Best Pro Wrestling Tag Teams

The Top Ten
1 Hardy Boyz
2 The Brothers of Destruction

Undertaker and Kane are dominant enough on their own. Together? They're pretty much unstoppable

The best brothers

Brothers close vote Kane tried to kill the undertaker many times

By far the best

3 D Generation X

Undertaker and kane can't be at 1st because they both always fight with each other but d generation X is that team in which both the fighter respect each other so they should be at 1st place.

Should be at first because brothers of destruction never played as well as the in the terms of team work. SUCK IT!

Undertaker and kane what the hell DX is simply the best the didn't even wrestled often... and the hardy boys Jeff is awesome but Matt y' know...

This should be above all. Undertaker and kane just aren't the best.

4 Edge & Christian
5 Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal)

The Road Warriors were like the Mike Tyson of tag teams. They would enter the ring and totally intimidate their opponents. Most of their matches only lasted about 90 seconds. The brute strength, mean streak and polished teamwork made them unstoppable. Usually, the only times they lost is when the other team cheated. Their stops in the NWA, AWA, WCW and WWE were super successful, winning the gold on several occasions. At times, they were more popular and had a bigger draw than the promotions current world champion. "Hands down" the best ever!

This tag team brought the division to its knees. They've won the belts in every promotion they were ever in. They can definitely beat the hardy boys and possibly. They would also make a great match with the brothers of destruction. Hawk and animal could beat Kane and undertaker too, remember this, Undertaker was eliminated by the Road Warriors in the 1991 Royal Rumble

These guys changed the landscape of wrestling forever. No one before or since has had the impact of RW/LOD. They are the only tag team to hold every major title and have had feuds with the greatest legends of the sport. #1 in my book.

What? Road Warriors shld be the best tag team in pro wrestling history. They beat almost every team they've been to the ring with.

6 Dudley Boyz

Greatest tag team ever, enough said.

7 The Hart Foundation

Hit man hits hart kills

8 The Dudley Boys
9 New Age Outlaws

How they aren't number 1, yet alone in the top 10 is beyond me.

10 The Acolytes Protection Agency
The Contenders
11 nWo

Throwing the toothpick

12 Motor City Machineguns

They are way better than any body else! They're good as the Hardy boyz, The Hart Foundation, Dx, Edge and Christian, and Brothers of Destruction and Generation me!

13 Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty
14 Evolution
15 The Mega Powers
16 Breezango
17 The Four Horsemen

Simply the best.

18 Big Show & Kane
19 Jack & Gerry Brisco
20 The Usos
21 The Young Bucks
22 Razor Ramon & Kevin Nash
23 Golden Lovers
24 Rated-RKO
25 La RĂ©sistance
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