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1 Hair In a Can

Seriously? This is a thing?

Hair in a can really

2 Autotune

Yeah, its abused to death.. - Moorefamval

3 Diet Water

Water is already 0 calories and fat, so why make diet? You can tell this is a cash grab right away. I've never seen one, but it's probably just normal water, except with plastic around it saying "Diet". - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Water is basicly something you drink ON a diet, it's not logicly possible to make diet water?

I didn't even know this existed until now. How is it even diet though. Last time I checked, H20 isdrank by people on diets,and also had no carbs,calories, or fat in it. I'm sure an idiot invented this. - Skullkid755

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4 Cigarettes

Everyone in my high school smokes cigarettes. Sadly, I am the only non smoker left in the school. I hope TheTopTenners don't smoke cigarettes. - SelfDestruct

WHAT? How is this not in the list? This is something that kills people if used. Get it to number 1!

Worthless! Waste time and kills people who smoke them - sryanbruen

It ruins the word "human"

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5 Farmville
6 Headon
7 Doggy Doo Game
8 Makeup for Dogs
9 Inflatable Dartboard

Haha! The quickest game of darts in history! - Britgirl

10 Grey Colored Pencils

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11 Virtual Boy
12 Puppy Pocket Jacket Organizer
13 Pencil
14 Battery-powered Battery Charger

WOOW. The person who made this is stupid. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

What if you want to charge your tablet but your charger's battery is dead? Simple. Use the battery charger charger lol lol lol lol lol lol lol. l - Skullkid755

15 The Portable Sauna
16 Toilet Roll Hat

You could just keep tissues in your pocket, which would be better, so at least you don't get laughed at by mean people. MADDEST YET...

It just looks RIDICULOUS! Why can't you just keep tissues in your pocket, for god's sake!

17 iPhone Fingers
18 Segway

The guy who made it died by falling off a cliff on one I mean come on! ( look it up)

19 The Butter Stick
20 Instagram
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1. Cigarettes
2. Battery-powered Battery Charger
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1. Segway
2. Virtual Boy
3. Puppy Pocket Jacket Organizer
1. Doggy Doo Game
2. Grey Colored Pencils
3. Pencil

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