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1 Pawan Kalyan

He is good actor in tollywood and he is having a good following in south india now he is in second person in following first purson is rajini pawan is god of tollywood I really like him

He is the best actor and human being

Pavan kalyan the one and only hero he si the best of universe

Waste hero in telgu idustry

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2 Jr. NTR

He is the only all rounder in tollywood, and great performer and the hero who gets highest 1 st day collection and also having fans in japan as rajini only 2 actors in tollywood and he is the god of masses

Super dancer in the world

Ntr is a great actor


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3 Mahesh Babu

He is hero but not great hero

He is top one worst hero ever

Your my darling, love and whatnot everything. You look very smart, height and great personality. I will give you 100% marks for your acting. Darling you are keka. All other heroes are waste. You are my dream boy. In heroes I like you and in heroines I like kajol agarwal. Your jodi will be nice. I LOVE YOU. A KISS FROM ME. BYE. MY NAME IS G. AISHWARYA LAKSHMI. YOU KNOW MY INITIAL IN MY NAME G MEANS GORGIOUS. SEE YOU.

He is awesome pretty hadsome love him can he have 125 votes

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4 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun

My best hero allu;i not only love you but also like the best. You are the fantastic break dancer of the universe and lover com best actor. You are the number 1 actor of tollywood after your uncle chiranjeevi. You have asolid six pack body.

Allu Arjun is a best Actor

He is best actor ever

Right he is the best dancer and actor in this entire universe

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5 Prabhas

Evrgreen prabhas always up, he can do mass characters like chatrapathi, billa as well as class characters like darling, mr, perfect. We can see the more stylish in billa he perfectly suits for all characters

Best actor in present tollywood. Future number 1 and this macho deserves the position in any aspect... Prefect hero..!

Yes he is future number 1 star

He is the icon of all youth

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6 Ram Charan

He is a stone faced actor with one and only one expression for any type of scene, songs and fights.
He is just surviving on his father's humongous fame.
I hope fans introspect themselves about whom they are supporting.

Charan is best actor.

Great Actor In Tollywood Top number 1 Hero

Really Charan really best actor
Magadheera mve my favorite mve forever
Acting 2 mve really great magadheera he is nailed it best actor and good human being

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7 Naga Chaitanya

Up growing actor... Sure he will be one among the top at one time...

He isa good actor and he is the best

Chaitanya is very good actor and his innocence and honesty can be seen on his face. He will be one of top most actors oftelugu cinema after pawan kalyan and mahesh babu.

He is really the worst one

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8 Nitin Kumar Reddy

Picking up these days.. Decent. Has to improve quite a bit. One more star son.

He is good actor

Pavan kalyan big fan...

Nithin is the best actor

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9 Nani

Very good sense of actor and acts accordingly to the audience view point!

Simple guy and nice acting skill

My favorite hero in tollywood.He has very good followers on Facebook.I Like his natural acting, his expressions, way of presenting, and looks simple. He continuously acted in 4 wonderful films. nenu local is the 5th film for him. Hands of to nani. I like his majnu and other films also.

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10 Ravi Teja

He's the man a excellent actor with rocking films like idiot, vikramakudu, krishna, autograph, kick, baladur, mirapakai, dubai seenu, nenithe, aanjanalu, khadgam, amma nano oka tamil amya and has a second role in annaiya and the latest balupu has rocked so I m a die hart fan of ravi teeja you r the best.i'm you rr bigest power star, no mega power star who acted in 7 films anad becomes a huge star any one comes near to him in acting madepotharu

Good actor, hope he stops harassing women and people on screen, that is unbecoming of him! Otherwise one of the best actors we have in Tollywood, if he can get rid of his over-the-top mannerisms.

The best actor in tollywood who can carry super comedy along with good action

He is the good actor and good comedy

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11 Nagarjuna

I like his maintenance. Every green glamour

Very average actor, I admire him for his ability keeping his wife, ex-wife, keeps, Tabu and some Jubilee Hills women happy!

The Best in the Industry.

He is only the King And representator of Tollywood..He has large fan following outside the telugu states..others are faint in front of him...he is only the actor who acted in many different types of Characters...He is trend Setter of Tollywood...His debut film Vikram, was a great hit...No one can replace his unforgettable Character in Annamayya...Today's hero can't act like him...

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12 Rana Daggubati

His only attribute is that he is the grandson of a popular producer and so called rumoured boyfriend of Trisha Krishnan

Absolute donkey and he is very over acting

If Rana is not careful, he could be the John Abraham on Tollywood. His physique is great!

Never seen such a worst hero no,actually we should not call him a hero he is a dark black spot in tollywood

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13 Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi

He is the King the awesome king of awesomeness he is the ruler of the movie industry I LOVE YOU CHIRU

Waiting for 150 th movie

Ugly fellow, improving with age. He looks better now than when he used to act!

I love you

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14 Balakrishna Nandamuri

Number 1 Waste hero.

He is banda fellow

Really no one reach bala Krishna for some characters

He had 7 100 crore grossed movies

His dictator grossed nearly 250 crores
Dictator a non bahubali industry hit

He gave tight slap to his haters

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15 Allu Sirish

Number 1 he is just talentless. No.2 he has no good looks. His face is not even watchable. No.3 zero acting skills. No.4 worst dialogue delivery. No.4 his all past films are disasters. And I hope he retires as an actor.

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16 Taraka Ratna

More than acting these nandamuri family do over acting

One more joker.. He fights with his wife all the time at the apartments he stays...

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17 Sushanth

He is a sweet Boy...Good Acting skills..

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18 Venkatesh

Was a good "family" actor till Nuvvu naku nacchav... His recent movies are average... He needs to start acting roles his age.

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19 Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas

His acting is the worst in alluduseenu.I have never seen worse in my life

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20 Sunil

He was fantastic as a comedy guy, as a hero though he is a zero.

Sunil is a good actor and dancer

Not able to survive as hero as he is good comedian

He is a good comedian but disaster actor

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