Best Yogscast Channels

A countdown of the 10 best Yogscast Channels. Entries have been based off of a judgement of the video's posted on each of the member's separate channels, not on their contribution to the yogscast as a whole.

The Top Ten

1 Lewis and Simon

While their earlier days did see an unarguably better range of content, Simon and Lewis still have what it take to be one of YouTube's biggest channels. And with the Yogpod looking to be on it's way back, who knows, another golden age may be on it's way already! - salmoboi

2 Hat Films

Outrageous, but downright hilarious, Hat Films entertain in every video that they feature in, from Rocket League to G Mod, and not forgetting their legendary Trials Evolution series. - salmoboi

3 Sips

Sips has long since proven that he can play just about anything no matter how weird or bad it is for that matter, and still create a thoroughly entertaining video. It's no wonder then, that he is as popular as he is. - salmoboi

4 Hannah

Hannah has a somewhat small following compared to some of the other members of the Yogscast that have been part of the organization for as long as she has, but it is also one of the most devoted, and for good reason too: her content range goes unmatched, and her serious, no-nonsense attitude when playing is a joy to watch. - salmoboi

5 Inthelittlewood

A member who despite seeming to sway in and out of the Yogscast's core member group, has never seriously suffered a drop in quality or popularity of any kind. Inthelittlewood has gone from strength to strength, with a great range of content and a likeable sense of humour, that adds a distinct and memorable character to all of his video's. - salmoboi

6 Kim

Although a relatively new member of the Yogscast, Kim has quickly worked her way into the Yogscast's core member group, with a great variety of content and a strong character. - salmoboi

she's good

7 Sjin

An older member, not that there's anything wrong with that. Sjin's let's builds are as interesting as they are hilarious, and his videos' with Duncan are unmissable. - salmoboi

8 Duncan

Let's be honest, his range of solo content has never been great, but his video's with other member's are fantastic. And who can forget his signature, in depth guide to Tekkit: "Tekkit with Duncan". - salmoboi

9 Rythian

With a great range of content, Rythian brings a unique touch to the yogscast. Far quieter and less outrageous than many of his colleagues, he has operated just bellow the radar for years now and has gained a devoted, cult following as a result. - salmoboi

10 Nielsy

Smaller, and often seeming disconnected from the rest of the Yogscast, Nielsy does however run one of the most interesting and unique Yogscast Channels, focusing on Indie games that few other channels cover. - salmoboi

The Contenders

11 Jim

A somewhat unknown member of the Yogscast. His origin is shrouded in mystery

12 Zoey
13 William Strife

Yogscast Will is Amazing with his series. Not really yogscast type content but his fallout 3 LP was bar none one of the best. Only slightly beat by Gopher & Necroscope86.

14 Pyrion
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