Top 10 Worst Inventions

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1 Cigarette

Disturbing fact about cigarettes: They pay to have smoking in movies and TV shows. That's why smoking seems to be everywhere in the entertainment industry.

Even more disturbing fact: Cigarette companies are now aggressively targeting the youth, and by youth, I mean people UNDER THE LEGAL AGE TO PURCHASE TOBACCO in some cases. Heard that they're putting cigarettes in snack shacks near lower-income SCHOOLS, and they also call the younger generations "new smokers". This fact doesn't really come at much of a surprise, but it's still incredibly disturbing and goes to show how downright immoral and evil tobacco companies are.

Another even more disturbing fact: You don't have to smoke to be negatively impacted by tobacco. If you breathe in second-hand smoke, accidentally or not, you could LITERALLY GET ADDICTED TO IT if done enough times, and if you aren't, you would at least be more vulnerable to tobacco. Scary how if you don't get addicted, the actions of OTHER PEOPLE (which ...more

Smoking kills. Cigarettes should be banned and we must save the people who have been tempted to use them. Smoking should be illegal. Autotune, hair in a can, diet water...they might be pretty bad (I think hair in a can is so bad and funny it's good), but do they have toxic chemicals that can kill you and severely affect your body? NO!

How is Autotune, Diet water, and hair in a can above this? Sure, those things are stupid, but they don't have multiple chemicals and can KILL you! If it where up to me, cigarettes would be banned.

Absolutely. I smoked for longer than I care to remember, gave it up & I've craved nicotine ever since. The craving never leaves you. It's more addictive than alcohol.

2 Hair in a Can

This needs to be #2. Cigarettes are much worse.

Seriously? This is a thing?

Hair in a can really

3 Auto-Tune

It's not fair. People long ago spent years training to get their voice perfect. Now, a little baby can sound like the Next Big Thing

Yeah, its abused to death..

4 Diet Water

The fact this even exists is just laughable. Like really, how can there be diet water when pure water is already 0 calories? SMH

Water is already 0 calories and fat, so why make diet? You can tell this is a cash grab right away. I've never seen one, but it's probably just normal water, except with plastic around it saying "Diet".

Water literally has 0 calories. Why do we need a diet version? This just sounds like corporate marketing.

Water is basicly something you drink ON a diet, it's not logicly possible to make diet water?

5 Doggy Doo Game

And Gooey Louie. Pull the bogies out of his nose till his brain pops out of his head.

This should be #1 or #2

6 HeadOn Topical Headache Treatment
7 Makeup for Dogs

They don't consent

8 Virtual Boy

I wonder, if this was never made would vr be bigger today? I'm sure this put people off from wanting to get into it

9 Grey Colored Pencil

You could use it for both colouring in and writing. Doesn't seem too bad.

10 Puppy Pocket Jacket Organizer
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11 Inflatable Dartboard

Haha! The quickest game of darts in history!

12 The Butter Stick

I prefer spreading it with a knife to be honest.

13 Segway

The guy who made it died by falling off a cliff on one I mean come on! ( look it up)

14 Portable Sauna
15 Toilet Roll Hat

You could just keep tissues in your pocket, which would be better, so at least you don't get laughed at by mean people. MADDEST YET...

Are you worried that your cubicle may not have any toilet paper? Then why not wear one on your head?

It just looks RIDICULOUS! Why can't you just keep tissues in your pocket, for god's sake!

16 Battery-powered Battery Charger
17 Pay Toilet

Yeah. Pay toilets are for people who basically fish more money.
*Cough, Cough* Mr. Krabs

Whoever invented these is greedier than Mr. Krabs.

It's a human right, why should we pay?

Should be in the top 2

18 Condom
19 iPhone Fingers
20 Lap Pillow
21 Plastic Grocery Bag

Other than the fact that plastic bags are pretty harmful to the environment, they can break easily if you put a certain amount of load and they blow away like tumbleweeds from the wind when they have little to no load. Paper bags are a much better option as they can carry a lot more load than a plastic bag can and are more durable.

They are bad for planet Earth.

22 V-Smile
23 Shoe Umbrella

I'm pretty sure that the umbrella I've got on my hands will protect my shoes well.

24 Bottled Water

These can be useful if the tap isn't working, but I could see why people would think these aren't a good invention, (specifically plastic bottles).

I guess it's good for emergencies, but bottled water isn't the most pleasant tasting thing you would ever drink.

25 Sandwich in Can

I've seen these. The idea is just weird and they look revolting!

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