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21 TheJWittz

A funny good you tuber who should be higher on the list. stupid pewdiepie

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22 2013htoutlaws
23 Yamimash

Used to like him, not as much now, but he's still pretty good. Markimash is a no go, but Septiplier is a yes! Still love you Yammi!

24 SpeirsTheAmazingHD

He is one of the best and includes his subs in his personal life as if they were his family

25 AkspartanKiiier

Highly underrated and deserves more subs but overall he is one of the best especially for the younger audiences

26 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

How is this guy not in the top 10? Stupid Skydoesminecraft...

Take something boring, and make it good. That's basically chuggaaconroy.

How this guy isn't in the top 10 amazes me. He was one of the first gaming channels on YouTube to get popular and is an inspiration to many other gaming YouTubers. He has made internet memes such as "Steve the Pikmin" and the "NO Coin Left Behind Movement." Some people criticize him for being overrated, when really, he is very underrated, and I mean VERY.

Funny actually lets plays unlike most on list

27 Cr1tiKaL

Why isn't he higher?

28 Ar12gaming

Very good YouTube He upload frequently and is very funny plays a bit of Minecraft but mostly plays racing games like forza 5 he does not get enough credit for his work

30 H2ODelirious

This is the funniest gaming channel I have ever sean

The laugh is incredible and being friends with Vanoss puts him up higher!

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31 TheDiamondMinecart
32 Cobermini456

Best lets plays ever!

33 Kwing

This guy just rocks and has over a thousand videos!

34 Cryaotic

How is cry not in the top 10? I mean, come on now. I found him from pewds and when I started watching his gameplay, I thought he was just like any one else but then after time I slowly became attached to him and I think he deserves more recognition then he already does.

That voice is so calming and his reactions are hilarious!

Seriously? He should be at least in the top ten...You guys suck at doing lists -_-'

I don't know But cry... He's just so real. He's way better Than pewds, and that comes from a bro. He should really be in the top 10

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35 The Nintendo Project
36 That One Video Gamer

The Completionist series takes game reviewing, which has all been looking generally the same recently, and actual sets out to finish what he's started and tell you if the game is worth your time finishing it or not. Funny and original, it deserves an even bigger audience.

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37 theRadBrad

I'm a big fan of Brad. He's one of those guys who can easily expand his popularity if he wanted but chooses not to. - EdF4

Makes great videos he should be in the top ten at least

TheRadBrad is very popular he should be higher than 10!

This guy makes awesome commentaries

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38 Yogscast

Yogscast... the original kings of YouTube and by far put most effort into their work so vote for them - bob_mc_bobinson

The Yogscast puts more effort than you realize into each of their videos.

The best and most amazing channel on earth

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39 Green Scorpion

Some of the best top ten listers out there

40 Caveman Films

He is just like sky does Minecraft

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