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1CharizardCharizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Charizard is Ash's strongest pokemon without any droughts. Its better than pikachu in every way. Its stats are way higher and it has got some of the most power full moves. Its fire, flying type. In addition it can also be considered as a big bad dragon.

Charizard! Because it didn't obey ash's order once even before it had obeyed ash's order. This is because ash's trainer level could not match with Charizard level itself! And pikachu is not number one since both ash and pikachu level get reset when new season starts but pikachu is still the fastest Pokemon to level up.
In the fight between Charizard and pikachu, pikachu should win due to type advantage!

I would be cool if ASH capture 2 more legendary Pokemon to complete a set of 3 + 1(Pika) as 3, that completes full battle.

It was the best and will be the best

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Not only in the anime is pikachu beastly, being able to tie with latios, and beat regice and dragonite. In the games he is even better, I have a pikachu who rivals my sky shaymin, my jolteon, and likely even my Mewtwo and deoxys. He beat a raikou and a milotic and quiet possibly suicune, charizard, and more. A lot of people don't like him much because his defences. Might even be my favorite Pokemon

Pikachu is really number 1 I can't say no to it but charizard is also very powerful it before didn't obey ash but when it started obeying he became really really awesome and pikachu I liked him from the very beginning that's all I want to say

amazing pokemon... it will always be ash's best along with charizard... plus it knows volt tackle...

Pikachu has been in ash's team since episode1 season1

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It is ash's most powerful Pokemon in Sinnoh region.

It keep obey ashes order and ash have many victories b/c of infernape

Infernape is one ash's top ten Pokemon and he goes crazy when using blaze

He is awesome..

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The first Pokemon to defeat tobias his darkrai... Enough said :-)

It fights two legendary pokemon regirock and deoxys

Sceptile is best his position is correct. His powerful move like leaf blade and solar beam are best. He should be at least no2

And also first one to defat darkrai

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Staraptor is strong with a high speed and intimidate brings down the opponents attack

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Its dragon type. It's draco meteor defeated conway with his dusknoir and shuckle

Defeated Conway with his draco meteor

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Heracross was one of the strongest pokemon in strength. Plus heracross had learned really good moves

Heracross is also a powerhouse in ash team

By the way, Heracross is spelled wrong.


It has a good variety of attacks, kinda powerful, sometimes quick to avoid attacks base on his own instincts, deafted a jrapeion who deafted three of ash's Pokemon in a row

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What he lacks in speed he makes up for with power! He is a must pick! He defeated so many of ash's opponents (sumo league anyone).

It wins the sumo wrestling competition

It sleeps and eats more than anything like me laugh out loud

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I think Grotle deserves a high spot in the Top Ten because of his powerful moves. Although it did slow down when it evolved from Turtwig to Grotle, it's fighting spirit and it's strength lived on. And Grotle shouldn't be considered weak just because Paul's Torterra was more trained.

It evolves into torterra seriously a continent Pokemon

I think grotle when evolves into torterra it is very very very strong pokemon and torterra is y fcourite.

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Buizel is a determined partner. He's basic but his drive makes him a worthy teammate. He knows super cool moves like aqua jet and water pulse. And...he's cute!

Buizel kicks your butt, oh and who spelled the name. Come on


It always beat pauls ursaring
that beats pikachu and buiezel


it nearly beats a fully evolve starter pokemon

Why so late. It should be on number 3

They spelled it wrong...


It is very strong pokemon as he can fly as his favourable gust attack

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P. S this one ash caught in the unova region, but it still is pretty good

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Come on ash thinks oshawott is the best in unova it can also learn aquajet

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