Top Ten Worst Video Game Fanbases


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141 Destiny Fanboys
142 Bloons TD Fans V 1 Comment
143 Arena Shooter Fans

They don't want their games to change whether it's good. Just like Call of Duty Fans they hate on other games especially Call of Duty. They keep rage kicking new players. - UserWhom

144 Danganronpa Fans

Yes Danganronpa is better known as an anime. But it started out as a video game.
So let's describe this fanbase shall we?
Unnecessary shipping of the characters, and wow it happens almost all the time! - SelfDestruct

145 Super Mario 3 Fanboys
146 Hyperdimension Neptunia Fans
147 N64 Fanboys
148 Johntron Fanboys
149 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fans V 1 Comment
150 Dragonite Fanboys
151 Charizard Fanboys
152 Pokemon Anime Fans
153 F-Zero Fans
154 Super Mario 64 Fanboys
155 Watch Dogs Fanboys
156 Paper Mario Fanbase
157 Just Dance Fangirls
158 Silent Hill Fanbase
159 Bioware Games Fanboys
160 Xbots (XBOX Fanboys)

Microsoft doesn't care about you people. They're bleeding you dry and laughing about it.

Believe anything positive about the console without looking it up if it is true. They spread lies and can't back up their claim with reliable sources.

They are still denying that the console has no value compared to Wii U, PS4 and the PC and are rather satisfied with Halo and time-exclusives.

I have dealt with microsoft and It has terrible costmer service

Xbox suffered from the duke controller being oversized, after the S controller.. meh it was better.

360 suffered from the RROD thanks to Microsoft rushing the console too fast, but when it got fixed, there was the Kinect, but no one cared, it was awesome.

XB1 Great console, except that it's marketed as a home console not a cable box, DRM, so many issues, it was a disaster.

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