Top 10 Best WWE Theme Songs

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1 Edge - Metalingus Edge - Metalingus Cover Art

This is one of my favorite songs in general. The opening riff makes it fantastic along with the "You Think You Know Me" giving just enough time to realize who's running down the ramp.

Metalingus really fit the name of the song well. It was a burst of energy that could get anyone hyped, imagine having to be the guy who gets to come out to that song through a cloud of smoke as the pyro blasts off behind you.

Edge definitely made a right call to bring this song as his entrance when the band was just starting out, and it could be argued that Edge helped bring Alter Bridge to a larger audience. Years later, and the band is not only kicking hard, but has been one of Alternative Metal's best acts in recent years with Fortress being widely acclaimed and The Last Hero having charted in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

If you enjoy Metalingus, you'll enjoy Alter Bridge.
And if you enjoy Edge and have not been keeping up with WWE in recent memory, you may be glad to hear that whenever Edge makes a special appearance, he still comes out this tune after over a decade later.

UPDATE: He's back! Through a sheer miracle of modern surgeries and maintaining ...more

Absolutely great song with a great wrestler and my personal favorite. Too bad his legendary career was cut short with consistent injuries. Who agrees that Edge was great, but if not hurt, he would be more than just a 4 time World Heavyweight Champion?

I want this to be number 1. I love it and I've been so familiar with it watching Edge over the years. The "You Think You Know Me" would always raise my hair when hearing it lol. It's catchy, reflects his character, and is just straight up amazing.

2 Randy Orton - Voices Randy Orton - Voices Cover Art

A perfect fit for a terrifying supertsar. Randy Orton is not normal and is most notable for being a great backup plan. Things are bad? RKO out of nowhere! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to watch Randy Orton RKO a few more people.

Somebody saying undertaker song gives chills. What your 4 yr old? Be mature enough to listen and understand the meaning of lyrics and then you know why VOICES topping the chart? Being fan is one thing but trying to prove what you think is right, is a whole different thing... All the doctors are disease, and the preacher's are all sinners... They talk to me...

Ho! What a song
The best theme song ever
It tells about the current world the things that are going on and how the people are in their world their thinking and imaginations
It is really suitable for The Viper
So it is best theme song in whole World Wrestling Entertainment

Randy Orton's song gets everyone pumped up when it starts playing. It's epic and it's so dramatic. When Randy orton slowly walks out to this song, it just makes everything seem much more legendary!

3 Triple H - The Game Triple H - The Game Cover Art

Recent Pop/Rock music fed PG WWE generation knows heavy metal only because of 'The Game' by Motorhead! This Song id a masterpiece as it explains H for what he is. Not like other theme songs that are selected randomly (Except for some top stars in WWE). 'Voices' is good but not as strong as 'The Game'. Sorry 'Rev Theory' but you just can't play 'The Game' with 'Voices' like that.

It's Motorhead, what else really needs to be said. The Game fits Triple H perfectly and always gets me hyped up before a match as Triple H also has the greatest entrance of all time.

Great song for a warrior like Triple H aka the game! This song representing him at all

Its rocking and shows that he is the king of the kings. The word game shows that he is the creater of the wwe and he is the champion of wwe. I think he should take place of his father-in-law mr. Cince mc mohan

4 CM Punk - Cult of Personality CM Punk - Cult of Personality Cover Art

This was my favourite song before it was CM Punks entrance. But then my favourite wrestler got my favourite song. But it is not for that reason. The reason why it is the best ever is because it really does solidify punk it is him he is the cult of personality. No theme ever has completely 100% got it spot on like this song did.

Best song ever from living color and the best song ever made! Dude it should be the #1 song! I love That drums thing at last!

This song is legendary. Which only fits for him. Look in my eyes what do you see. The cult of personality. It's legendary

CM Punk is awesome he is my 2 favorite WWE superstar but what I don't like is that you are saying johncena sucks he is my 1 favorite WWE superstar

5 CM Punk - This Fire Burns CM Punk - This Fire Burns Cover Art

At the first part of this song, it brings out the evil in you, but then it gets deep and you feel like the most inspirational badass on the planet.

