Top 10 WTF Moments in the Parappa the Rapper/Um Jammer Lammy Series

The Top Ten

1 After School Sale - Um Jammer Lammy
2 Romantic Karate - Parappa The Rapper 2
3 Fright Flight - Um Jammer Lammy
4 Bathroom Rap - Parappa The Rapper
5 Paul Chuck threatening to murder Lammy with a chainsaw - Um Jammer Lammy
6 Getting COOL mode on any stage as Parappa - All three games
7 Lammy using a chainsaw as a guitar in order to carve yet another perfectly shaped (fully functional wooden electric) guitar out of a nearby tree - Um Jammer Lammy
8 Chop Chop Master "Filthy Disgusting Hobo" Onion - Um Jammer Lammy
9 Not being able to play as Lammy - Parappa The Rapper 2
10 Hair Scare - Parappa The Rapper 2

The Contenders

11 "Dojo, casino; it's all in the mind" - Um Jammer Lammy
12 Suddenly growing as big as Planet Earth itself during the Guru Ant stage - Parappa The Rapper 2
13 Noodle hair - Parappa The Rapper 2
14 Parappa smooching PJ warmly during Romantic Karate - Parappa The Rapper 2
15 Parappa crawling inside Lammy's ear canal and having sex with her brain - Um Jammer Lammy

"Does disturbing fanfiction count as canon? "
"No, Patrick, disturbing fanfiction does not count as canon."

16 Flying up into outer space during Fright Flight - Um Jammer Lammy
17 The title - Um Jammer Lammy
18 Lammy with an afro - Parappa The Rapper 2
19 Chop Chop Master Onion dabbing - Parappa The Rapper 2 and Um Jammer Lammy
20 Hairdresser Octopus having his tentacles operate as his hair - Parappa The Rapper 2
21 Katy tossing Lammy's guitar all the way around the entire planet and then finally to her - Um Jammer Lammy
22 Lammy molding a baby into the shape of a guitar and then using it as one - Um Jammer Lammy
23 Parappa cooking seafood cake - Parappa The Rapper
24 The credits music - Um Jammer Lammy
25 Joe Chin's 10,000-pound laptop computer - Um Jammer Lammy
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