Top 10 Best Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves

What is the best wrestling finisher. With which one you put your opponent the best down?
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1 Tombstone Piledriver

Absolutely awesome and spellbinding no matter how many times one views this move. Unfortunately, it has not been kind to The Undertaker's knees over the years and perhaps has affected his agility in the ring. However, this does not stop him from performing it. He is indeed the greatest wrestler in the history of the ring!

Used by Undertaker and Kane, although it is a fairly staged move, it is so cool watching them put people away like Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton.

Rest In Peace to any unfortunate creature who has to go through this.

2 Stunner

Used by Stone Cold Steve Austin, now who would I be without putting this move on the list? The Stunner is simply amazing, but the challenger has to know how to sell the move. Personally, I think The Rock sold it the best.

It can put anyone down for the three-count.

Watch Stone Cold return and stun the alliance, and see why I voted for this move.

3 Sweet Chin Music

Usually, if you're fighting Shawn Michaels and you get knocked down, pray that you don't feel vibrations in the floor. He's preparing for Sweet Chin Music. Whatever you do, stay down because he's just waiting for you to get up. Once his foot connects to your chin, goodbye. The match is over. Rarely do people come out of this to keep fighting. One quick kick and the match is over.

Good lord, every time HBK does this, you can just hear the impact of the foot fair and square into the jaw. Don't be surprised if he wins easily after this knockout finisher.


Used by Randy Orton, it's a pretty basic move, but it has put nearly every superstar away... HBK, Alberto Del Rio, Kane, and many more. Need I say more?

5 Pedigree

When people were hit by this, that was that.

The Pedigree is used by many people, but the main person that uses it is Triple H.

6 Edge's Spear

Used by Goldberg, Edge, and Roman Reigns, the Spear is a cool move, especially when they are getting ready in the corner. It's good because it can take anyone out, even a diving opponent.

Had to stay in the hospital after this.

7 Rock Bottom

This should be higher. Look at how the announcers got hyped when The Rock did it.

Used by The Rock, there's not much to say about it, just that it's one hell of a good move.

8 Sharpshooter
9 Canadian Destroyer

Are you kidding me? The Canadian Destroyer is one of the best finishing moves of all time. In my opinion, it should be number one or two. Hands down!

10 Go to Sleep
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11 One Winged Angel
12 Chokeslam

Used by Kane, Undertaker, and Big Show, this move also needs the opponent's help to sell. They have to jump and bend their knees, and if they do that, you've got yourself one good Chokeslam!

13 Rob Van Dam's 5 Star Frog Splash
14 Figure 4 Leglock
15 Goldberg's Spear
16 Brock Lesnar's F5
17 People's Elbow
18 Rainmaker
19 Swanton Bomb

Used by the Hardy Boyz and many more, the Swanton Bomb is a very risky move because you can easily break your neck.

20 619

The 619 is the number one move, and I think that he can perform that move without rings by using the opponent's hands as rings and striking into the poor face of the opponent.

21 The Diamond Cutter

This is the prototype of the RKO.

22 The Lion Tamer
23 Frog Splash
24 Rollin's Curbstomp

I love a good curb stomp. Just seeing someone's face get smashed into the mat is enjoyable to me, and I don't know why.

25 Starship Pain
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