Best 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

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The Top Ten

Toyota Hilux
Light Enough to craw out of sticky situaions
You can't killem ever

2Toyota Land Cruiser
The built austraila on the it's back
Had a BJ40, Sold it, Now I regret it ever day I get in two my series 3 land rover, Great Truck

3Jeep Wrangler
There really good for the family

4Nissan Patrol
Yes it's a nissan but its still a good car, maybe.

5Isuzu Trooper
I just love the aussie Holden

6Nissan Navara
Nissans answer to the hilux

7Hummer H1

8Toyota 4Runner
Tough like every Toyota
Best vehicles for 4 wheelin, tough and reliable and easily build to do better.

9Ford F250

10Mitsubishi Triton

The Contenders

11Mazda BT-50

12Dodge Power Wagon
Drove one up and down the Baja peninsula. Always brought me back. Never failed.

13Land Rover Defender

14Ford F-150 Raptor

15Land Rover Discovery

16Mercedes Benz G-Class

17Toyota FJ Cruiser

18Dodge Ram 1500

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