Top 10 Best Signature Moves in WWE History

What really sets the heart racing, what truly defines each wrestler's character, is their signature move. That special technique, unique to each superstar, that sets them apart from the rest. It's that moment when the audience leaps to their feet, where time seems to freeze, and then - bam - it happens. The signature move. It's a highlight of every match and the WWE universe is filled with them, each more thrilling than the last.

Signature moves aren't just about the spectacle, though. They're a testament to a wrestler's skill, their persona, and how they've captivated millions worldwide. The grandeur of The Undertaker's Chokeslam, the electrifying energy of The Rock's People's Elbow, or the surprising speed and precision of Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music. These signature moves aren't just part of the show; they are the show.
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1 John Cena's 5 Knuckle Shuffle

It can make a dead body get up without knowing what is happening around them and then his attitude adjustment can even make Undertaker go to deep sleep.

Great move, he does the You Can't See Me hand sign, runs, and then pounds his five knuckles into your face.

It's the best signature move in the WWE. You can't reverse it, because you can't even see the move. YOU CAN'T see me.

2 Randy Orton's RKO

This is the best signature move to defeat an enemy.

Come on, lots of people are talking about this.

No need to use energy. Just rely on gravity.

3 HBK's Sweet Chin Music

First the stamping, and it has to be inch-perfect... HBK isn't my favorite, but this move is legendary!

I think Sweet Chin Music is the best because anyone can lose consciousness for a little time.

Even J.R. likes the Sweet Chin Music "Sweet Chin Music! Sweet Chin Music! Shawn Michaels just did the Sweet Chin Music!" What a showstopper.

4 Roman Reigns' Super Man Punch

Yes, Roman's Superman punch & spear is the best signature move and finisher.

The Superman punch is better than others because it has the name of SUPERMAN.

Roman Reigns is the best. Roman Reigns can beat anybody.

5 John Cena's Attitude Adjustment
6 Undertaker's Last Ride
7 Jeff Hardy's Whisper In The Wind

When you hear the flapping sound of cargo jeans above your head, it means you're about to get hit by what's it called, whisper in the wind.

The move speaks for itself, it's awesome.

Jeff HarDy! (As announcer calls him.)

8 Ric Flair's Figure 4 Leg Lock
9 Undertaker's Tombstone
10 Undertaker's Old School

Undertaker is my favorite WWE wrestler ever and always will be! This move would really hurt your back. I mean, his elbow goes right into your back! Ouch!

I wish I had gone to see Undertaker perform this move.

The Contenders
11 Shawn Michael's Elbow

Gets the crowd going the most. This is what makes HBK the showstopper!

Warning, better wear armor and a helmet.

12 John Morrison's Shooting Star Press
13 Triple H's Spine Buster

I like doing this to my younger cousins on the grass, they have strong heads (yes, they're twins).

This is a classic move. It is way better than Roman Reigns' Superman Punch.

That's when you know the match is going to end.

14 Chris Jericho's Walls of Jericho
15 Seth Rollins's Curbstomp
16 Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner

Oh my gosh, the Stone Cold Stunner is awesome! It's not even a signature, it's a finisher but it's still awesome. After reading this text, scroll down and then go to Top Ten Best WWE Rivalries. Go to Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, that one went over the limit from The Miz. P.S. I'm The Miz and I'm awesome.

Beat The Rock not once but twice, beat Undertaker, beat Triple H, beat Shawn Michaels, beat Billy Gunn, beat everybody that you put him with, and that is the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

It is the best move in WWE. All moves listed above are dumb. I love Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hell yeah!

17 Randy Orton's Back to Back Backbreaker
18 The Rock's Rock Bottom

The Rock can't be the best in the world simply because he wasn't in wrestling long enough. He only wrestled for a short time, then became a big movie star. If anyone is the best, it's Ric Flair. He's been in the business for many, many years and has been the Champion 15 times.

19 Chris Jericho's Lionsault

Jericho was the best, is the best, will be the best. Chris, you are an unbeatable superhero ever seen before. GO ON YOUR WAY. All the best.

It is so beautiful. Also, when someone springboards, it looks cool...

20 Triple H's Pedigree
21 Edge's Edgucation
22 Goldberg's Spear
23 Undertaker's Hells Gate
24 Undertaker's Choke Slam

Undertaker's choke slam is better than...Demon Kane.

His choke slam is better than Demon Kane's.

It is such a cool move. I really like it.

25 Daniel Bryan's Surfboard
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