Most Shocking Betrayals In Pro Wrestling

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1 Triple H Turns on Shawn Michaels
2 Hulk Hogan Turns Heel

For almost 15 years Hulk Hogan had always been the good guy but that all changed on June 7, 1996 at WCW's Bash at the Beach when Hogan revealed himself as the third member along with Scott Hall & Kevin Nash to form the N.W.O.

The moment that shocked the wrestlingworld! 80s wrestlinghero turns his back on his fans and becomes the leader of one of the greatest heel stables of all time.

3 Mr. McMahon Turns on Bret Hart

Wither or not you agree with either McMahon or Hart the Montreal screwjob at Survivor Series is still considered one of the most controversial moments in wrestling history, when Bret Hart refused to drop the title to Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon was given no alternative but to screw Bret out of the title.

4 Paul Bearer Turns on The Undertaker

We've seen Bearer betrayed Undertaker in late 90's, but we also seen Bearer betrayed Undertaker again in 2010.

5 Evolution Turns on Randy Orton
6 Andre the Giant Turns on Hulk Hogan
7 Seth Rollins Turns On The Shield

Well, it was going to happen one day. I always though that Roman would break it up. I found it quite interesting that Seth broke it up. Breaking up The Shield did a lot for them (like major pushes, main eventing on their own, and improving as a wrestler on their own). So, I personally think it was a good idea to break them up

Always seen this coming Seth Rollins is a snake, can't stand him.. Roman and Dean made Seth what he is today, that's what he forgets.

Did not see that coming Seth Rollins turning on his Shield companions and siding with the authority.

8 Matt Hardy Turns on Jeff Hardy

Perhaps it was jealousy over Jeff Hardy's sudden success as the WWE Champion that Matt Hardy took it upon himself to cost Jeff the title at the Royal Rumble.

9 Chavo Guerrero Turns on Eddie Guerrero

Problems between the Guerrero family ultimately led to Chavo turning on Eddie following a tag team match with the Basham Brothers Chavo stood idle by as Eddie was assaulted, following the attack Chavo climbed into the ring and then viciously attacked Eddie.

10 Shawn Michaels Turns on Marty Jannety

That was a good betrayal though. We got to have one of the most legendary wrestlers in the wrestling industry. And then Marty Jannety...

The greatest career move ever for Michaels, who was started to break through as a major superstar, his career then took off from here.
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11 The Freebirds Turn on Kerry Von Erich

The Freebirds attempted to help Kerry win the world title in his cage match against Ric Flair but when Kerry refused their help they slammed the cage door on him costing him the tile and leading to one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history.

This one no one I mean no one ever saw this coming. The incident that launched World Class Championship Wrestling into a major player from Christmas Day 1982 until the day David Von Erich died in February 1984.
Its Joeysworld

This moment led to one of the Greatest rivalry's in history between The Fabulous Freebirds and The Von Erichs.

12 Triple H Turns on the Fans and Daniel Bryan

Most of us knew Randy Orton was going to cash in Money in the Bank following the Cena Bryan match however no one could have foreseen Triple H Pidegreeing Daniel Bryan leading to Orton winning the title,.

That was just wrong! Daniel Bryan deserved the championship! I know randy Orton was gonna cash in but really triple h

That was wrong, unfair and cruel!

13 Stone Cold Steve Austin Turns Heel Wrestlemania 17
14 Paul Heyman Turns on CM Punk
15 Jake Roberts Turns on The Ultimate Warrior

As Jake said never trust a snake. Jake was with the Undertaker all along.
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16 Trish Stratus Turns on Chris Jericho
17 Bayley Turns on Sasha
18 Triple H Turns on Ric Flair
19 Larry Zbyszko Turns on Bruno Sammartino

Now I told you earlier about how Larry turned on Bruno in the other betrayal wrestling list. But here is where the story goes on. Today when a wrestler betrays his best friend its newsworthy even in the days of social media. But back in 1980, it was a different era, and this one no one saw it coming because Zbyszko and Sammartino we're like brothers and trained together so that Zbyszko would be as good as Sammartino, but a head chair shot on TV is not the way to do it.
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20 Nikki Bella Turns on Brie Bella
21 Becky Turns on Charlotte
22 Jake Roberts Turns on Randy Savage
23 Batista Turns on Rey Mysterio
24 Paul Heyman Turns on Rob Van Dam
25 Bigshow Turns on John Cena at Over the Limit

Big show turned heel every week, so we could just make a list with Big Show heel turns...

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