Worst Things About Grizzly from We Bare Bears

Anyway, besides a Miraculous Ladybug fangirl, i also love We Bare Bears. My favorite character is Panda. But, my least favorite character is this brown fur garbage who keeps stalks his friends and forceful. You know who? GRIZZLY! If you are a Grizzly fans, don't vote on this list or you will get triggered. Also, this is my opinion. Stop being immature just because i hate Grizzly. Respect my opinion for hating Grizzly, so i can respect you.

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1 He is a gary stu.

I never seen he get suffered (only in "Hibernation", he suffered). He keeps making problems yet his friends solves them. - ChatNoirFan18

''Oh I'm gonna act like a jerk to my brothers becuase my super edgy past''
The Burrito episode in a nutshell

I have to agree, The burrito episode was just a cheap tactic to make an ''super sad story''

2 He is a prick.

Keeps stalks Ice Bear, embarrasses and makes Panda suffered, befriend Nom Nom, etc. - ChatNoirFan18

3 He embarrasses Panda in every episode.

How many episodes he embarrasses Panda? In my opinion, more like MANY times:
•Panda's Sneeze.
•Panda's Date.
•An episode when Charlie replace Grizz with Panda (forgot the name).

And also, in episode when Grizz dressed Panda as a baby makes me cringey! - ChatNoirFan18

4 He is bossy.

I hate bossy characters. - ChatNoirFan18

5 He thinks Nom Nom the Koala is a good guy.

I get that Grizz is nice to Nom Nom so that a seemingly jerkass character can have a chance to show his good side. At first, I admire Grizz for that, but then I noticed he's usually more nice to people who have great societal standings (though Charlie is an exception). I remember how badly he felt after the way he treated Darrell in "Losing Ice", but that's just it! We don't see any more episodes of him following up on what Darrell was up to considering the guy WENT TO JAIL after bringing the brothers back together. Grizz (and Panda) could've at least TRY and check up on him. And about Tom in "Panda's Friend", Tom seemed like a genuinely nice guy (despite the fact that he kidnapped Panda, which obviously crosses the line, it's not like he has a malicious intent to harm Panda, he just never had a friend), and Grizz has actually shown more disdain for him than for Nom Nom, which makes no sense!

Stupid. Nom Nom is a bad guy! - ChatNoirFan18

6 He never shuts up.

His voice is also another reason I hate him. It goes on and on and never ends. - TwilightKitsune

He never give me a "calm down" moment. He keeps pissed me off. He never know how to be quiet. ALL HE DO IS STALKING PANDA! I'M JUST WANT TO PUNCH HIM WITH MY ECTO-BLAST! - ChatNoirFan18

7 He is unfunny.

His jokes annoys me, never made me laughed. - ChatNoirFan18

8 He is stupid.
9 He only cares about fame.

Remember the episode when the bears made a Youtube video and always want to have many subscribers? Blame Grizz for this - ChatNoirFan18

10 He only cares about himself.

He keeps bragging himself and he didn't care about his friends. - ChatNoirFan18

Remember when he got jealous about Panda's cyber date? he is a hypocrite, he says ''I always help my brothers'' and what does he do? HE RUINS HIS BROTHERS DATE

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11 He ruins Chloe's homework

Poor Chloe, almost get a bad grade of her presentation because he ruined it. - ChatNoirFan18

12 His fans are butthurt
13 He is a hypocrite
14 He's lazy.
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