Best Zombie Movies With Running Zombies

Don't Vote On Which Was Your Favorite, Vote On Which Zombie Movie You Think Had the Fastest, Scariest, Most Aggressive, Blood-Thirsty Zombies

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1 World War Z

This movie had the craziest zombies I have ever seen

Most Aggressive, Careless Zombies in any movie ever made. - E115EnRaged935

It's zombies can climb,run very fast and are hard to kill

2 28 Weeks Later

Fastest, Freakiest, Scariest, Blood-Thirsiest, Most Aggressive, Intense, Zombies that are like a runaway 18 wheeler that smashes and bites and vomits and just obliterates and annihilates anything in it's path. There is no escape. There is no hope. Terrifying. So much blood. Much scarier than 28 Days Later due to intense situations, packed areas, multitudes of people and chaos, and better quality. - E115EnRaged935

. I had nightmares for 2 years after I saw this movie. Scariest movie ever made. This idea for this movie is a nightmare. The complete definition of "horror" - E115EnRaged935

Yes. Definitely number 1. In fact this list is almost perfect

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3 State of Emergency

Freaky Fast and Scary Zombies. Very, very aggressive. - E115EnRaged935

4 Ruins

At the ending -- Very intense, scary idea for a zombie. Gosh goosebumps just thinking about it. - E115EnRaged935

5 28 Days Later

Much better then 28 weeks later but at the same time you can't really compare them. They both to different 28 weeks later is more about the virus spreading and taking over where as this one is purely as survival movie

Good zombie movie. Not as impressive as the sequel '28 Weeks Later' and no where near as intense, but still aggressive zombies. - E115EnRaged935

How is this number six? Great movie!

This movie is one of my favorite zombie films, its really imppresive with what they do with their small budget. I am legend sucked by the way (except will smiths peformance) the ending didn't make any sense and the monsters arnt considered zombies anyway

6 I Am Legend

They can climb walls. They can hunt you down. But they only come out at night. Not too scary, but still trippin' balls. Zombie Cancer. - E115EnRaged935

They're technically vampires but still an awesome movie! There are some very intense scenes

7 Devil's Playground
8 Rec

Freaky fast and aggressive zombies. Really scary. There is no escape. - E115EnRaged935

9 Quarantine

Very, very scary and intensely aggressive, fast-paced zombies. So much blood. - E115EnRaged935

10 Dawn of the Dead

Awesome movie it's my favourite

Good, fast-paced, freaky zombies. - E115EnRaged935

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? Cooties

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11 High School Musical

Really? - Picklesthekitten45

Party rockers in the house tonight

..everybody gonna have a good time

...piclke rick'll make you lose your midn...

we just wanna see ya...

shake that gangam style

12 Zombieland

Zombieland movie best movie

13 Day of the Dead
14 Mulberry Street
15 Flight of the Living Dead
16 Resident Evil
17 Shaun of the Dead

There aren't even running zombies in this film. - XtremeNerdz12

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18 Land of the Dead
19 The Return of the Living Dead
20 Daybreakers
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1. 28 Weeks Later
2. World War Z
3. State of Emergency
1. World War Z
2. I Am Legend
3. 28 Days Later



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