Best rock song ever used by wwe...real rock song... Not motor heads.. No offense they are good but to match triple H, they built it slow.. It was good in ten years back maybe, not now... So finally punk rules

It fitted perfectly for Punk, wether he was a heel or a face. Such a shame he changed to that cult of personality crap, and even more shame he left WWE.

This Fire is WAY BETTER than Cult of Personality. Punk should of used to this them song instead of Cult of Personality.

6 Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down Cover Art

Cool rock song. I love the countdown then the pyro, later the lyrics come in. It's a kind of slow rock tune that's awesome!

You break the walls down to find John cena winning the WWE title against you

Fits the wrestler perfectly and the titantron entrance compliments it perfectly.

Steve Austin and jericho are my favorite

7 The Undertaker - Rest In Peace The Undertaker - Rest In Peace Cover Art

The most soothing of the WWE theme songs, this might be the best known song by WWE fans. You hear those first few notes and immediately know who's leaving.

That gong and chorus sound captivates fans like no other! Its chilling yet very beautiful at the same time.

The song makes the sense of a legendary, mystique person entering, like that of the undertaker

It's the best music ever... It is just as legendary as The Undertaker

8 Christian - Just Close Your Eyes Christian - Just Close Your Eyes Cover Art

"Decieved by my eyes, and all I was told I should see, opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be. " Honestly, I'm not a huge Christian fan, but this song kicks ass and could easily be played by itself on the radio instead of a walk up song. This song is really deep, it talks about shutting out everything that people tell you to do, or say, or be, and finding your own path in life, instead of one that others have paved for you.

I think its because Christian isn't one of the tops that this song isn't that over... but I think if whoever big artist performed it or if Egde and Christian swapped song, it's gonna shine in the billboards this song is so amazing it reflects pain and shame and how the suffered has tried and was able of making it "in the darkness light will take you to the other side" just awesome.

This should b actually no1!.. Don't just look whose theme song it is, but just hear the song and vote it!.. Then comes metalingus l8r voices according to me

How come Brock Lesnar is higher on this list than Christain. This song is amazing and just so catchy. You'll love this song if 'You just close your eyes'.

9 The Rock - Electrifying The Rock - Electrifying Cover Art

Each of The Rock entrance theme is exceptional, awesome, exciting. It gives me enough energy, inspiration. Its greatly matched his character basically all latest versions. I liked old versions also. But his Hollyowood theme was unbeatable. The Rock theme is best in the entire WWE history.

ROCKIE ROCKS! The song is so addictive and makes me want to listen to it everyday. And it really doesn't matter if the song is number 1 or not as the rock in our heart is always number 1.

Wow The Rock Is The Most Electrifying sports Entertainer ever in The Wwe History Doesn't Matter if his song is No. 1 Or Not

Most electrifying in the history of wwe.
I really can't smell what he is cooking
Rock please come back quickly

10 Hulk Hogan - Real American Hulk Hogan - Real American Cover Art

Been a fan of Hogan's since childhood. His Real American theme song is true American. If you don't like it? Then you're not a Real American.

This is THE song that gets crowds pumped every single time it's heard. Hulkamania is immortal because of this song!

Anyone who doesn't vote for this, didn't grow up in the 80's!

Not just best wwe song but best song period

The Contenders
11 Kane - Slow Chemical Kane - Slow Chemical Cover Art

This was such a good theme for Kane. It was so sad when they got rid of it.

I'm so glad they put lyrics in a kane theme

Best theme ever!

Terrifying and epic.

12 Sheamus - Written in My Face Sheamus - Written in My Face Cover Art

The great white is indeed has the best theme song in WWE history. He is one of the best wrestlers in WWE history. He is one of the best young wrestlers born. He has the best moves in WWE. He is the most dangerous superstar in the WWE. He has defeated stars like John Cena, triple h and randy orton.

This song describes the best angry image of Sheamus. It provokes the burning passion underneath everyone of us. It brings out the self pride that rejuvenates me to reach my goal.

This song is great. However, his 2015 song is so much better. I happen to like Sheamus now, but even if you hate him and/or find him boring, it's pretty hard to deny that his new song is awesome.

