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21 She's too skinny

She obviously got surgery or something. How is it possible to be that skinny? - Powerfulgirl10


22 Her movies
23 She's hated by a lot of boys

Even girls hate her (I hate her so much) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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24 She Wears Too Much Pink

If her whole body and everything that surrounds her turns pink, I'd freak out. - Powerfulgirl10

You can never have too much pink

I'd be shocked if in just ONE episode she wears somethinf other than pink - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

25 She has long blonde hair

What's wrong with having blonde hair? - Powerfulgirl10

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26 She's getting a movie about her becoming a secret agent

Barbie as a girl James Bond? That sounds stupid. I haven't seen any James Bond movies(except one, which is that older Skyfall movie) - MLPFan

27 She is boring and has no real flaws

So boring I'd rather hear my younger sister ask stupid questions for 24 hours - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

28 She's selfish
29 She's a jerk
30 Her show Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
31 She's just a toy
32 She needs to die

I want her to die. Why can't she die already?! - Powerfulgirl10

Because she's fake and she's out of plastic. But yeah, she should die - MLPFan

33 She's Ugly
34 She's a bad role model
35 She yells
36 She wears too much make up
37 She's a shopaholic

Barbie literally goes shopping 24/7! I hate her!

38 She's inappropriate
39 She's a chatterbox
40 She's clumsy
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1. Her saying "anything is possible"
2. She only cares for herself
3. She has too many accessories
1. Her saying "anything is possible"
2. She isn't medically possible
3. She has her own show
1. She only cares for herself
2. She's overrated
3. She thinks everyone loves her



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