Top 10 Best WWE Video Games of All Time

The top ten greatest WWE (and WWF) video games ever created. Ranging from cartoonish and simple to realistic and technical, these are the best from over 30 years of games branded with the name of the leading professional wrestling promotion company.
The Top Ten
1 WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain

This game just changed everything and I mean everything it had the best story mode since NO MERCY had probably one of the best rosters ever and awesome graphics. Easily the best wrestling game ever since NO MERCY.

Greatest game. So many superstars, (Having Brock and Goldberg is great) the season mode is pretty much the best, as it changes constantly, and will never loop, and the mechanics play really well for it's time.

Smackdown here comes the pain have been banned in 2008 I want that this Smackdown here comes the pain should start selling again because there are many fans who need this game from last 3 years please start this game again for ps2!...please

I would rate this game #3 behind 06 & 07. It has the Best game mechanics and just rocks. I don't usually side with graphics but they are very lacking compared to the newer games.

2 WWE 2K14

WWE 2K14 is by far the best WWE game of all time and still is. An awesome selection of superstars and legends, new and old; All the Wrestlemania Arenas from 1 to 29 available; so many Championships to give and take; the customization is beyond limitless and you can just create your own WWE universe by making your own brands and championships, leading to plenty of options. My favorite, of course, is 30 years of Wrestlemania. Seriously, the fact that you can relive some of the greatest moments in Wrestlemania history by playing through them is just wonderful, and I love the challenges you need to do while doing them. By far one of the greatest things WWE games have done in years.

Best superstar selection. It is the only one that has the ability to have against the nwo. The community creation was awesome to let you import created characters from all over the world. If the server was still up there would be no reason to get 15 in my opinion

One of the BEST rosters. Which resulted in the best soundtrack. Awesome campaign. But the best thing about this game was the flexibility and freedom you had with the gameplay and character development.

I LOVE this game, 30 years of wrestlemania is brilliant, awesome roster, everything has awesome story line, graphics have evolved the game play is amazing, this game is everything, I grew up with this game!

3 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007

The gameplay in this game was/is perfect, the soundtrack is legendary, the season mode is wacky, awesome, and fun. It's the best version of GM mode and remains the best mode in this game. The challenge mode is one of the most underrated modes in WWE games. The match types, like Hell in a Cell, Special Referee, Buried Alive match, and much more, add to the excitement. The roster is incredible. You have guys like Triple H, HBK, Undertaker, Edge, John Cena, Eddie, Rey, Booker T, Big Show, Chavo, Ric Flair, Stone Cold, The Rock, Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, and I could seriously go on and on. I haven't even mentioned one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and the highest overall in the game: Kurt Angle. And who could forget Bret Hart? The roster is stacked. There are new features like crowd fighting, more hotspots, etc. And the presentation alone is enough to make this one of the greatest wrestling games of all time. It's legit the most complete wrestling game of all time. Overall, this game ...more

This one has the most realistic gameplay out of all the others. In the newer in games, your guy will pop right back up after a move. In this one, you can see your superstar slowly become fatigued as the match goes on.

This should be number one. The n my opinion Here Cones the Pain is kind of overrated compared to other games like this one. Every thing about this game is great, from the music, to the gameplay, to the variety of game modes, to the roster, it's all fantastic.

SVR 2006 is very close to this game and it should be near or at the top as well. This game has the 2nd best game mechanics and a slew of special features and matches. Definitely the Best

4 WWE '13

Ultimate game. This game should be on the top. Because it has an awesome roster, amazing graphics and the attitude era is just awesome. Best game ever.

Best game ever they introduced the attitude era for WWE games and it just knocked every mode out of the way this is the best game ever period.

This game is the best wwe game I' ve ever seen.
Hey, but I didn't buy this game till now, just saw some videos on internet. I love the attitude era. This game is the best game in the wwe series not wwe svr 2010.

I play the newer WWE games for modern wrestlers. I play this game to create my own custom pro wrestling league! Create-a-Story, replays, etc!