One of the best theme songs in WWE, this should have the No. 1 place. Great lyrics. I love Sheamus, why? Because he got the Skill and well... He's Irish.

13 Brock Lesnar - Here Comes the Pain

His theme fits him perfectly. He doesn't have a fictional gimmick. Its just a reminder to let people know Lesnars all about destruction and pure domination

You mean John cena smashing you, the song is supposed to be about yourself

Here comes the pain what should I tell about the pain, the beast in corner

Best theme song In WWE just Like him Like beast.

14 Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind Cover Art

Should be top ten greatest theme song after benoit and bret hart

It says in his song he's one of a kind

Is a coolest song

Should be on top... It actually suits rob van dam... Perfect for a wwe superstar! ROB VAN DAM THE BESTT!

15 John Cena - Word Life

This song is totally my style I've got it on CD and I know some of the rap its 100 percent better than my time is now WORD LIFE RULES my fave theme ever! 111

Gangster rap meets a hard working white collar superstar. The way it should be

Word life basic thunganomics. Wrestle mania, undertaker in the ring. So you think your untouchable.

My advice to Lea Michele if she really want to sing like an angel, my advice WORD LIFE.
Its Joeysworld

16 Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me Cover Art

I can't imagine a glass shattering noise without a massive pop

Crowd silence...Glass shatters...crowd goes insane

Like it very much

17 Evolution - Line in the Sand Evolution - Line in the Sand Cover Art

The song you want to play at your funeral.

Nomber one please!

best stable theme in wwe

18 Chris Benoit - Whatever Chris Benoit - Whatever Cover Art

Probably the best theme in my opinion

Should be in the top ten at least!

His theme always gives a chill down my spine.

This track should make at least the Top 10

19 Batista - I Walk Alone Batista - I Walk Alone Cover Art

One of my favorite choruses in WWE. The slow and powerful first line followed by the quick jabs from lines two and three are great.

Definitely a Great entrance like two Machine Guns and a great soundtrack that clearly says that he is a lonely superstar on WWE (I Walk Alone), one of the most intense and great superstars of all time..

Greatest song in wwe history sang by saliva for Batista n I think it means he walk alone because he ve leave evolution n he wanted to walk alone so he ve asked to give his song name I walk alone...Batista is great..

Such a sick track it fits Dave so well!

20 Kane - Out of the Fire Kane - Out of the Fire Cover Art

Good theme song to go theme fire

This should be in the top 10

Plese something do with the sheld


21 D-Generation X - Are You Ready? D-Generation X - Are You Ready? Cover Art

It's the in- your- face, don't tell me what to do 90s attitude that makes this leitmotif awesome.

Suck it your wrong it's at least in the top 3

It's the best song in the world

It's the best of all time

22 Jeff Hardy - No More Words Jeff Hardy - No More Words Cover Art

Truly is amazing! Endeverafter did a great job with this one. It explains who jeff is and what he'sall about. The Charismatic Enigma

I'm not even gonna get into this all I have to say is let this be in the top 3 next time

You knew when you heard this that people would start flipping out.

Should be number #1!

Endeverafter truly did an amazing job on this piece of art.

23 Rey Mysterio - 619

A great upbeat rock song for a high-flying, ass-kicking Rey Mysterio who's still wrestling at the top of his game.

This is the best theme song ever I listen to it every day

Great song and he even sang it him self

My world best wrestler rey mysterio

24 Randy Orton - Burn In My Light Randy Orton - Burn In My Light Cover Art

It may not fit the viper gimmick, but this song is superior to voices. When you heard it, get ready for a lot of pyro and one-handed rkos.

Miles better than his current one. This was catchy as hell, suited him perfectly. Voices is about as subtle as a brick with the whole thing of tying it into his character. This didn't feel forced at all.

Best song in the history of WWE/wwf, it just makes you feel epic and it should be first ahead of voices. legend killer forever.

While Voices is more fitting, this is definitely the superior Randy Orton theme.

25 Matt Hardy - Live for the Moment

Why isn't this higher this is better than most of the songs higher than this

When I here the opening, "OH, YEAH! " I know it means good times

I love Matts Theme Song. Wish He Was Back

I can slap a tornado or tomato? I don't know

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