Top 10 Best Written Languages

The list shows the top 10 best written languages. It's welcome to vote and comment your suggestions. Enjoy guys!

The Top Ten

1 Arabic



I love this language and it.'s script is extremly beautiful.

So easy to read and understand

2 Greek
3 Korean

Am amazed at the origin of the Korean alphabet; I learnt that a king spent many nights and days until his eyes went blind for the sake of his people and his country, to give them an alphabet true to the Korean language, and which is also easy to use. Beautiful! (Also heard that so far, Korean is the only written language in which its' origin and history is known of). I'm learning alphabet and the language, and I LOVE IT! So simple, easy, logical, original, beautiful! Mastered in 3 hours:) BEST written language!

It is very logical

Looks really pretty and neat. Very original.

4 Chinese

Easiest to read in all aspects. First of all, it's very compact, you may only read four syllables where you might read up to 10 syllables in other languages. Secondly, it's hieroglyphic, you read directly the meaning from the characters. While in many other languages, you read the letters first and then put it together to get the sound and at last the meaning. In addition, reading in Chinese, you won't come upon some "nonsense" abbreviations like MAV, ever, etc. (How am I supposed to know even a little bit of what they mean if I hadn't memorised them first? ) In Chinese, Every character means something; even with abbreviations you wouldn't be having no clue.

Such a great language! Going to learn it!

Chinese has an long history from ancient to now. Each Chinese characters are created by strokes. Reading them is like seeing beautiful pictures. Anyway, Chinese is a language that really worth to appreciate. "漢語"

Almost all Chinese character come from the pictues, such as "口"for"mouth" or"人"for"human".

5 Japanese
6 Russian
7 French

Hey, no coincidence that if you see a language printed on someone's shirt, it's most likely French. It looks just looks the prettiest written down.

The specific spelling and writing of french make it the best written language with the latin alphabet.

8 Persian

Arabic and Persian basically have the same alphabet except Persian has a few added letter which makes all the difference.

Persian like Arabic is simple

َAlthough Persian and Arabic have the same alphabet, Persian is distinguished because of its most beautiful and unique calligraphy styles: Nastaligh (bride of calligraphy scripts) and Shekasteh.

9 Latin
10 Tibetan

The Contenders

11 Georgian

Oldest language as well as written language

12 Devanagari
13 Sinhala

Beautiful language

14 Tamil

It's just fine

15 Javanese






16 Hebrew
17 Armenian
18 Inuktitut
19 Burmese
20 Pashto
21 Punjabi

Compare with other written languages

22 Maldivian
23 Turkish

Best written way to express yourself. Poems sound the best in Turkish and it has a soothing voice when read aloud. Easy to talk in Turkish as there are only a few accents and the rest is: you pronounce the word/s as it is written down. Absolutely love it!

24 German
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