5 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

It had introduced many things. E.g. fighting styles, ECW etc. The gameplay itself was very fun, you could fight into the crowd, each fighter has different unique abilities. Also, it was the last game to feature GM mode which was a very good game mode to play. If this game had a slightly bigger roster it probably wouldn't get as much hate as it does. In my opinion this is better than Svr 2007, nevertheless that game is still great though.

Best storyline in the series, good selection of superstars, great customizing options, amazing unlockables that provide a FANTASTIC challenge to unlock them, and even some match modes that aren't in WWE '13, like the BURIED ALIVE match! Great Royal Rumble mode, too. Definitely the WWE game to start with at least out of all of them.

This game is the best next to 2k14. This was the first game to feature ecw and have all the ecw ppv arenas. The graphics are realistic, the soundtrack kicks ass, and the roster is amazing. If you don't have this game then buy it now.

Why so low? This game is fantastic! The GM and Story Mode are far more advanced than he previous AND future titles, Hall of Fame mode is great, and it had ECW for the first time!

6 WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

The best one, has all moves seen till the game was made, unlike 11 some moves were locked and unusable, also in all the other ones after 2010 when you make a superstar you can select their overall which just ruins the game but in this one you have to earn it.
If they made another one based on 2010 and mixed it with all the features of the other newer games, then they would have made the greatest wwe game ever!

I love the royal rumble mode. It's all realistic like in real life and you'll feel epic winning the match being the 1st entrant and on legendary difficulty.

This game is the best in moves, storylines, and roster this game is the best... Trust me, I have the ENTIRE series and I think this game is the best!

The game with the best roster. It can be played on PS2, PS3 and XBOX 360. It was my favorite game.

7 WWF: No Mercy

No mercy is hands-down better than the Smackdown series and the games that followed.

This is the greatest wrestling game ever!

I wish there was a remake of this game.

How is this not higher? Or not #1?

8 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

WWE Smackdown vs Raw is a great game became it has high quality graphics and easy controls. Wwe 11 also has road to wrestlemania which is really amazing because it gives user to have a look in the backstage. So this game is the best.

Loved how interactive the Smackdown vs Raw games were, I can't really recall a huge different between 2010 and 2011, but I think they were both great games.

New Create Mode that next gen of 2K didn't have it!
The feature of this game was really great!
U can create your own scenario, finisher move, etc.

Best Gameplay. Create A Story, A pretty good universe mode, good story modes with different endings. Deserving of its top ten spot.

9 WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth

Don t close this game because million of fans want to play this game don t close this game

10 WWE '12

I like it because edge,evan bourne,batista,john morrison and brock lesnar they in game. They are fun characters to play with in the game. Please bring back Jeff Hardy,aj lee C.M punk, melina, layla, kelly kelly and rey mysterio.

WWE'13 is better, but it's decent.

This is my favourite game!

I simply just had the best experiences playing this awesome game

The Contenders
11 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006

Almost all people say this is the best game in the Smackdown vs Raw series. But it's really good. It haves modes that aren't in the next wwe games like fulfil your fantasy and its season mode is cool too. Well the overall that it's awesome. I know all people say they love it as no. 1 But it's not really No. 1 for me but it's still so fun.

A cool wwe game one of my all time favorites it has a good roster and the season mode is petty good

12 WWE 2K16

The roster is exceptional (an amazing NxT selection, countless current superstars and tonnes/tons of Legends). Universe mode is brilliant, and so is this years iteration of the 2K Showcase, and the revamped MyCareer Mode is awesome! In-match gameplay is technicaly sound and often thrilling to play, and the creation suite has somewhat been improved on.. Needs more recognition.

The WWE Universe mode is fantastic. Favorite wrestling game is rather subjective depending on what you're looking for. 2K16 offers a highly realistic simulation style form of the WWE rather than the beat em up arcade style that games before 2k13 offered. A fantastic addition to the franchise.

Really fun gameplay, great graphics. Only thing that bothers me are some of the superstars that were snubbed from the game like Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Hogan or RVD. All in all, this is one of my favourite WWE games. Definitely should be in top 5.

I just bought this game yesterday, and have already played career mode a lot. Its lasting appeal isn't very good, and it seams extremely repetitive with Renee asking the same questions over and over again.I haven't gotten a chance to play the other modes, so we'll see how that turns out.

