Rosalina fanboys


Oh. My. God. Where do I begin with these little turds?

There's a saying on deviantART that frankly everyone probably remembers: Fandom Abuse Kills Interest. And that's exactly my feelings towards Rosalina as a character because I used to love her as a character, but it was all botched up because her fanbase won't shut their pie holes about her. Rosalina is essentially Nintendo's answer to Elsa from Frozen, where she's grossly overrated because she's the "sexy goddess" and receives more attention than what she deserves. And it's no thanks to the hell pit that is the fanbase.

It's because of these little 'roid raging jackasses that I have to sift through countless poorly drawn fetish art of Rosalina with huge breasts or making out, much less marrying, an unhealthy number of unoriginal characters (mostly male). And don't even get me started on the comments.



I like Rosalina more then Peach and Daisy (Peach comes before Daisy by the way) and so does my sister. The comments make me change my opinion on Rosalina, I like Rosalina because see looks more mature and I like the way she looks and she wears blue, my favourite colour. But the people like here for the dumbest reasons from the look of things, I mean, how did this princess war even START! I like all the princesses but Rosalina just barely makes her way into the top for me.

The princess war started because of Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina fans being too cocky with their favorite and bringing each other down - ParkerFang

Let's be real here, these little pricks only defend her because she's "sexy" to them.

On her own, Rosalina is a wonderful character, but PLEASE keep the whiny, horny fanboys from smash as far away from her as possible.

The perfect poster child of something I like to call "The Draco Effect." What the term means is clear to understand. Basically, a character gets overwhelmingly popular in media (this can apply to anything honestly), but as years go by and the more popular they get, the more they become less of characters on their own and more of an exaggerated fan interpretation often spearheaded by the die hard fans themselves (Bad Boy Draco, Feminist Independent Elsa, Badass Charizard, and yes, Sexy Rosalina), stripping them of what interesting traits they have to tropes that are more popular to give off a more attractive, albeit sexually appealing, demeanor.
In other words, these fantards stretch Rosalina's character to copious amounts of bull to make her sound much more interesting than she really is, especially in terms of appearance. I remember getting into an argument with a fanboy who defended her looks by going to ridiculous amounts of detail when I unintentionally made a joke ...more

Can I just say something? Practically EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED is a Daisy Fan. This is not a coincidence. All this is proving to me is that Daisy Fans are more dominant on thetoptens and that Daisy Fans are actually far more annoying and whiny. I do agree Rosalina's fan base is pretty annoying, but Daisy's is even WORSE! - DCfnaf

They always diss other people and say ROSALINA IS THE BEST DAISY IS THE WORST! Blah Blah Blah... Okay. I've got enough.

Everyone here just likes her for her looks. Rosalina deserves better than those freaks. They keep saying that she is sexy and needs everyone to be adored by her. Just stop guys. But still a little better than Daisy's. - yunafreya648

"Daisy fans are better" "No! Rosalina fans are! " I don't see why people keep defending them, both are as bad as each other. - DaisyandRosalina

Gallantmon8 started this cancerous fanbase. Now try Google searching Rosalina even with safe search on. I dare you.

Rosalina has a fanbase? Oh god, I better get Freezeflame22 :P and see his reaction.

A group of whiny, 7 year old brats that say things like 'Rosalina is a wise, sexy goddess compared to the other characters LOL! U guys don't get the b! ' The stupid thing is that they think that they're an ok fan base!

Don't jump to conclusions DCfnaf, I'm a Rosalina fan too, but I have so many problems with the fanbase that it's almost unsettling. :/

God I love Rosalina, but I absolutely despise her fanbase. Too many weeaboos who think she's "kawaii desi," femnazi's that think she's the most "progressive" just because she didn't need saving, or virgin fanboys that think she's sexy eye candy. They're all in your face about it and not the least subtle too.

Waluigi has a much nicer fanbase than Rosalina's. Just saying.

Waluigi fans are worse than Daisy's and Rosalina's combined! And I hate both of those! - DCfnaf

You know what's worse than them? The people who bully them

Mainly the haters started it and it resulted in Rosalina's bad fanbase. - BorisRule

Finally more people that agree with me! - WendyIsQueen

Most of them are nice. It's that Elsa fans that's worse than them - yunafreya648

Lol I think we triggered a Roslaina fanboy you guys. So you better say nice things about the space wife or else

DCfnaf, I'm a Rosalina fan and I think her fanbase is worse than Daisy one

Now I finally know why MarioTehPlumber bought all those Rosalina amiibos

Palutena fanboys are worse than them - ParkerFang

Perverts, hypocritical losers, with double standards that get upset when any criticism is given of their holy waifu yet they can lash out any toxic hatred towards any other character freely because their Rosiewaifu is so perfect timid n popularzzz!