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1 Motives Cosmetics

First brand that I encountered that was specially formulated for every skin type and age. My skin is sensitive and changes shades frequently throughout the year. Buying makeup used to be so expensive because of the amount of times my skin tone changed. Now I'm able to blend my own custom cosmetics and provide my clients makeup based on their needs. This is the first time as well I get paid on everything I buy. Great product, great teams, great company. Wonderful experience so far.

Motives has changed the beauty industry. There products are something the beauty industry has never seen. It's amazing that you can have a custom blend foundation made that has so many healing properties in them. It makes the everyday woman feel more confident and beautiful about themselves. And it's only the beginning of this company. I will never use anything else on my skin ever.

I fell in love with Motives Cosmetics because of its customization and pigmentation. Motives Cosmetics custom blend has been a blessing because I've customized my colors for my eye brows, lips, eye shadows and cheeks. Also my own contouring and concealers. I mean...there's endless possibilities and I just love it!

Motives Cosmetic is an amazing brand that produces the best quality for there customer's and I am a walking billboard. I wear the products everyday!

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2 MaxFactor
3 Covergirl
4 Loreal
5 Olay
6 Wella

Best shampoo I ever used made in Germany wella products dove causes hair fall

7 Garnier
8 Victoria Secret
9 Dove
10 Collistar

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11 Artistry
12 Maybelline New York
13 Clinique
14 Revlon
15 Mary Kay
16 Bottega Verde
17 Motives
18 MAC
19 Lancome
20 Oriflame
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