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141 Rayman Fans

Everyone, these fans are DOWNRIGHT DISGUSTING. They barely have any education, they look as if they have mental disabilities, they have no understanding for anything... THEY ARE SO UGLY!

142 Gen 4/3 fanboys

I think generations 4 and 6 are the best. Generation 5 is also good except for some terrible Pokemon designs. Otherwise gen 5 would also be with 4 and 6. I like Pearl, Black 2, and Y best. I don't like gen 3 because of all the fake cartridges going around. - Goatworlds

Nowadays gen 4 and 3 get all the hype. It became so overrated but people still define it as "underrated" (ps heartgold is my favorite Pokemon game)

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143 Cave Story Haters
144 Ratchet & Clank Fans

How are they annoying at all? Serious question.

The haters are worse than the fans.

145 Classic Sonic Fanboys

Don't get me wrong, I love classic sonic. But everyone who's a classic sonic fanboy hates modern sonic. And I like modern sonic a bit more than classic sonic

An example of these fans? Mariotehplumber. Enough said.

146 The Legend of Zelda Fanboys

They dissed on Toon Link, cel-shaded Zelda games and demanded their games to look realistic!

I love the Legend of Zelda, there's nothing wrong with the fanbase

What's wrong with the legend of Zelda fans?

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147 Kirbytards

Nah, Kirby is good, he can steal your abilities after swallowing you.

As a part of this fandom I can assure you it's mostly tame. - Garythesnail

I don't think it's tame. - ParkerFang

I like French potatoe

148 Amiibo Fans

They commit murder for $15 pieces of plastic. Let that sink in...

A lot of amiibo are hard to find, but other than that, it is okay.

These people are like how the Skylander Boy and Girl act when a new wave of Skylanders/Amiibo comes out: They rush to a Best Buy at like four in the damn morning, grab one of every new figure in the store, get into fights over one damn Amiibo and who gets it, leave, and possibly rush over to the stores that have exclusive Amiibos. It's the same thing every wave! And Amiibos aren't even that good to begin with.

149 Candy Crushers

Candy Crush is a devil game!

Mobile game are awesome, this one is overaddicting, my mother won't stop playing it.

Mma! My mom plays it every secind of her life

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151 Fallout Fanboys V 1 Comment
152 Generation Fanboys

Change is what separates the fanbases.

153 Skylanders Haters

I am not a huge fan of the series myself, but I feel like people are bashing on kids because "they don't know the real Spyro." Activision even said it themselves that it's not even supposed to be part of the Spyro series.

Skylanders IS worth your time. - Goatworlds

154 PC Gamers

Why is this here? PC is so broad that you cannot classify it as one fanbase.

155 PC Fanboys
156 Misty Fanboys

A crime like this will not go Scot free

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157 MLG Haters

They claim that MLG Fanboys are immature 8 year olds or men who are fat and are losers when they are also acting like them as well. I like MLG but I'm not someone who screams '420 420 420'all the time.

Once I saw someone on Youtube who said'If you hate MLG then you're smart'.Well,its not like MLG haters are any smarter than the fans.When someone said that MLG is not funny but is hilarious, they were like'Get off the internet kid.'Really, they are so full of themselves,thinking that they are 'smart','correct' and 'mature'.

Look, I'm Not defending MLG Fanboys,but the Haters are as bad as the fanboys are and I'm trying to settle this.

158 Monando Fans
159 Sticker Star Fans V 1 Comment
160 Final Fantasy XII Fans
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