13 WWE Smackdown vs Raw

It has great features and a awesome and badass story you can play with many characters

14 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009

Just for that awesome Chris Jericho's Road To Wrestlemania. The masked man was damn creative!

Game great a is It

15 WWE 2K17

The fact that this game isn't #1, or at least #2, is surprising to me. This game is a newer Here Comes the Pain essentially, with interactive promos, a MyCareer with many choices to be made, great customization, realistic gameplay. This game is the full package.

I absolutely love the controls the graphics are great the fighting is also great even backstage fights are good and I still play it to this day when I get Bored. this game is one to remember.

Best wwe game ever. Has very great graphics, massive roster and very good gameplay. It should be number 1 in this list.

One of the best WWE games of all time should of updated the raw and smackdown for the new era but I give it a 8.5/10

16 WWE 2K15

Best roster? Yeah tied with 2K14 2nd time with Team 2K! Actually I should have added WWE2K14 What I like realism lol flair putting his legs on rope when pining. The game landing pedigree on Cena the game falls on his back due to fatigue. Then crawls to pin Cena with one arm excellent. They need to bring back Sammartino but make him more believable overall 92! 4,040 days as champ and that's his overall was he old in this game no wonder people did not pick him! Ok I will stop. The commentary on this game is awesome! I love the history lessons about Nick Bockwinkel, Antonio Inoki and the IWGP awesome! The roster is awesome I don't care what people say missing from other previous WWE games is Jerry Lawler, Vader, Kurt Angle, Bob Backlund & Jeff Jarrett the last to where caws in the games ugh when will they be made by developers and get ok from WWE thank God Vince is a forgiving man!

This game is just amazing in my opinion. Because of this I actually had gotten a favorite wrestler thanks to the Showcases. Still to this day, CM Punk is my favorite wrestler. I sure hope he returns to WWE one day. If at least for one fight.

This is best game of all time.
his graphics was amazing.
I play all WWE games but w2k15 is the best of all.
www smackdown here comes the pain is the worst gam

Game is pretty Cool but there should have been more wrestlers...

17 WWE Day of Reckoning 2

Amazing graphics for the time. Better than most of the actual wrestling games

Very good game with real looking wrestlers it's better than wwe svr series

18 WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role

This was the one they made for people who couldn't afford a ps2 to get WWF Just Bring It.

Yes best game in low graphics I have ever played.

First game I ever played. Great game.

19 WWE All Stars

This game is even better than the 2K
Series! Exageerated Moves, with entrances, and superstars for new and old wwe/wwf fans! Some- No. LOTS of people think it's better than Fortnite! And I would agree!

WWF stars with modern superstars...! Evergreen great matches again...! Even though the players are portraited in an exaggerated way, it is the best WWE game released so far... Should be #1...

This was a fun (but extremely unrealistic) WWE game. I feel like ultimately it had a good lasting appeal, but I got to admit that the 20 feet high chokeslams were a little much sometimes.

One of the best, people want a real game, there's plenty of those. Original game, horrible that THQ had to go out.

20 WWE 2K19

Out of the 2k15-20 games this one is the best overall. Most of the games are very similar and this is the best overall out of all of them.

The smartest game 2K has ever released. If you install all the DLCs and Updates of the game. You can add 95 more wrestlers with the save file on Youtube.

The best WWE game of the last 5 years. You can download any wrestler you want with community Creations on PS4.

Perfect game. Better than any of those before. Nobody can object to this. MyCareer mode, Universe Mode, all was good

21 WWE Day of Reckoning

One of my favorites! Solid gameplay (seemed faster to me than the newer games) The momentum could change at anytime with well timed reversals. I loved creating characters and I will forever love the old breaking Benjamin along with the rest of the bangers on the soundtrack!

One of the most fun wrestling games out there and the one that keep me hooked when I was younger.

22 WWE: Smackdown! Just Bring It!
23 WWE 2K18

Only downside is Career mode.

The best of everything

This game has the best graphics and it looks way more realistic

Best game ever

24 WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Great for what it was. Long career mode and could win all the titles

25 WWE 2K22
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