Worst Things About Grizzly from We Bare Bears

Anyway, besides a Miraculous Ladybug fangirl, i also love We Bare Bears. My favorite character is Panda. But, my least favorite character is this brown fur garbage who keeps stalks his friends and forceful. You know who? GRIZZLY! If you are a Grizzly fans, don't vote on this list or you will get triggered. Also, this is my opinion. Stop being immature just because i hate Grizzly. Respect my opinion for hating Grizzly, so i can respect you.

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1 He is a gary stu.

Why on earth did they make HIM the older brother!? He can barely clean after himself! His handwriting is atrocious as much as his level of intellect and common sense. Ice Bear should be the one on top, not Grizz!

I also don't get why Grizz acts like the older brother,he destroyed Ice bear's secret room,literally ruin panda's date and he almost killed Tabes (when he was trying to protect the annoying piece of trash AKA Charlie)

''Oh I'm gonna act like a jerk to my brothers becuase my super edgy past''
The Burrito episode in a nutshell

God,i hated that episode so much,i hope that Panda doesn't have a ''Sad histori I cri evitim''

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2 He is a prick.
3 He embarrasses Panda in every episode.
4 He is bossy.
5 He thinks Nom Nom the Koala is a good guy.

I get that Grizz is nice to Nom Nom so that a seemingly jerkass character can have a chance to show his good side. At first, I admire Grizz for that, but then I noticed he's usually more nice to people who have great societal standings (though Charlie is an exception). I remember how badly he felt after the way he treated Darrell in "Losing Ice", but that's just it! We don't see any more episodes of him following up on what Darrell was up to considering the guy WENT TO JAIL after bringing the brothers back together. Grizz (and Panda) could've at least TRY and check up on him. And about Tom in "Panda's Friend", Tom seemed like a genuinely nice guy (despite the fact that he kidnapped Panda, which obviously crosses the line, it's not like he has a malicious intent to harm Panda, he just never had a friend), and Grizz has actually shown more disdain for him than for Nom Nom, which makes no sense!

He's just nice to nom nom only because he's famous. So that he could be friends with Nom Nom to make himself famous. I would say that is pretty selfish...

6 He never shuts up.

More than half of the things that come out of the bear's mouth are either complete crap or will just trigger most of the audience. Grizzly says all these inane plans and when it backfires it doesn't only effect just him it effects all those around him and his brothers reputation, making them those kind of bears I should say that wreak peoples homes and nearly ruin peoples lives.

His voice is also another reason I hate him. It goes on and on and never ends. - TwilightKitsune

7 He is a hypocrite

To be fair, in Video Date Ice bear did the same thing. Its not like the two of them intended to blow this off for Panda. They've learned their lessons eventually. Still, you can't help but feel bad for pan pan for not getting with Celine in the end, and his brothers were atfault for that

I hope grizzly dies

Yes,Ice bear did the same thing but Grizzly DID more horrible things,remember when Tabes was trying to find Charlie and she almost died in a fire?.i get that Grizz wants to be helpful (even to people who treat him like trash) but you can't justify what he did to Tabes.


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8 He is stupid.

In the episode called "Primary" he instantly got inspired by some sort of ad and drags ice bear and panda. Plus he made them savage or something

The episode is called Primal, not Primary!

9 He is unfunny.
10 He only cares about himself.

Remember when he got jealous about Panda's cyber date? he is a hypocrite, he says ''I always help my brothers'' and what does he do? HE RUINS HIS BROTHERS DATE

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11 He only cares about fame.
12 He ruins Chloe's homework
13 His fans are butthurt

Seriously, Grizz's fans are gonna say: ''Liv grizz alune he sufered a lot :c'' B*tch, he ruined Pana's date because he was jealous, destroyed Ice bear's secret room without reason and he almost killed taves with fire!

14 He's lazy.
15 He never cleans his room
16 He nearly killed Panda

In the episode Bear Cleanse, Panda was found eating a chocolate cake in the shed. And guess what he did. HE THREATENED PANDA THAT HE WILL TAKE A SELFIE OF HIM EATING CHOCOLATE CAKE! THEN THEY CLIMBED ON A ROOF AND GRIZZ PUSHED HIM OFF!

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