Years of Plastic Surgery to Look Like His Idol, Justin Bieber
125 My Little Pony Fandom
126 People Believing That 2012 Was Going to Be the End of the World
127 Two Orange Park, Florida Girls Burning and Killing an Innocent Tortoise

More and more and more people need to know about this.

128 Amanda Bieber (Mandaswaggie) Dissing Selena Gomez and Other Classic Musicians On Twitter

Could you believe that she said that Justin Bieber has more swag than Jesus Christ?! OH MY GOD!

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129 People Sagging Too Much
130 Ke$ha's Single, Tik Tok Has Sold More Copies Than Any Beatles Single
131 Rihanna Dissing TLC for Being Accused of Selling Sex
132 Justin Bieber DUI Arrest

But wasn't that a good thing...

133 Music Genres Started Going Down Hill
134 Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty of Murder
135 Twerking
136 Hurricane Sandy
137 Charlie Sheen Going Insane
138 Paula Deen's Racist Remarks
139 Miley Cyrus Kissing Katy Perry

Cyrus has just won the award for the biggest douchebad in the universe.

140 Nostagiatards Complaining About How Modern Stuff Sucks and Isn't from the 90s

Oh my god! Who cares about the decade man. The decade doesn't really matter. I've even heard that time and decades don't even exist. There is a theory that says that we humans invented time to keep things in balance (so that means that Dinosaurs, Jesus, And Hitler all lived at the same time! ).

Watch Mobrosstudios parody video "YouTube All Is Dead". Trust me. All of you 90-ers will realize how stupid you sound.

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